The show must go on

The Show must go onAs she plays her music after the show has closed, those props that once stood still come alive and create a show only that can be seen and heard by listening to the sounds that come from her violin. All the things that she has thought in her mind are reenacted, as she plays the emotions that she feels, they move across the floor.

I am wearing a hair that is by Zibska called Himala, it has two sections that can be changed colors, I am wearing a dress that I have blogged before but in a different color/texture by Wicca’s Wardrobe called Sayomi you can find this dress at On9.I paired this outfit up with some boots from Empire that were on one of their Midnight madness boards, I am also using the Glam affair Gabriela applier polar again. I just like how pale this skin is I think 🙂 I am using the Mannequins from Remarkable Oblivion and they can be found at July round of Epiphany. I am also using the mannequin lights by nomad that were featured at the first round of the forest.

Anderian is wearing

Hair: Zibska Himala @ Hair Fair 2016

Dress: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Sayomi  [Red] S @ On9

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Iberis – Maitreya *MIDNIGHTMADNESS*

eyelash: Zibska Gia Lashes 03 Noir [Left]

dots: Clemmm – Mesh Cheek Dots / Powder

skin applier:  Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Gabriela – Polar ( THE FOREST )

Violin Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Anais’s Violin 4 Y


ionic : A Forest stage-house ( THE Forest)

D-lab ore no LIGHT(long) ( FLF)

D-lab ore no fun (with code) ( FLF)

NOMAD // Bright Headed Mannequin ( THE Forest)

RO – Spook Show – Fancy Nancy Mannequin  (The Epiphany )

RO – Spook Show – Gail Veil Mannequin   (The Epiphany )

RO – Spook Show – Val Vain Mannequin  (The Epiphany )

RO – Spook Show – Soggy Sarah Mannequin  (The Epiphany )

RO – Spook Show – Ida Ink Mannequin  (The Epiphany )

[Black Banam] Twinkle Pipe Curtain Rod Gold  ( past arcade gatcha)


Angel of mine Lighter

As We all know its that time of year where we get together and try and love one another just a little bit more.  Im thinking that with all thats going on in my next of the woods, showing people how much I truely love them may need to wait until I can prove to myself that I really love myself as well.

Angel of mine  Darker

I did two Versions of my picture because I like darker pictures compared to lighter ones. I think my second picture looks more like a painting than some digital art and i always like things more when they dont look like everything else.

Angel I love the wings by Remarkable Oblivion and i think everyone else does too  cause I’ve seen them Everywhere. Also The top and bottoms I’m wearing are in this round of The Instruments that started on the 6th of February . There is Only a Few more days to this Round so you must go check it out pronto


Outfit : Zanze [ZE] -Lovely Lingerie Set (reds) ( The Instruments)

Shoes: Azoury – High Heels Ruby Luce Mia

Hair : Mina -Peggy Natural ( Fameshed)

Wings: RO– Eternity Wings lust


Trees: Aria – Delilah Decorative Birtch

Heart Shrub: Doll house – Heart Bush

Candels : Livid – Twilight Throns Roses Candelabra Large





Queen of Kitteh’s

Hello again, Told ya I would make it around to Blogging today.. So with Love Holiday’s Issue’s with her Internet Fashionably Frugal’s Opening is being postponed .. Which in away is a good thing but in another.. its making everyone a tid bit antsy.. We are working hard with ads and making Everything perfect as can be. I’m excited though Almost All the Booths are filled on the lower level!!! YAY.. The things that Are for sale ARE STINKING CUTE! and I told ya it would end up being like this.. Cute things =’s Andi Spending the L’s … But other than Spending L’s on things for the store I work in… I’ve crossed the SL Border I’m not longer a Boobies Virgin XD…. I done it… I really done it.. After all my jokes and coming up with names for all my friends who have Lola Tango’s I Bought some today!.. After I put much thought into it.. There are many events I’m excluding myself from because I don’t have them.. and I’m Trying to reach all people in fashion not just my quirky likes of High fashion or lack there of.. So I am now an Owner of Mesh torpedos WOOTY WOOT WOOT!!! Honestly though now I have them I’m like erm… what in hell do I do with them.. lol… I just don’t like big boobs .. I guess that’s because im a small chested girl in Real life I’m use to having more than enough and I don’t want So I have them on But they are on a small setting.. ( I’ll get use to them eventually) I guess.. ANYHOO enough about my virtual Flesh bags.. So Yesterday I talked about the Donna Flora event and how I was like the worst scripted person on the sim.. hehe.. I did pick a few cute items that I really adore .Especially the RO crown.

Pure beauty Ro manticore1_001ed

 Have I ever told you guys I’m a Cat person? I’m like the ultimate cat lady.. If I didn’t have a husband or kids yea id probably live alone and id have cats .. lots and lots of cats.. lol  I’ve had my little manticore friend for a while now  I call her Princess .. This is my alien Cat Princess and we are both rotten spoiled and crazy.. 🙂  I would like to say that I’m now going to be blogging for a store called Color Me by Indy Carissa Though I would like to make this clear .. Indy is not affiliated with the other ” Color Me” that’s part of a Store called House of Fox.. I will say Both stores are really awesome.. Indy Clarissa Is just starting out and to see her in Person she is absolutely Adorable! You didn’t hear this from me but she is going to have some of her awesomeness at the First Round of Fashionably Frugal… Shhhhhhh…  Also I’m going to be blogging for a Store called DaZeD DaZineZ.. I’m really excited to see what she comes up with I have a feeling she is going to pull of the edgy kind of fashion I’m really eager to work with.  So only one picture today .. Hope your having a Great Sunday!

XoXo ~ Andi


Short Boots:..::Beauty Killer::.. Hooker Heels

Outfit: PURE PERFECTION – Frilled Samantha Dress

Lips + Teeth: Pink Acid Camille – Caramel

MakeUp: 7 Deadly S{k}ins Sloth  Goodiebag

Eyeliner: Pichi black 3

Earring ::HH:: Hucci Heather  Black Silver

EYES: Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes – Moor

Hair:>TRUTH< Kirby w/Roots – marmalade

Eyelashes: *REDGRAVE*-41- Hollywood

Nails: Chus! Royal Dolly Nails

Crown: RO – LOVE Donna Flora –

Necklace: [Coquette.] Love Letter Locket

Skin: : :mar::CS. Katherina Skin. [Endless Summer Hunt