Army of me

Army of meArmy of me 2

I did two versions of this picture because well I couldn’t decide which I liked better. The hat Hair combo that I am wearing is something you can find at the June Round of Uber’16  This hair/hat combo called ARCANE can be worn with or without the hair and it has all the color combo huds that .Shi usually has to choose from.. I really think that this is just a really interesting piece. I paired this hair/hat combo with items by Wicca’s Wardrobe called the Brooke Outfit this outfit has a hud to change the vest area’s, the Bra, corset area’s and the bottoms. You can even change the lace part and metals. I chose to use all black for this shot. My backgrounds are a combination of things I made with prims and  the Composed sphere by Oddfish studios. These are neat little objects that move around. They are most definitely something to see for yourself . I am wearing a back pack by Toast You can check out Toast on the Marketplace!

Go check out Wicca’s Wardrobe, .Shi, Uber, Oddfish Studios and Toast on the MP!

I am wearing

.Shi – ARKANE @ uber

outfit- Wicca’s Wardrobe Brooke Outfit @ The Fantasy Collective

Toast – Backpack V1.0 Marketplace

Art Form IV June 2016 from Oddfish Studios  Composed Sphere (Coal)

In a world of squares, Maybe, you’re just round

Just a square Eclipse FinalAnother one of the Pictures I did for the Eclipse Magazine, If you still have not seen the latest issues of Eclipse Magazine it is worth checking out! I really like Odd things in second life , Those of you who talk to me or follow me on Facebook Probably already know that. Zibska Created these neat little Square accessories that go over your arms , there is also a tattoo that is grayish colored squares for your arms. While On the search for trying to come up with Ideas on What I should do for my pictures for the Eclipse Magazine, I happen to Find these other squares by Dita Actor, Who has a store called Oddfish Studio’s , She created the photography prop items called OF Artform Nothing Is Random I, the set comes with a White and Black set of blocks, You can find these in a new fashion event called Epic scene, There are so many events these days in Second Life but its really neat to see what kind of things creators bring to them.

Hair:enVOGUE HAIR – Cassandra

Lips: Zibska Sable Omega Applier 09 @100 Block

eyeshadow: Zibska – Claudette Omega Applier @100block

ear cuffs: I cant remember who made these.. If you know tell me and Ill credit them and link

Body Suit: Zibska The BodySuit

Block Accessories: Zibska -Usha @ April round of We<3Roleplay

Decoration Blocks Oddfish Studios – OF Artform Nothing is Random l @ Epicscene Event

Pose: Dare – Editorial pose 62 – The Struggle Is Real ( Chance I love your poses)