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In the spot light

come into the madness

Innsmouth is a place in Second life that is based on HP Lovecraft books, I love the eerie but quirky atmosphere. I spent some time last night just wondering around talking to some of the regulars there.  Very nice crowd if you can look over the random noob who may or may not be standing by to give you a good push around while your trying to take pictures. Anyway, my avi is wearing things by zibska and a hair by olive and the shoes are by poute which are going to be featured at the Vanity fair . Zibska’s outfit is in the mainshop


Dress: Zibska– Trifel Donna ( mainstore)

 Shoes: Poute – Voyage High Heels ( vanity fair)

Hair: Olive– the sour hair

 Gloves: Zibska – glaw slink gloves & nails

 Skin: Belleza – Yasmin Xmas gift

Location: Innsmouth

Just one of those days

There is a New round of the Hello Tuesday that started today.

one of those days close up

Just a close up shot to show you the Damselfly hair that’s in this current round of the Cosmopolitan sales room! Also if you take notice my hands have little tattoo’s this is the Demon tattoo by Pervette it also comes in an Angel version. This is for this weeks Hello Tuesday and so is the dress i’m wearing by a Store called of those days done

Tattoo’s on the legs of my Avi are from Prevette and are in the Cosmopolitan Sales Room it has a back tattoo as well but its not shown here, something to go check out for sure. The Shoes are are poutes Hello Tuesday Item this week, Love the flowers on these. My critter friend is the fox companion from the arcade he has this animation and makes a sound like he is taking pictures its really cute.


Pose: Kokolores– Darling- Indignant

Dress: Osito Tropical Orange Hello Tuesday Item

Shoes : Poute Summer Flower flats Hello Tuesday Item

Hair: Damselfly Tory  Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Slink Toe nail polish: ZOZ– Soft Silver Tips Polish Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Tattoo’s Hands : Pervette Tattoo Demon ( hands) Hello Tuesday

Tattoo’s legs: Pervette Tattoo’s Dark Frame Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Necklace: +Half Deer+ Forest tale- heart Key Necklace Pink

 Friend Critter: Alchemy Birdy– Fox boy Companion

Skin: WOWskins – Melissa Tan @ 24 squared Event


Clothesline: *Funky*Junk* Clothes Line – with Clothes

Tub w/ bubbles: *Funky*Junk* Soapy Laundry Tub

colorful fence: {vespertine} upcycled fence town/freeze

Rocks:[we’re CLOSED] Great rock of Dingo

Lily pads: Sweet Poison – Lilypad 3B

Grass: *aG* Shiny Meadow summer (glow)

Poute HT , Heathenesque

poute & heathenesque face edit1

 Hey there,  Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.  I’m over here in my corner trying to be well and stay creative.  I need to point something out before i start here.. my last blog i stated that the couch and guitar by indulge was 70L .. that was a mistake it was actually 119L and i told starry that would fix that.. Here is the landmark for all of INDULGES goodies ! Today Id like to point out that the dress I’m wearing is by Poute and is only 50L you can beat that its being sold for the Hello Tuesday Side walk Sale.

poute & heathenesque Done1

The Shoes in this Shot are from a store called Heathenesque By Jamie Cross they can be found at Suicide Dolls . The Glasses  and bag are by Azoury just some unique things I’ve found in my adventures.

Style Card

Hair : Milk Aka Soonsiki- summerwine

Bag- Azoury – symphonie Bag [black]

Sunglasses : Azoury- sunglasses Perception (red)

 Shoes: /h/ Heathenesque Devilicious Heels Red (Heathenesque)

Dress: Poute – Stroke Sheath Black n Red ( Hello Tuesday Item)