Order in Chaos

Order in Chaos

There ‘s been a lot of things going on lately, I’ve been trying to stayed focused on trying to better myself as a person and Beat depression, after my doctor telling me several times that I needed to get out more I took it upon myself to start running. So I’ve been getting up taking my children to school and running til i feel like my lungs are going to explode, which that doesn’t take long but it will be a work in progress. I use to be very active, Hiking, bicycling, dancing, canoeing, I was always out and about I guess that after having kids things just kind of stopped or i just didn’t feel like it. Anyway So on to a new me or trying to be a new me!

Style Card

Outfit: Byrne– Priestess gown ( Create Your own tarrot)

hair: VRSION Rival 5.0 Hair

Lips: PXL Sweet Lips02 V1.0

lipstick: NOX Lumi Lip Yellow

Slink Nails: AlaskaMetro Desert Silver  Blue


Hanging Stool: Anc Le Cirque De Reverie .6/nuit

Ladder: Tarte : ladder Light Periwinkle

Clock: Kalopsia– Oversized Distressed clock

Paper: Kalopsia – Flying Paper

~*SR*~ Flying Book Moth Shadows

Lights: 8f8 -Dreamer’s Box Dandelion

Shatter in Pieces

Shattered in pieces

Hai! Good Morning How are you all doing today? Its Monday.. yaay n stuff.. uuufffs. can we just pretend its Saturday and we just all sleep in? Oh well, I’m awake already , Have some coffee put on some jams and start your day!. I’ am , coffee in tow with a pop- tart.. Breakfast of champions.. 🙂  So I’ve had this picture in mind Kinda. I knew that I wanted to style the picture in the desert, I have no idea why but I like desert scenes, Maybe its cause I’m from a pretty much a tree infested environment. The desert to me just has so much beauty in a very solitude kinda way. So one of my Sponsors in Second life is Machoire a kind of new designer but he makes really quirky unique items not like anyone else. He has been in world for a total of 4 months  this blows me away because he is already in events and things and getting his  in world store known by many. It is refreshing to see someone totally new with no concept of what you do in second life and just say Hey this is what I want and Bam makes it happen.  Anyway so Like I was saying I had this in mind for awhile I wanted to pair machoire Ryx boots with the cape by H.m.a.e.m. called Bosco and used tights from Avi candy, another sponsor of mine and yes I’m name dropping. I enjoy blogging for inworld stores that i can have conversations with the designers about their items or they feel comfortable enough with me to ask my opinion or suggestions on making new things.

Style Card

Shoes: Machoire- Ryx Boots V2 abstract

Cape: H.m.a.e.m– Bosco Cape Black

Tights: Avi candy– Knit Tights Brights

Hair: Boon– TUM278 hair Gold

Lips: NOX Lumi Lips Yellow ( sweet Lips applier) Cosmetic Fair


Mirror: Reverie– Venus Principle Harker Borken Mirror Pure

Cactus: INDO Cactus Green

rusted Car: <THAT> Mesh Rusty Car

branch:  Branch Art  by Arabellaamor

Its a Love hate Relationship


 For what ever reason.. It doesn’t matter how hard i work on some of my pictures I end up disliking them. Yes i know its a Virtual world where things Glitch and You have to smooth lines and and Liquify Areas in photoshop to make it look even . but still as I love everything in this shot .. I’m thinking its my face that throws the like off for this picture it doesn’t look like my normal Avi and I’m wearing a skin that Ive been wearing a lot lately. Just in case you wanted to know I’m totally in Love with new Glam affair skin that’s at the Collabor 88 right now , its rather different than a lot of their other skins and making a Different appearance  with a skin on my Avi is always intriguing to me. I’m actually thinking that because I often use different hair colors and the mix of such a “loud” make up choice is just different its not my norm so it looks off tome. The Awesome head piece is By the Ever so Lovely Azoury I just love their work and I’m pretty sure if I met the creators in Rl I would have to just squeeze them even though I’ve never had a real  conversation with them.. They just make awesome stuff.. The Leggings are from Beautiful Dirty Rich and I found out about these from the Most Recent Issue of the Eclipse Magazine which I worked on some.. When I’m not going a million miles a minute losing my mind..lol One of the models in one of the shots( not taken by me) were wearing the leggings which I instantly was glad that there was a style card wrote up under the shot.  The Jacket is Being Featured at this Round of Instruments its by Sascha’s Designs . The chair Is by Convair and is currently at the round of the Liaison Collaborative , The pose is not part of the chair its a Pose that I made with my Anypose BVH hud .. I also made the Background with Sl building stuff and textured it with textures I have. I do that often, make my own sets that is.. I find that Building and actually Decorating can be rather relaxing sometimes.

Style Card

Headpiece: Azoury – Walkyeries Head Acessory Fushia 1 ( IDK Event)

Necklace: Azoury TCG Gift 2nd Anniversary ( The chapter Four)

Hair: Besom ( Formally Known as Milk)- Iggy Brown

Bangs: Chemistry Hair Willow 2 Short bangs

Jacket: SAS Winged Black Jacket ( The instruments)

Legging Boots: Beautiful Dirty Rich Platform Leggings  Pink

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Jaleiah 05 ( uber)

Bottom Liner: Nox Slash Liner Pink ( The Dressing Room)

Brows: Pink Fuel Drow Eyebrows Arched/Sharp Tinted Brown

Lips: BlackLiquid– Culture Shock Lips

Umbrella: Alchemist  Delusion World Gatcha 512 Umbrealla Pink

Chair: Convair– Mackintosh Chair 1 Black ( The Liaison Collabrative )


Rapture May Group Gift

Rapture May Group Gift

 Rapture has a new Group Gift out for May! The Lavender Bustier is an Interesting little item . Go Get it now! Taxi


Bustier: Rapture Bustier Extruded Lavender

Hair: Lelutka: Salone Hair Strawberry Blonde

Glam Affair Skin: Luna Skin ASia tone 05B ( collabor 88)

Lips: PXl Sweet lips v1.4

 Lip Applier: Adored Vague Lips Blue Black

Eyeshadow Zibska Janni 10 Uber Until Mya23rd

Liner: Nox slash Liner [blue] The dressing room  70L for fatpack

Brows: Nox: Beks Brows Dark Blonde

earrings: Keystone Occult Earring

Necklace Small pr!tty Choker Star ( Chapter four Anniversary gift)

Big Necklace: Shi Evra Pendant [Femme]

 Contour MUA Cheeks Contouring Natural Colors Light

Lashes Miamai Catwalk Lashes Toxic Black

Strict Machine

Fancy Pants done

Busy Busy Busy, I have been so busy, As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been posting a lot of pictures without the commentary and that may happen more often Unless I have something to say, So if you want to know what’s up with me Its just best to send me a message on Facebook or IM me in world 🙂 Yes its ok to talk to me in world..lol i dont bite 🙂 Anyway.. New Round of Instruments is fast approaching.  APRIL 4th, 2015 You can go snatch this outfit up by Byrne its called D’Or Brigade , it has some Harem Style Pants that also come with this outfit but i chose to show the skirt so I could wear these  Thigh high tights by Avi candy the Animal Print stockings comes with a Hud that has a ripped version also it has options for Slink, Maitreya, belleza, and Omega!. Glasses are by Psycho:Byts and can be found at the Suicide Dollz event, Shoes are by my Treasure Haven Azoury! They are for the EVE Mesh body, The Azoury Shoes are Called Octaivia they come in a Cream , Black and Red. Im wearing the Black pair! Hair is the Newer Hair from Uber by Wasabi Pills. I’m wearing sweet lips by PXL and the Applier is by nox that is currently at the IDK event!.. Landmarks below!

Style Card

Pose: Vestige – Spring Girl 2 ( The instruments)

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Lindsey Flaming Cherry ( uber)

Glasses: Pyscho: Byts– Flowers Sunglasses – Fatpack Rare! ( suicide dollz)

Mouth: PXl Sweet Lips v1.3

Mouth Applier: Nox– Novela Lip [Currant] ( IDK EVENT)

Outfit: Byrne D’Or Brigade ( The Instruments)

Tights: Avi Candy– Animal Print Stockings

Shoes: Azoury Octavia ( Rock Attitude Fashion fair)