Cupcakes, Cookies and Candy Oh my!

Caupcakes cookies and Candy oh myThere’s has not been to many times when I started a Blog I said Good Morning. In fact, I don’t think that has ever happened here if it has.. it was not me it was the doppelganger. I have been having the hardest time staying on track with blogging lately. I am finding that taking a nap seems a lot more Napppppp… mmmmmmm.. so sleepy.

   ok, So I know everyone and their grandma is posting pictures of Dorthy. Are you Dorthied to death yet? If not the Enchantment is Still open and going strong til the 31st of August 2016. Aphrodite  made this cute table set with Cupcakes, Cookies and Candy Oh my! Its all very detailed and colorful. Most Definitely something to check out if you are a fan of the Wizard of Oz.

The Hair I am wearing is by Runaway its a Loose braid with bows at the end, With each Hair, you have a hud that can change the color of the bows at the end of the hair. The Dress I am wearing is by Una this is the Maitreya Dorthy Blue Red version of this dress.There is also a Blue – white version and then Red – white , and red – black.

Black Bantam is becoming very well known for her cute critter creations. For enchantment, she made a cute little white fluffy dog that resembles the grey dog named Toto in the classic movie. In the pack, there is the option for the Dog to be in a basket or you can wear it alone in a hold pose.

Hair: [RA] Dorothy Hair – Boobs w/ materials  @ Enchantment 

Dress: Uni Maitreya BETA Dorothy dress BlueRed  @ Enchantment 

Necklace: * {.:Little Stars.:} * Heart Necklace (Silver)  @ Enchantment 

Nails:PICHI – Dorothy 1 Nail Laquer [white](Maitreya Applier @ Enchantment 

Critter: [Black Bantam] Dorbert Visits The Yellow Brick Road Basket @ Enchantment 

Table Set: Aphrodite Wizard of Oz party set complete @ Enchantment 


Machoire Neckpiece final

I’ve had the Ruji necklace for about a week now and I just couldnt make up my mind what i wanted to do with it .. Since I am Showing it to promote people to check out The Machoire Second life Store .. I figure a close up is the best way to show it, and of Course I had to show a side view so you can see the full uniqueness of this piece. The necklace comes with a Hud to change the metal part of the necklace and the stones. It has a very Futuristic  High fashion feel.


Neckpiece- Machoire – Ruji

Hair: Wasabi Pills– Freya Mesh Hair- golden

Dress: Dollie JOJ Hunt  Black & red Corset Dress (2013)


Eyeshadow: zibska Aylah -15

eyeliner bottom: Mons: Makeups Eyeliner lux silver

Eyeliner top: Pichi Pure Eyeliner [black}] 3

Dots: DeadApples– Mime Liner II

 lashes: zibska Via No.01 Upper x2

 Skin: Random Matter– Ashri Skin- Porcleain brown ( Skin Fair 2015) Opening March 12th 2015


In your toxic light

Yesterday I talked about being more positive and how things get me in a rut and that I kind of think more negative about things than I should . Lately I’ve seen a lot of talk about inspiration and how people are lacking it.. I don’t know about you but a lot of times people inspire me. Who they are, where they are from, what they love.. Learning to me is inspiring so when I meet some one new or I find out something new about someone I know . It sometimes opens up ideas or different out looks about things that I have never thought about before. I wont lie, I guess I’m a bit of sheltered person I have been most of my life. Figuring out something new is just like I’ve been handed a precious item and I need to explore it and find out as much about it as I can before it disappears. Maybe I’m so what of an information hoarder. Which is a hard thing to do when so many people these days don’t let others know who they really are. Anyway earlier today I became inspired by a few things in my inventory .. one item , well Items I should say Are by Zibska an outfit called Silje this mesh outfit was featured at the A/W fashion Penumbra fashion week. I really love the textures because they seem to sparkle.






I decided to call this picture Toxic Because my lips look like the bio hazard symbol but actually these lips are by MUA and this is the Nuclear Red set they come in Various colors.


 Style card

Hair Emo-tions  Medusa ( hair fair gift 2014)

Outfit : zibska – Silje

Lipstick: MUA– Nuclear Red

Skin : Akeruke– Giorgia light

Lashes: Pichi– Helena eyelashes

Shoes: Reign  ALEXXIS Heels

Fall in

 OK so here it goes, I’m on a break until the 27th and I started my break last week when I couldn’t honestly get sl pictures to take right for me.. and also its my lack of motivation and real life stuffs. I think I’ve gotten a case of the Rl Stress/ depression and I can’t get this crap to leave me alone and really I’m glad I still have a week left of vacation from me blogging and I know what your thinking.. what are you doing here then? Well I wanted to post my fall pictures with this outfit before the 69 rooms round comes and goes.. and it should be happening some time soon.. Forgive me I have a hard time keeping up with Real life dates and Sl dates.. The dress you will find in the 69 RoomGo check it out the 69 room always have a nice assortment of goodies ..fall_001edit Hair is by exile at the collabor88 shoes are N-core and Skin is Glam affairfall1_001edit YAY Fall

Ok enough happy happy happy.. going back to being bleh

X Andi

Hair: exile : faling for you natural fusions ( collabor 88)

dress: LG Boutique – summer 13 Dont marry her dress

cuffs: A&Ana F.j My Fluo Style ( past TDR event)

Lips: Mind bury – Blaze lipstick ( gift)

Shoes: N-core Seduction Xtreme Heel Galaxy

Earrings : Pure poison Triandre Gold ( grp gift)

eyeliner:  Pichi Pure Eyeliner (black) 5

 Poses: Kirin -handmade Fall flag 1 ( without flag) ( The Seasons Story)

location : my home

Mod C , Guilia & KL Couture

 Hey There , I just wanted to let everyone know There will be another person posting to my blog when she feels like it. My Friend Shani Adored has taken on the role of being my side kick in my blogging journey.. 🙂 YAY.. Cant wait to see what she comes up with 🙂 Also I’ve been wanting to post about the below outfit its from the Pure sales room and I paired this outfit that is from Giulia Designs with the lovely items from Modern Couture .

Modern Couture, Giulia Designs & I<3 fashion

Modern Couture, Giulia Designs

 Not all of it is from the pure sales room but most of it is  necklace is from Fi*Fridays (last weeks event) created by I<3 fashion.

Style card

Outfit: GiuliaDesigns KLEO & shoes

Hair:[Modern.Couture] Hair – Irish – Blonde 1

Face moles: {e} Clean Moles

Bracelets: A&Ana F.J. My Fluo Style Jewellery Cuffs (TDR)

Earrings:[Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Rich Earring

 Necklace:{*I ❤ FashiOn*} Glamcol (GOLD)(FI*fridays)

Flesh Bags:Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)

 Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual

 skin: al vulo- fujiko* red brown brow sunkissed

EYES: Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes – Moor

So I’m kind of on a mini Vacation away from second life spending time with my family and getting in some extra time with the kiddo’s before school starts YAY School woot woot!!

so I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of the summer days off ..  I’ll be posting soon  xoxo Andi!!

outfit& shoes : Kl Couture, hat Bliss Couture, bracelets: RE* Designs

outfit& shoes : Kl Couture, hat Bliss Couture, bracelets: RE* Designs

  Style Card pic 2

brows:[PXL] KATE Vintage ’20 Style Eyebrows

Liners:.::PiCHi::. Pure Eyeliner [black] 3

          .::PiCHi::. Pure Eyeliner [black] 5

lips:Pink Acid Cake Frosting Lip Gloss – Dragon Fruit

Face moles:{e} Clean Moles

Hat:!*Bliss Couture*! Algezares Hat

Bracelets:**RE** Gift – Silver Bangles

Earrings:..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Angel Wings Earring

Eyelashes -41- Hollywood *REDGRAVE*

eyes:Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes – Moor

outfit: KL Couture_Giselle  Silver

shoes:KL_Tanger & Niger sandals

hands:Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual

hair[LeLutka]-JOSEPHINE Hair – SummerTime

Skin-Glam Affair – Katya – Europa 02 G

Queen of Kitteh’s

Hello again, Told ya I would make it around to Blogging today.. So with Love Holiday’s Issue’s with her Internet Fashionably Frugal’s Opening is being postponed .. Which in away is a good thing but in another.. its making everyone a tid bit antsy.. We are working hard with ads and making Everything perfect as can be. I’m excited though Almost All the Booths are filled on the lower level!!! YAY.. The things that Are for sale ARE STINKING CUTE! and I told ya it would end up being like this.. Cute things =’s Andi Spending the L’s … But other than Spending L’s on things for the store I work in… I’ve crossed the SL Border I’m not longer a Boobies Virgin XD…. I done it… I really done it.. After all my jokes and coming up with names for all my friends who have Lola Tango’s I Bought some today!.. After I put much thought into it.. There are many events I’m excluding myself from because I don’t have them.. and I’m Trying to reach all people in fashion not just my quirky likes of High fashion or lack there of.. So I am now an Owner of Mesh torpedos WOOTY WOOT WOOT!!! Honestly though now I have them I’m like erm… what in hell do I do with them.. lol… I just don’t like big boobs .. I guess that’s because im a small chested girl in Real life I’m use to having more than enough and I don’t want So I have them on But they are on a small setting.. ( I’ll get use to them eventually) I guess.. ANYHOO enough about my virtual Flesh bags.. So Yesterday I talked about the Donna Flora event and how I was like the worst scripted person on the sim.. hehe.. I did pick a few cute items that I really adore .Especially the RO crown.

Pure beauty Ro manticore1_001ed

 Have I ever told you guys I’m a Cat person? I’m like the ultimate cat lady.. If I didn’t have a husband or kids yea id probably live alone and id have cats .. lots and lots of cats.. lol  I’ve had my little manticore friend for a while now  I call her Princess .. This is my alien Cat Princess and we are both rotten spoiled and crazy.. 🙂  I would like to say that I’m now going to be blogging for a store called Color Me by Indy Carissa Though I would like to make this clear .. Indy is not affiliated with the other ” Color Me” that’s part of a Store called House of Fox.. I will say Both stores are really awesome.. Indy Clarissa Is just starting out and to see her in Person she is absolutely Adorable! You didn’t hear this from me but she is going to have some of her awesomeness at the First Round of Fashionably Frugal… Shhhhhhh…  Also I’m going to be blogging for a Store called DaZeD DaZineZ.. I’m really excited to see what she comes up with I have a feeling she is going to pull of the edgy kind of fashion I’m really eager to work with.  So only one picture today .. Hope your having a Great Sunday!

XoXo ~ Andi


Short Boots:..::Beauty Killer::.. Hooker Heels

Outfit: PURE PERFECTION – Frilled Samantha Dress

Lips + Teeth: Pink Acid Camille – Caramel

MakeUp: 7 Deadly S{k}ins Sloth  Goodiebag

Eyeliner: Pichi black 3

Earring ::HH:: Hucci Heather  Black Silver

EYES: Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes – Moor

Hair:>TRUTH< Kirby w/Roots – marmalade

Eyelashes: *REDGRAVE*-41- Hollywood

Nails: Chus! Royal Dolly Nails

Crown: RO – LOVE Donna Flora –

Necklace: [Coquette.] Love Letter Locket

Skin: : :mar::CS. Katherina Skin. [Endless Summer Hunt

Leathal Liquid

Hey There Folks, Summer has kept me trapped in various situations that only happen in summer.. Water slides and outings .. trying to keep kids busy and keep my sanity happy.. Also working on the opening of Fashionably frugal.. I’ve Also been networking my toosh off.. making new friends meeting new people and blogging new items.. So I went to the Donna Flora event.. First and foremost Don’t wear a lot of scripts or you will get kicked in the midst of you’re wondering.. 🙂 I’m speaking true facts.. it happened to me but I’m also the derpy person who forgot that I had on my humanoid hud my aniamare hud my any pose hud my Ao and well clothes and hair and Shoes from KL couture which I’m sure has a few scripts in them.. Haha.. ( I’m surprised I could move at all to start with) So I’m gonna post my collaboration pictures that I’ve taken for the last few days I’m sorry I’m a SUPER Slacker! Ive rally had a bad case of the blahs.. I need a dose of YAY HAPPY n Stuff!! Leathal KL Couture Black Liquid

While I was wandering around the Donna Flora event.. I came across Black Liquids Booth and I had to have this Bow type hair  and they have it on such an unsual looking model that I just couldn’t stop looking at it!

 Ok Good night Guys.. I swear on my garden ill post again Tomorrow!!

XOXO ~ Andi

 Style Card

EYE Liner:.::PiCHi::. Pure Eyeliner [black] 3

EYE Shadow :Careen ~ Meadow

Lips :blackLiquid MAKEUP – CULTURE SHOCK lips

HAIR:# 1″LoQ Hair” Cognac – Jet Black

HAIR: # 2 blackLiquid – BEAUFORT midnight

Outfit:.:Lethal:. Bodysuit [Butterfly]

Eyes::Modish:: Mesh L I V E -Hazel

Shoes: KL Couture_Tanger golden sandal  Gold

Skin: Glam Affair- JadisV2 Natural – D HB Clean

Accessories: PurePoison – Butterfly Earrings& Butterfly Necklace (


 Hands: Slink Mesh Hands  Casual

This is me

Hey there, So I got to thinking this morning while I was rocking out in my Pj’s with my 3 little minions how happy I can be sometimes and I honestly wished it could be that WAY ALL THE TIME!! But seriously if you have experienced me in a Hyper sugar high which I sometimes get into.. You would know that I can get unbearably silly..  I am the type of person that will not think twice about busting a move in the grocery store.. Or making jokes at the cashiers expense as she hurriedly tries to put all the groceries in the bags and throws my groceries all over the place.. I am in all honestly just trying to be happy at all times but People don’t always understand that.. Also As my kids Grow older I do believe my craziness will increase only to embarrass them.. I mean How can you stand not to do the gundam style dance when you hear it on spotify, the radio or on television..  *points at self* This Gal just likes to dance and sing for that matter.. Shh don’t tell anyone … cause I don’t want to be asked to sing for anyone unless we are playing rock Band Just sayin 🙂 OK so here’s My Photo’s for the day.. This outfit is from  Faster Pussycat which is a FABULOUS Store Filled with AWESOME NESS!! So many prettiful High Fashion Stuffs!!

So I got a little carried away with my brushes and made grass around my feet but it needed some color it was kinda bland.. YAY FOR HAPPY GRASS OK!!

 And of course I had forgotten how I got the sky to look so bright when it came time to edit this picture.. cut  me some slack im learning.. XD

 This one is my favorite although it blurry on the edges and  the hands look slightly distorted but the sky turned out cool…

Style Card

Hair: Vanity hair: Wake up Alone- Light Red

Skin : Glam Affair – Lulu 01 Br

Outfit: Faster Pussycat (FP) Diva Halter mesh Dress & Feather Shrug- Gold/black

Boots : <BIC> Thigh Boots Black

Earrings: The Rove – Not Full Circle Earrings

Bracelet: The Rove Empty Bracelet

Piercings : [ni.ju] Monroe Piercing ( I wear this a lot)

eyes: Al Vulo: Goldbunny ipnothic eye

Lashes 1. Alvulo: doll lashes

2. *RedGrave* Eyelashes:-41- Hollywood

Eyeliner: PicHi: Pure Eyeliner [ black] 2

Nails: [ mandala] Milky Nails/Sun gold