Drink til he’s pretty.


Drink Til he is Pretty


Hair:[taketomi] – Reina @ Kustom9 April’18

Dress: LAZYBONES – Caged Bodysuit + Sheer Bodycon Dress – Mulberry  @ Kustom9 April’18

earrings:.random.Matter. – Irene Earrings – Girl Gang  @ Kustom9 April’18

rings: Kibitz — Chloe Rings — Gold  @ Kustom9 April’18

shoes: Pure Poison – Daphne Platforms – Maitreya  @ Kustom9 April’18


[ kunst ] – The Brewery @ PocketGacha April’18

.01 [ kunst ] – Bar table ULTRA RARE,

.02 [ kunst ] – Beer taps (a) RARE,

.03 [ kunst ] – Beer taps (b) RARE,

.04 [ kunst ] – Beers on tap chalkboard

.05 [ kunst ] – Menu chalkboard,

.06 [ kunst ] – Chalkboard’s wall lamp,

.08 [ kunst ] – Growlers,

 .09 [ kunst ] – Growlers,

 .11 [ kunst ] – Tulip glasses x6,

 .12 [ kunst ] – Pint glasses x6,

 .13 [ kunst ] – Brew glass / tulip

BALACLAVA!! Cinema Lightbox [BLACK / wall]

[-BLUE SKY-] Barrel Bottle Holder

Gates of Melancholy

Gates of MelancholyToday I checked out a place called the Gate of Melancholy , its so peaceful and I love the tones there, it just has a very  calming vibe. its set in the country it has alot of photo opportunities, Including churches, barns and houses. Thought I would take a quick snap of me standing near the farm critters, I am wearing a Dress by Petite Mort, called Butter Floral Jasmine dress. You can find this dress in several different colors at the current round of Tres Chic.

I paired this dress with a Taketomi Hair called Corrine in Balayage and it can be found at Hairologie, The shoes are and oldie but a goody, Reign Mahi Galdiator Sandals in camel from some ancient gatcha that I dont remember the name of. I also decided to use a Bag from .shi the  Leather Grained Tote is also from a past gatcha. Its good to use things from the past!. I guess I am being sort of Retro. 🙂 Make sure you check out all the Gates Of Melancholy it really is worth seeing.

Style Card

hair: taketomi Corrine Balayage @ Hairologie

Dress: Petite Mort Butter Floral Jasmine Dress @ Tres Chic

Necklace: LaGyo– Azhar Long Necklace

bag: .shi  Leather Grained Tote [Camel]

reign:Mahi Gladiator Sandals (M-FLAT)- Camel

Gates of Melancholy


Testing Theories

testing theoriesThis is not exactly what I had in mind for this picture but after re taking it several different times this is what I am settling on. I am wearing a Steampunk outfit by Wicca’s Wardobe who also did a Collaboration with enfant terrible So really this is by Wicca and leenfantterrible. The litte dress called Joyce comes in two parts a Corset top and a little skirt, it also comes with Goggles , necklace and upper and lower Arm jewelry. I am wearing this with the Maitreya body.This outfit comes with a hud where you can change the bralette part of the corset and the little frill on the skirts color.  The boots I am wearing are by Wicca’s Wardrobe they are called celestine boots I am wearing a Plain pair but they come in a Tartan pack also,  both packs have a hud where you can change the eyelets of the boots and the little decorations from silver or gold. Also you can change some parts of the boots colors. I paired this boots with some Over the Knee Socks By avi candy in Maroon, This to has a hud and has several options for a maroon type color and some of the options have little hearts at the top of the socks. These will be at the up and coming of Anybody.. Shh I kinda got these before anyone else..lol. Hair is by the ever so talented Taketomi, they are always making such cute and interesting hairs.  Last But not least while trying to find a steampunk themed place, I just happened to ask about something steampunk themed and I was asked if I had been to Ex Machina and seen their clock tower, which I had seen this before but just had forgotten about it, This is a skybox it has two levels its very well textured and it has this neat little thing it has a light switch and You can turn all the lights off which is what I did so I could use my own lights for pictures, I really think that this skybox is a really nice addition to your pixel collection. You can decorate it steampunk like or even go very modern with it and  just cant beat that clock window.Thanks Hattie Panacek for letting me Review your Creation!

What I wore

Wicca`s Wardrobe & Enfant Terrible – Joyce @ We ❤ Roleplay


Wicca’s Wardrobe – Celestine Boots (Plain Fatpack] We<3 roleplay

Avi Candy– Maroon Love Overknee Socks (Coming soon to anybody feb 7th)


floorplan. old crate stack

floorplan. pallet wall

-Pixicat– Bastet.Sphynx (Sprawl)

Ex Machina Zeitgeist Clocktower – Thanks Again

[Con.] Summer in the Park – Essex House

[Ke.] Bird Statue

My Element


Style Card


Face stripe :A:S:S – Runway makeup 4
 Eyeliner.::Pichi::. Pure liner black 3
 Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes
 Eyelashes -41- Hollywood *REDGRAVE*

– h.m.a.e.m. – nemesi corset  By Riri Bazar Couturiers dock
 Boots: HEYDRA Bianca  By Heydra Starfall

 h.m.a.e.m. – nemesi necklace
bracelet: Miss LT SPIKES2   – black right hand-
          Miss Lt :Diamond mesh bracelet black – left forearm
Piercing[ni.Ju] (right) Monroe Piercing (mouth)
Body Stuffs
EYES: IKON Spectral
 Hair Base :/Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase – SHAVED – Wild honey
New Faces – Ellona Shape . (new) (new)54 taller  (new)
Skin -Belleza- Mya SK BBB Bl
 Brows -Glam Affair – Mokatana – Suggest eyebrows 01

Goals n Styles

Hey there’s I know its Friday and you would think after going all week on a big Photoshop Project… That I would be like ok another post can wait but I’ve been thinking about this.. I really do enjoy blogging and now that I’ve been blogging for a few stores for a few month’s now and I’m getting use to how it all works and the designers that post their things in what stores and how.. For an example The Pure Sales room I’m liking the fact that I get to see new designers and then I know that their will be certain designers that post new things in each round.. its exciting and it gives me something to look forward to . Also the same with the 69 room.. I’m really loving the new things that I get to see also the store is expanding its great to see people get work together and make things grow . As a Blogger I’m sure at one point you look at what you’re doing and decide hey I really want to do this and set a goal to get it done!

Look book style edit

The arcade is coming up it starts actually this Sunday and I cant tell you how excited I am about it.. I’m literally like a kid in a candy stores when I finally get in and I’m sure there are a lot of other people are too and after looking over the list on the website which you can view here  Arcade

There are A lot of Really Cute things! As I’m sure that The Arcade gets TONS of Applications to do its reviews for its Items to Blog!  !!!  So far its pretty One of the Biggest Events that happens in second life that I look forward too and I Cant wait Til Sunday to be able to Shimmy way through those doors to see what i can get 🙂

 Also another event that happens yearly that i Truly Enjoy Just to be able to see each person creations for their store and the different hair that they come up with amazes me.. I’ve tried to Draw hair in Photoshop and its no jokes its hard work unless you Really know what you’re doing and even then unless you have the knowledge I’m not sure if I could come up with unique hair all the time. I read today about the Hair Fair 2013 the donations it received was $16,165.85 dollars.. That’s amazing .. I kind of wished that there were more events that Happened that Donated the proceeds to things like this.. it kind of (to me) makes the experience .

There are few people who have caught my eye in second life with their style and pictures. The thing about working with people though is it has to be a mutual hey I wanna work with you too other wise you may get a clash of ideas and things just not panning out.  I’m trying to branch out work with different things ..  reach out to different people and just have fun. It really matters to me that I can relate with a creator so I can put out my best work .

There are other things I would like to see myself doing in second life either helping with a Sl magazine or Learning the ways of a Second Life model.. just a few things that interest me .. High fashion, Dark High Fashion and  editorial . Most of that can be seen in the pictures I take but my photography isn’t what I would like to it be so I’ll keep taking pictures practicing and learning photo shop techniques to improve my work.


 Hipster Top Jacket – Print 7 ( purse Sales room)
 MimiHispter Skirt S – Print 7

 Necklace-Miss LT Fat necklace – white

Shoes:PURE – {Mesh} Beryl Studded Shoes Floral Stud ( purse Sales Room)
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
EARS:[Gauze] High Elf Ear =Jewelry:Bane (marketplace)

EYES:[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Deep
lips-POUDRE- [Aza] – PT –  – Teeth & Freckles -(Pure Sales Room)
PURSE:{{BSD Design studio}} supermodel amira- peacock (55L weekly sale)

SKIN:Glam Affair – Lulu 01 BR( last event of arcade)

Heaven and Hell

Hey Y’all Hows it going? it kind of seems like its been forever since I blogged but I think I blogged last week right? Everything is zooming by so quickly it feels like.. didn’t august just start like last week?  So if you didn’t know We are in our Second Round of The fashionably Frugal.. We have Giulia Designs in this time.. Gosh I cant tell you how much I love her stuff .. I’m a fan girl .. XD .. Anyway I don’t know why I’m talking about it her stuff when I’m not blogging about it but I cant help it.. But what I can throw at you is the fact that PURE SALES ROOM is also in another round the 5th to be exact.. and it really has some great stuff….. Miss canning, Mimi Boutique, UR Refined, Quintessica, Modern Couture, Baubles, Panda Punx, Liv Glam, and Wow Skins just to name a few ..  I went a little maybe to creative with my pictures for Miss Cannings Galatea body suits .Heaven n hell

I was inspired to make this picture by another picture done by Skyla Tunwarm and you can see that picture here on her Flickr

Now im sure your thinking You got all that from her picture No… not really i just thought of the bottom half to connect to hers but Miss Skyla Never answered me On if I could use her picture to mesh with mine and id credit her picture and link her blog and all that jazz but sometimes i know miss communication happens or she just didn’t want me to use her picture ( I know I’m over thinking) ANYWAY.. So the Bottom Demon is me “Anderian”  I’m wearing the Galatea Body suit in black  with Dazed Dezinez Elanor shoes also in black hair is from Alice Project and the Wings.. I’ve had those wings for so long … They are called the Shattered searph wings -white..  and the maker is unknown 😦 boo wished I knew who made them  (they actually drip blood) and they talk they say quotes when they are touched

The Angel Laying down on the clouds Reaching out to my Demon self is also me and I’m wearing Another Galatea body suit By Miss Cannings with Envious white Stockings and Another Pair of Dazed Dezinez Elanor stars white shoes..  I got My lovely Friends Love holiday and Orianna Robertson to help me out as my backup Angels .. See to those of you who seen my post on my facebook about needing some Angels that could have been you.. XD lol

 Funny thing about this picture is Everyone showed up with the same Hair on The  Lamb hair Called Zelda from the Collabor88 is Popular 🙂 So we switched up ..  Thanks for Checking it out!!



Demon Andi

Skin : Glam Affair – Dark Side – Roza 02 B

Hair:*Alice Project* Saru Braids [Mirror – Non-Rigged] – Infinity
*Alice Project* Saru [Mirror] – Infinity

Shoes: DaZeD DeZineZ Eleanor stars Black ( Thank You ) Heydra Starfall

outfit:::Miss Canning :: [Galatea Bodysuit]( Pure Sales Room)

:.Envious.: SexItUp Stockings
Razor /// Full Leg Fishnet Stocking – Black

makeup: *MC* Makeup – Runny Couture Eyeliner
Pink Acid Witches Gloss & Teeth 03 (The Black fair)


Miss LT SPIKES2  bracelet – black

:.Envious.: NoOffence Collar 1
Amelie ring gold w black pearl – left hand
Drow ear  w/Spider earring
**RE** Seam Skull and Snakes Tattoo
Shattered Seraph Wings – White

Body stuffs: Slink Mesh Hand Casual
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Deep

Andi Angel

hair: Magika 01 nine

skin: Glam affair Luly o1

outfit Miss Cannings[Galatea Bodysuit]( Pure Sales Room)

shoes: DaZeD DeZineZ Eleanor stars white ( Thank You ) Heydra Starfall

stockings; envious Snow bunny ice Fishnets

lips:  MINDBURY – Blaze Lipstick (gift)

Ears: [Gauze] High Elf Ear =Jewelry Bane= natural ( marketplace)

Love holiday angel also laying down

Pose : louLou 7 small size

Shoes: DEBORAH – 12colors / REDGRAVE
Hair: !lamb. Zelda (Mesh) – Chocolate Bars Pack
Outfit::: alterego :: angel and ~Sassy!~ Denim mini-skirt – white
Skin: *Glance Skins – Anais – November
Lashes: [sauce] lush riot ; lashes
* yoyo9 * chanel 125 coin necklace
::Miss Lt creations studio Goldenwork bracelet Gold & Silver
[whatever] At least he asked – GOLD/SILVER/BLACK
Lip-Piercing Amber Diamond/Platinum    -RYCA-
MG – Rings – Roho – Gold-Silver
Pose: laying cute ( my inventory ate this pose and i cant find it ) lol

Oriana Robertson
Hair:[taketomi] Hina in Brown by Bella Earst
shoes:[Gos] Sophia Peeptoe by gospel.voom
bracelets: [EY:NO] Mess Bangles by andreaa umino (closed right now)
outfit::TGIS:: Studded Dress WHITE from Mon Chéri by Freya Olivieri

Pink Acid Model 101 Eye Makeup by Stasey Oller
[croire] clear gloss balm by Emily Kaestner

“All seond life photo’s were taken by me Anderian Sugarplum. Castle and main background I got from deviant art all fire and some clouds came from stock searches on the interwebz everything else were brushes and blending methods I use in PS6