Blood letters Hunt

I’ve been kinda blog hoarding.. just creating them and not posting them until i feel like it? Honestly I’ve been depressed and i guess all the changes in the last few weeks has pilled up and finally made my thoughts get carried away and and I just closed down, Unfortunately this happens a lot to me and I go through feelings of, nothing is what i want it to be. So here is my Blood Letter’s picture pileup.

mask is a prize in the blood letters hunt

mask is a prize in the blood letters hunt

Sin will find you close up

blind fold is part of a prize from the blood letters hunt as well as the Sin will find you cross

 Seat is a prize in the MadPea Blood letters hunt

Seat is a prize in the MadPea Blood letters hunt


1st picture

 Poses created by Me.. Anderian Sugarplum

Hair : Kokolores : Serendipity ( @ cirque de seraphim)

Mask Laundanun Lollipops- The Mantis ( part of a Blood Letters Hunt Prize)

Shoulders: Zibska– Silje

Decor: Pixelmode – Watcher

Grass- by yui777 glass_2Autumn Red

 Knife: + Redrum+ Murder Suitcase weapon ( Blood Letters Hunt)

2nd Picture

Pose is in the We’re closed Broken Sofa @ Blood Letters Hunt

7mad ravens Neon Cross @ Blood Letters hunt

22769 [Bauwerk] Long black Drapes

Erratic /alexis corset nude @uber

Erratic /giselle- lingerie nude @uber

Belleza Body Venus

 Belleza skin Mae pale 1 Dk

Mask + Redrum+ Murder suit case ( part of a blood letters prize)

 Necklace : zibska  Kelda  @Instruments

3rd picture

MadPea Seduction Bench ( Blood Letters Hunt)

everything worn is listed above from the 2nd picture accept for the

Shoes [CX] Implant Series; Chainted Heels  @uber


Second spaces- Flea Market Finds- Vintage Fashion Sketches

Tromp Loeil- Octopus Table Marble Black

We’re Closed Broken Sofa brown  (Blood Letters Hunt)

 We’re closed Dial m chair (Blood Letters hunt)

Floor plan magic Candelabra

 22769- [Bauwerk] Brutus Lamp

22769 – [ Bauwerk] Long Black drapes

7 mad Ravens Neon Cross

{A} Human Specimen – skull in bell jar

Bazar Tornot- Study art

 Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug -dark

Days Dreams

Oh what a week it has been and let me tell you I REALLY have not felt like Doing anything I’ve done but Regardless of how I’ve felt I still did Sl work.. Pictures and pictures and pictures Galore , most of the people who talk to me a good bit have heard all my whine and dinning for sure. So Next Week I think I’m gonna take a time out so I don’t burn myself out, I need a good rest to just sit and get lost in a good book and do whatever it is i do when I’m not in my virtual box of picture-taking. So here’s some of the pictures I’ve taken this week .Day Dreamsx2

The Hair , the top and shorts , the wings , the cuff bracelet and ring are all featured at this round the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. So this week I’m slacking I’m not gonna lie, like I said before I’ve been kinda busy and restless. I haven’t been sleeping all that swell so I’ve been going back to bed when the kids go to school and I just wake up when I want. Which I can do this, but it also leads into not get anything done and me just turning into a really big BUM.  The makeup I’m wearing in this shot is actually an interesting combo of silken moons pearl skin and its red lips with a make-up from MUA added over the top to give it a gloss look.. it also has a very natural eye shadow which you don’t see enough in second life they are always very elaborate or dramatic which I don’t mind but it is nice to see something basic. Here’s a better look at the original product

{MUA} - MakeUp Set -Glam

You can see how the MUA Glam Makeup set lips really have an elaborate shine.

Below is a full shot showing the Chocolate Atelier Top and short set this set comes in a few different colors . Also the wings by Orisini comes in different colors too and with ears to match .

Day dreams fullx3



outfit: Chocolate Atelier  ( c. A.) Anouk Blue & Beige  ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Hair: *Damselfly* Mabel ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Jewelry: Formalnails : Accessories- Scarabe Ring and Bangle  (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Skin: Silken Moon : Pearl & wowmeh Silkenmoon Applier

wings : Orsini Waiting for the Night wing (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Shoes: Holly-hood Xaviera white heels (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Makeup : MUA Cheeks Contouring Natural Colors Normal

MUA Makeup Set Glam – Full Set

Lashes: zibska- Via No.1 full


[We’re Closed] Row Boat Dark Red drape (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Sweet Poison- Lilypad2

Just one of those days

There is a New round of the Hello Tuesday that started today.

one of those days close up

Just a close up shot to show you the Damselfly hair that’s in this current round of the Cosmopolitan sales room! Also if you take notice my hands have little tattoo’s this is the Demon tattoo by Pervette it also comes in an Angel version. This is for this weeks Hello Tuesday and so is the dress i’m wearing by a Store called of those days done

Tattoo’s on the legs of my Avi are from Prevette and are in the Cosmopolitan Sales Room it has a back tattoo as well but its not shown here, something to go check out for sure. The Shoes are are poutes Hello Tuesday Item this week, Love the flowers on these. My critter friend is the fox companion from the arcade he has this animation and makes a sound like he is taking pictures its really cute.


Pose: Kokolores– Darling- Indignant

Dress: Osito Tropical Orange Hello Tuesday Item

Shoes : Poute Summer Flower flats Hello Tuesday Item

Hair: Damselfly Tory  Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Slink Toe nail polish: ZOZ– Soft Silver Tips Polish Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Tattoo’s Hands : Pervette Tattoo Demon ( hands) Hello Tuesday

Tattoo’s legs: Pervette Tattoo’s Dark Frame Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Necklace: +Half Deer+ Forest tale- heart Key Necklace Pink

 Friend Critter: Alchemy Birdy– Fox boy Companion

Skin: WOWskins – Melissa Tan @ 24 squared Event


Clothesline: *Funky*Junk* Clothes Line – with Clothes

Tub w/ bubbles: *Funky*Junk* Soapy Laundry Tub

colorful fence: {vespertine} upcycled fence town/freeze

Rocks:[we’re CLOSED] Great rock of Dingo

Lily pads: Sweet Poison – Lilypad 3B

Grass: *aG* Shiny Meadow summer (glow)

CSR#4 -2-? Lets go Fishing

I think lately I’ve enjoyed Blogging Home decor items cause I honestly think its easier.. So many people blog fashion and you see a lot of the same things over and over.  Some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen that have come from second life are all about Home decor its just the simple things that you use in your daily life that can make such an impact in a picture .  Home decor items help tell a story which i often try and create in my pictures and I’m sure other do also.


I took a few angle pictures of this scene, because for the life of me I could not get some of the smaller detailss to rez. This doesn’t happen often but the new update for firestorm is being a little wacky. As most of you know I have a thing for the color blue. Most of my pictures if they don’t have a blue tone they have something blue in them. I love that the couch by Indulge comes with the Guitar.  You can find it at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room for only 70L! How Awesome is that!




Couch/sofa- Indulge House Ralph Bench – Blue Thank You Starry 🙂 (Comopolitan Sales Room)

Guitar- Indulge House – Guitar Palm  ( comes with  ^ )

Bird house- * funky Junk* Bird Cottages

Life Preserver Set – A.D.D Adel!

Deck [RW] Roughed up Dock Build Set (Rock Dock Mossy) [Fantasy Collective]

Penguin [Theosphy] Sweater Penguin Florida (gatcha in store)

Tables *OAL* Bayou Table [ Fantasy Collective]

Tackle Box + Convair+ Tackle Box Blue (gatcha)

Gas Tank- +Convair+ Out board Gas tank ( gatcha)

Sign- +Convair+ Gone Fishing Wall Sign

Boat- Rowboat with Oars by Raya Jonson

Rocks [We’re Closed] Great Mossy Rock

Trees *a* Arwen : green: C

Lights – [We’re Closed ] Party lights L

 ( shrub behind Gone fishing sign) – [Anc] dden Olive /tree/new

CSR #1 August



Since I’ve started blogging again , I’ve filled out a good many applications and hope to hear back from a few more. I decided Iwould start a column in my sidebar with logos and links of stores, clubs and entertainment events I attend  in second life. If you have a place you would like to be reviewed or even posted in my side bar send me a landmark and logo in world and i’ll check it out. In other news I decided i would try and blog for the cosmo room once again, After taking just a long break from having no sponsors but just blogging what I bought or what was in whatever event , fair I found myself in.  This rounds cosmo sales has some amazing items and they are all so well priced that you really must go check it out for yourself to see what goodies you will find.

Cosmo Scene

I really enjoy putting together scene pictures , all the colors and different textures are really nice.


i added viewing circles so you can see the items that are not so visible .

i added viewing circles so you can see the items that are not so visible.

 Go check out the Cosmopolitan Sales room (CSR)!




[anc] Eden space/new

(surge) Chimineaz

N4RS- Nouvea Art set ( CSR )

-Kelim Rug

-Nouveau Art Side table

– Dragon Egg

-Nouveau Art Set sofa

tms- Decorative dog-black gazed

The Annex- Dream of Summer – bag- Bright ( thanks lindy)

Allouette- Floor clock

[We’re Closed] Great Mossy Rock

Style Card

Nails -{ ZOZ} – Natural Pink Rose (CSR )

Eyepatch- Aisling- Tortuga Princess Eyepatch ( Thank you Lindy)

Bracelets- Baubles! By Phe- Rock Goddess (CSR)

Earrings- Siv- Earring Fawn/smoke ( thanks Lindy)

Hair [RA]- Tara Hair – Hair base Black 2 ( CSR)

Shirt- Kaithleen’s Abstract Top Red ( thanks Zlystritek  ) ( CSR)

Pants- Kathaarian – Leather Skinny pants

Shoes – Emporium- Atlanis Heels ( CSR )

Guardian of the castle

Hey there, So if you guys haven’t heard there  is a new Round of the enchanted event going on. I always love seeing what the creators make for this . This Rounds Theme is Blue Beard and Below is Blue Beards castle By Kalopsia. I was Truely Blown away when I rezzed this Piece. Its Really pretty and Can be used for so many themes.  I went with a more “enchanted”  Scene for the castle.

 Also in the Enchanted is Pixicat..Their for sale item will be in tomorrow’s post But their gift Item for the enchanted is really cool too!

I think this dress goes along well with castle enchanted theme. 

castle dream

keeper of the castle

in my opinion you cant have a castle without a dragon 🙂 Thanks Xui Quan for letting me using your Dragon 🙂

You can find out more  about the enchanted event here

Style & Scene

pose in 2nd shot : Divastore 04 ( partnership Diva Store & Morphone

Hair Milk Aka SoonSiki- Queen Of the Court

Skin Belleza Sunkissed LT 

Dress Pixicat– Fatima Dress ( Enchanted )

Lips: topazia – Sweet Makeup Red lips

last picture Pose IOS Film Slate Poses 3

Dragon – Zooby’s Ridable Dragon 4.0 ( Thanks again XiuLan Quan)

Castle – Kalopsia- Blue Beards Castle

Tree – Trompe Loeil- Fiona Freebed Red

Bridge: 3 Arches Stone Brdige – By Minnie Tunwarm

Water Decor – * aG * Shiny Meadow ( glow)

Lilypads *aG* water Lily Pad summer circle

Rocks – We’re Closed – Great mossy Rock

Seeing Red

 Ever notice how you get into a thing where you just like one certain color a lot ? it catches your eye and you just notice it.. Maybe that’s just me but lately i’m feeling the color red and no I’m not mad.. I just see and it grabs my attention.Seeing Red Seeing Red 2 donesign Style card

Coco _ doll body

*DC* Gift Doll Heads

 Necklace- Tentacio * pompom Necklace Red

Umbrella- Dead Dollz : Haterella : Umbrella Hat

 Hair- Emo-tions- Aqaria Blonde



Scene Items

Rocks- We’re Closed Great Rock of Dingo & Great Mossy Rock

Teapot- Pot 1 Red Gatcha Prize By Yuji777

Flower basket_1 Red Gatcha Prize by yuji777

Table- mini Table -1a gatcah prize yuji777

Cup- madhatterset teacup By Ghanima Uriza

BIrd – 8f8- Vnitage Birds II – Missy Daisy

 Chair- * Iconic* Spirit Chair

Fairy- !ohmai: Horn Bettle Fairy

Grass- Field Grass1.4 Red Daises By  Capo Freenote

 Pose Created By Anderian Sugarplum.