A new Round of The Instruments Starts on May 1st 2015, Topazia is in this round with this outfit called infinite it comes in Dark Blue, Dark pink, Dark Purple, Dark Red , white and of Course Black which Im wearing. I paired the outfit with some Azoury shoes called Akiji shoes.

Style Card

Outfit Including hair: Topazia INFINITE black ( The Instruments) Starts May 1st 2015!

Shoes: Azoury– AKIJI Black ( IDK EVENT)

 Pose: Vestige Now Versace 5

cross light Anc Dark room/safe light

Fashion Art Fleur Sein

Since I’ve gotten a new computer and I’ve been exploring a bunch of places and finding out that a lot of the places I use to love are no longer around . So any suggestions from my readers on Artsy places that are still open would be greatly appreciated. I’m wearing a dress by ghee called the Kahlo whirl Dress. Also with the Ghee Frida Headpiece. With all the flowers I couldn’t help but use some of the Topazia poppy toes for walk in the flower feet laces with flower attachments. The Dress and headpiece will be at the FashionArt event Starting on March 1st.


Pose: Something New – Look at me Pose #1

Dress: Ghee kahlo Whirl Dress ( Fashion Art Event) Opening March 1st, 2015

Headpiece: Ghee -Frida Headpiece ( Fashion Art Event) Opening March 1st, 205

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Shiny Hair (M) Naturals II

Hand Object: Azoury – Melancholy Bouquet of flowers

Location: Two Fish Too







Classy final


Today is the 1st day of the Peace on Earth hunt the POE7 – runs from Dec. 1, 2014 – Jan. 6, 2015 . I’m wearing the DDM Designs Necklace ,bracelet , ring & earrings that are in the Peace on earth hunt.



Pose: Posesion– Jewel 1

Background : heathenesque Studded wall art

slink nails : Alaska Metro– Nuetral Silver

Loud Mouth– Alli

applier lips: Random Matter– Dark Glosses- Rose

Jewelry: DDM Designs Cotton Candy elegance @ POE7 Hunt

Dress: Topazia– Farah gown pink

Hair: Vanity hair – L.A. Confidential ( MAT) Light blondes

Eyeliner: pichi- Pure Eyeliner Black 1

MUA: Contouring Cheeks- Natural Colors – Normal

Do you see?

Take a  close up donejpg

PosESioN Pose Terrific 1 found in the Haunted section of the The Xiasumi Festival:


Do you ever look at your art work and then see flaws later ? I do , Sometimes this is the reason why I do not post pictures immediately or even blogs for that matter just so I can step back and look at it again when I haven’t been so focused on it. ( why I’m bringing this up I see errors in my editing in my picture atm so if you see them  .. Just know,  I seem them too !  Just wanted anyone to know who reads this that Recently I had my face-book account closed down for whatever reason .. I’ve come up with some assumptions and most of that is me being paranoid so I’ll spare any readers i have my paranoia haha.  However I made an new account and I’m being very Selective with whom I add but so far I’ve had a lot of requests from sl folks I’ve never seen before which is ok with me I like meeting new people and talking with them and learning about them. I just don’t like getting reported and my account getting deleted which I’m sure most people do not enjoy.  Again we have many events going on right now in second life which seems to be the norm. When I started second life either i was just really out of the loop or I wasn’t paying attention which could have been it.. I really do not remember back in 2009 when I started having so many things to go to.. I actually remember thinking on some days while I was spending time in sl . What can I do? where can I go? Now it’s kind of like Omg There’s 15 events going on Right now and Guess what I’m a blogger for  NONE of them .. LOL , so end the end I either fight the lag or just get annoyed cause someone has SOOOO many scripts in their event I cant walk.. So I get flustered and give up! I can say though the sponsors I have I truely adore, Today’s picture’s are Sponsored by  Topazia, Zibska PosESioN and MUA. I can not express to you what a big fan girl I am for  these people ! They  Make Amazing creations that seriously do some Major Inspiration making in this Ande girl’s Brain! PosESioN’s has some new poses out that are Very Ande Worthly in my opinion kinda creepy  , kinda quirky and I really like them !!!! The Packs are called Horror , Terrific and Aerobic!


Take a bow signed

This pose can be found in the Horror Section of the The Xiasumi Festival

 This pose is in the Horror Pack and is the 2nd pose in the pack Love how the head is turned  and the arms are stretched out .

Take a bow full2

PosESioN Aeorbic 3 pose Found in the Sports Section of the The Xiasumi Festival

{MUA} - Slink Nails HUD -Dance

In my pictures above I’m Wearing a Newer nail slink nail polish by MUA Called Dance these go on your hands and feet . Love the colors!


Pose in 1st picture

PosESioN : Terrific 1 @ The Xiasumi Festival

Pose in 2nd picutre

PosESioN: Horror 2 @ The Xiasumi Festival

Pose in 3rd picture

PosESioN: Aeorbic 3 @ The Xiasumi Festival

Dress:  TOPAZIA-Voluble black lace butterfly (limited edition)

Necklace: Zibska  ~ Guntram Donna  @We ❤ Roleplay

Boots: REIGN.- Monroe Boots- Black @ Uber

 Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Karin Mesh Hair – Reds Pack @ FameShed

 Eyeshadow: Zibska  ~ Aylah Eyeshadow

Lips: {MUA} – MakeUp Set – Cinthya Lips Only

Nails: {MUA}- Slink Nails HUD – DANCE

Dark Beauty

“We don’t get to chose what is true. We only get to choose what we do about it.”
Kami Garcia, Beautiful Darkness

Dark beauty Full

The Dress I’m wearing by Topazia is actually  different pieces of the same style dress  the base dress is the Sharlene in black along with the short cape in black with the long cape from the Sharlene set in blue,

There are really endless options to mix and match with this dress style. The head piece is from zibska at an Event called the Tales of Fantasy and is open til Novemeber 3rd So go check it out!

Dark beauty five close

The make up I’m wearing  which consists of the blue eyeshadow and a bronze lips stick are by MUA ( Make-up Addiction)

This make-up can be found at the Cosmetic Fair Halloween Round that is already going on and Ends on the 31st. The nails are also by MUA and are called Pearl and come in 15 colors and can be found at the cosmetic fair as well.

{MUA} - Slink Nails HUD -Pearls

The pose and Next tattoo are by Axix and can found at the Bloody Horror fair


Dress: Topazia Sharlene Dress Black  Dress & short Cape Also in Blue Long cape

Hair: [LOQ’ue] Rosolia Subsciber Freebie

Skin: Belleza- Mae Pale 1 Dk (The Vintage & cool fair )

Headpiece: Zibska – Hjorir @ Tales of Fantasy

Eyebrow Makeup: Zibska– Lifa Contouring – Terra

Makeup: MUA– Makeup Set Verso Full set  ( Cosmetic Fair Halloween)

Slink Nails: MUA– Pearls Blue (Cosmetic Fair Halloween)

Neck Tattoo: Axix -Chakra Tattoo ( Bloody Horror Fair)

Pose: Axix- Ladycrow7 ( Bloody Horror Fair)

Her only light

Today has been a bit of an eventful day, The next two weeks in neck of the woods my children are having grandparents days, where their grandparents get to come have lunch with them . So today my mother n law and I set out to do something special,we went to go get the kiddo a happy meal and set off to Have a great lunch. Which it was , its always a treat to meet new kids that you hear so much about  on a daily basis. So many fresh new faces that don’t have a care in the world its very refreshing. Do you guys ever look at kids you have in your family or the friends of your kids and think , I wonder what they will do with their life? I do but I’m also just a curious person by nature.  The kids in my little lou lou’s class was asked to tell what their grandparents do. Their were so many amusing stories, all from the mouth of babes they say. However my little ones pictures and story was quite different  as she told of how her grandpa was dead and that one of them is not and that we only just talk to him. This made me think more into , do you ever just wonder what your kids think about? What really has affect on their lives?I really don’t think at the age of 4 you should have to know this kind of pain. I mean yes she backed it up with cute antics but still it was the first thing out of her mouth. I also had never thought that having a family member long distance would have a place in her minds either. What I’m getting at is We all must really start making more memories that are good with the people that we have in our lives. rather than remember so much of the things that didn’t go so well. Its a proven fact that we remember more bad things over good ones, because its more traumatic it affected you more emotionally.  I don’t know maybe i looked into that to much, but kids also don’t know how to effectively express themselves not when they are that small .. maybe I’m just a worrying mother.  Anyway now since I’ve spilled my guts on my blog o.o

Today is a new round starting at a place called the Body fanatik, they have 5 main designers and 2 guest designers. I’m currently wearing a skin called Vamptress no brow skin, So i just added other brows so they would match my hair , The skin is by Lagniappe. It has many different pack options for the slink physique , visage head , slink and feet appliers and the wowmeh body.  This skin also has 3 different face options and 12 skins total to pick from.

Her only Light close up



 I’m wearing another one of topazia’s dresses like the one I wore in my last blog , just in a different color. The eyelashes are by zibska and are at the Cosmetic fair! I have more to come from the cosmetic fair soon!




Her only light full

Here’s a better view of the Sompti Topazia Dress in Red . Also I’m wearing a hair by a Newer store called Entwined I really love this color. its so pretty.

her only light  worms & batty

these are the extra faces  the one on the left is called worms crawl in and the one on the right is Go batty.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Style Card

Dress: topazia Sompti DressRed

Skin : Lagniappe – Vamptress- no cleavage no brows (Body Fanatik)

Hair: Entwined – Neva 2 Lolas

shoulders: Zibska-Agro -(Mystic Realms Faire)

Necklace & earrings : Zibska– Aoife – (Mystic Realms Faire)

Eyes: La Petite Morte – Clarity eyes Blue ( The Season’s Story Gift)

Lashes: Zibska– Via No.10 Full ( Cosmetic Fair)

Brows: Pink Fuel- Drow Brows Regular sharp tinted

Silver wisp


Silver wisp  You can see better quality here 

 First off I would like to say  sorry that this blog is kinda late. Lately I have no Idea whats going on with me , I’ve felt stressed ,but for what? I’m not really sure .. Time goes so quickly while your trying to be motivated to be creative. My biggest worry about blogging has always been disappointing people. Most would say well don’t worry about it , you take care of you Second life will be here when you get back. To me my blog is something I’ve worked hard on and its a hobby I do enjoy doing, I’m  trying to stay ahead of things and keep track of whats happening but , really id rather sleep..however, I can always find some sort of fun in blogging zibska’s items they are just quirky and imaginative. This collar can be found at the Mystic Faire as well as the truth hair I’m wearing.


The Nails I’m wearing in this shot are by MUA and can be seen more clear  Below I’m wearing the grey pair{MUA} - Slink Nails HUD -Magic


Also I would like to mention there are some new Changes to the Lost in my Imagination blog, I’ll be blogging for MadPea ,Really Looking forward to blogging the hunts and new events 🙂Madpea




Style Card

Dress: Topazia – Sompti Dress

Hair: Truth – Olinda ( Mystic Realms Faire)

Collar: Zibska – Alfinar (Mystic Realms Faire)

Lashes : Zibska– Via no1 Full

Eyeshadow: Zibska : Tidbits

Skin: silkenmoon– S peach

Slink Nails: MUA– Magic ( grey)

Cheeks: MUA– Cheek Contouring- Natural Colors – Normal

Necklace: Azoury– White Rare Necklace (The Gathering)

Those Lashes

Those Lashes final

 Those Lashes y’all are  Crazy Awesome! and yes they are Lashes . These lashes are by No.7 and are called Zibskaggs Couture Lashes everyone should own such an interesting piece. They can be found at The 24 Squared Event! The dress I’m wearing is also at the 24 squared event By Dead Dollz its so pretty and it comes in white which I’m wearing and black such a lovely dress to add to your collection. The shoes I’m wearing are by Azoury they come in a few different colors I’m wearing the Black pair they really are a must item to have!


Style card

Dramatic  style Lashes: No.7 Zibskaggs Couture Lashes  @ The 24 squared event

Dress: Dead Dollz– Felina White- Limited Edition @ The 24 Squared event

Shoes: Azoury – Saudade shoes Black

Hair : Ison– Diamond lights 01

Slink nails- Moondance Boutique: Colorful lines @ The 24 squared event

Eyeshadow: Topazia– Sweety Makeup pink eyeshadow

CSR #2



Hello, In my last blog I was talking about adding Inworld links in my side bar for Entertainment places and Stores,  that I like that are interesting and are worth checking out.  So if you’re ever looking for some place new to meet new people or just hang out make sure you take a look there. Maybe, you will find a new favorite place to spend your time in or at.  Below there are a few items that are featured at this round of the Cosmopolitan Sales room which is also a place you should check out they often have really awesome finds for really great prices.
CSR 2 FinalI’m trying to prefect my art of adding images into my main pictures so you can see things up closely.

Style Card

Pose- Del May- Modernity

Necklace – Enfant Terrible . Moonchild necklace white

Earrings – Le Primitif

Eyeshadow – Topazia-Seductive Eyeshadow Black

Lips Zibska- Azali 06

Hair- Truth Sassy w Roots Carrot

Dress Ashmoot- Dolls Coll_Dolly Dress #04 @ (CSR)

Slink Nails- Flair Nails Set 109 By Sassy Scarborough

Shoes – Emporium – Alanis Heels @ (CSR)

 Light- Apple Fall Reflector Light