The Garden

The Garden two2

The Garden Full one

Sway’s Peony’s Garden set has a lot of options and its great for any scene that you are trying to create. I went with a small garden look , since i have a smaller parcel in world. My background to my parcel is Rock pillars and Normally my parcel is not Green at all ,Its usually  looks more like a desert. I enjoyed setting this up and just creating the scene and adding the little details.  The Sway’s Peony Set can Be found at the Home and Garden show , Which i’ve checked out and they have loads of unique pieces so you should go check it out.  I would just like to personally thank Sway Dench the Creator of Sway’s for taking me on as a blogger its been a nice change of pace from blogging fashion all the time.


 Sway’s Peony Gardening Table partial linked   (The Home Show)

Sway’s Peony Garden Shed (linked) ( The home show)

Sway’s Peony Flower box     ( The Home show )

 Sway’s Peony Flowerpots Empty ( The Home show )

Sway’s Stump Mushroom seat ( The Home show )

The Muses Nodding Violet1

The muses Oxlips 1

 Lost junction Garden Gome Sneezy

Mutresse Sweet heart Gome 1

Noctis The Apple Basket on tree

Heart Potted Plants White Daisies

Mistuko Kytori Tree Model 25v2-3

LEO bush Small tree

Funky Junk Little Bird cottage Blue

Mitsuko Kytori Little PLant for rock

(fd) cat 12 curious

grizzly creek Eurasian tree sparrow standing

8f8 primavera in Toscana very well

<THAT > mesh Windmill

 squirrel Half deer Carved woodland Animals  White squirrel 1

The Hobbit Hole Fantasy Faire 2015!

Hobbit Hole One 1

WishBringer underhill , Sweet Revolutions Sylvan Tree Gate

Hobbit Hole two2

WishBringer underhill and RFL Item Mushrooms by Polenth’s Mushporium

interior of hobbit hole with furnishings by The Muses

interior of underhill with furnishings by The Muses

Hobbit Hole inside two

The muses- Furnishings , Sweet Revolutions – Flying Book Moth’s , De Baza – Caged Dungeon Candles, Kalopsia- Astrology Painting & Ritual Candles near fire place. RFL Item Fantasy China – Mesh 3D Roses in Urn

Hobbit Hole inside three 3rd

The muses Work Table , Sweet Revolution Flying book moth evil shadow, RFL Fantasy China Mesh 3D Roses in urn, WishBringer hanging Lamps,

so may things to be said about this little hobbit hole its really cute its easy to set up its mesh  it does have a rezzer , its around 50 prims. The bigger trees by Sweet Revolutions they can be edited a little with the link edit option if you need to move the bottom of the tree roots around a little or anything else about the tree they can also be made smaller or bigger in height.  The mushrooms can also be sized to be bigger or smaller when you click them they have a sparkle affect. The interior items all have sits that work . They are all pretty low in prims accept for the Storage its 24 prims but it has lots of details. Most everything is from The fantasy faire accept for the small details i added in from kalopsia which came from the Tag gatcha. Also the Books that are listed as moths you can make those bigger or smaller and they look as if they are flapping their covers “wings” . All these items are  well made and would be great in any RP scene or just if you like an older style look .  Thanks to all the Creators who sent out Review copies!


Underhill House – WishBringer – Underhill ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

 Trees-Sweet Revolutions– Sylvan Tree Gate ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

RFL Item Purple Shrooms Polenth’s Mushporium Purple Check Glow Mushroom (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Critter- Uni- Fd unicorn Standing

 Critter-Deer -Half Deer- carved Woodland Animal White Tail Deer

The Muses Titania’s Final Chaise ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

shelf unit- The Muses Storage With Cushion ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

 RFL itemplant- Fantasy China Mesh 3D Roses in Urn ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Table with stool The Muses Titania’s Feast ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Candles near Fireplace Kalopsia Ritual Candles ( tag gatcha)

RFL item- De Baza Caged Dungeon Candles ( Colored edited they are actually Purple but i wanted them to match with the scene) (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Flying books  Sweet Revolution  Flying book Moth Brown,  Runes, shadows,Evil Shadow, ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

 The Muses Worktable Spirts ( The Fantasy Faire 2015 )

 Kalopsia Astrology Painting  ( tag  gatcha)

 The muses Work table books ( The Fantasy Faire 2015)

 Wishbringer  Underhill haning Lamp ( Fantasy Faire 2015)