Dance of the Dandelion

Dandelion Dance

” Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined ” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I got this idea for this pose from a sculpture I seen on facebook today, I was instantly inspired to make the pose and find Dandelions. So this is what I came up with 🙂

Flowers: Le Poppycock *Small Blessings* Small Wonder (Rez Flower) @ Enchantment May’16

Snail: Le Poppycock *Small Blessings* Infinitesimally (Snail) @ Enchantment May’16

Le Poppycock *Small Blessings* Flickering Heartbeats (Bird) @ Enchantment May’16

Le Poppycock *Spring Wings* Honeydew (Folded) @ Enchantment May’16

Una -Book Path Big @ Enchantment May’16

Arches-[DDD] Stone Ruin Arches @ Enchantment May’16

Dress:Zibska Zsuzsa Dress @ Enchantment May’16

Pose made by Myself Anderian Sugarplum

Dandelion by ‘NSA’ – Dandy

dandelion seed By Click ( part of the dandelion pose)

Grass/butterfly decor-Boudoir Spring grass

Tree in the wind

She blew in the windThe 2016 Fantasy Faire is Among us, ITS HERE! and it seriously Took me 4 hours with breaks to get through it all and I am still not sure if I seen everything.. So maybe it would possibly take longer to explore it all. Yesterday Writers/Bloggers For the Fantasy Faire were Allowed to go in and Check things out and There were still lots of Creators Setting up there wares. This event is By far one of my Favorites that is put on in the Virtual world. I love exploring the Sim’s and just seeing how each person decorates each sim. I have Two favorite sim’s this year. I love The Golden Delta and Lucentia. There are a lot of nice ones but I just really liked these two the most.  There were so many things sent out to review that I am still currently getting boxes ..  While your out I would like for You to Scope out a Store Called LOVE.. I happen to come across this shop yesterday while venturing around in the Faire, and I have to tell you I was pretty Stunned! and I cant wait to Blog and Create more pictures With the items from the LOVE store..  The Head Piece I am wearing is by krystali.rabeni She is the owner of the Shop Love, The head piece is called Dawn Chorus. It is made up of  Vines or Branches with an assortment of leaves and Little Birds.   I also paired it with the items from .AiShA., The Dryad Dress and mask and Ivy Bracelets. The little Tree to the right of the picture is  made by Fantasy China, this is the Glowing flowers tree, I am certain this will probably make it into another blog 🙂 LOVE, AiSha and Fantasy China’s Items can all be found at This year’s Fantasy Faire 2016.

What I am wearing

Hair: MINA Hair – Roosje

Headpiece:LOVE – DAWN CHORUS @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Mask:.AiShA. Dryad Mask @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Dress:.AiShA. Dryad Dress w/Ive bracelets @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Claws:Meva Claws Dark Maitreya

tree: Fantasy China -Mesh Fantasy Tree with Glowing flowers @ Fantasy Faire 2016