On a plaque

Ever have the feeling life is really to busy sometimes? Its been a go go go process lately, with that said My blog today is about some digital art stuff I’ve put together using second life items.  The first part of January after being sick, my RL family and I played Host for Friends and family to come help us celebrate our daughters birthday’s which were in December. My oldest daughter’s theme was Sugar skulls and after scouring the interwebs for ideas to decorate and party food.  I happen to come across a set of mounted heads you can see them here . Being the artsy type person that I am thought hmm this could be cool for a recreate..  So All in all my Starting picture was going to be based on using items from Madpea which are sticks that you ride on with heads.


 In the ad you can see how they work and all the different character heads there are. These are at the Winter Omgatcha. Anyway so i had thought in the beginning that i would just do a Wall mounted set and my avi in the middle with some of the characters around me.  I did that as you can see below but I still really preferred the single shot of just my head.

on a plaque edit

One of these things are not like the other


This picture didnt make it on flickr (yet).  Ever edit something and your just not feeling it? Well this is kinda what happened with this one. Anyway.  The face mask that I’m wearing over the  sugar skull style make up is from noodles its being featured at the collabor88.

caged thoughts

Caged thoughts


If any of you follow me on facebook, you would know  that I have a love for the Dark Beauty Magazine. The magazine posts pictures that are in their magazine or they post pictures that are done by the people that feature their work in the magazines.. I often get lots of inspiration from the things they post. There is actually a picture very similar to this one that they posted and i decided to recreate it. I really enjoyed editing this picture.

Last but not least, If you follow Rico Marante’s  he is the Owner of the Fashion Teller and the Doll house. I love the work they put into this. It is very inspiring I love the theme’s and ideas that everyone who works on this magazine comes up with. It is just Truly Amazing! If you have no idea what I’m talking about Please check it out here .  OK so my point is that They are doing a casting to find more creative souls to bring their magical work to the table.  There are 3 themes mad world,Death and Heaven and Earth. When seeing this  I kinda of became overly excited. For awhile I’ve wanted to do underwater pictures with the affect that my Avi was drowning.. ( side note Im actually really afraid that when i get into water I will drown, maybe thats why I’m kinda weirded out that i wanted to do this) Anyway .. My normal pictures arent very layered and morphed or skewed from its normal look.. however I have wanted to get better at this to make a picture look more like a piece of art that I have painted or drawn rather than just take a snap shot of an avi and change the colors a bit in photoshop.  I set out the other night and this is what i came up with, I still have a few other ideas in my head that I want to try and even looking at my Above picture It makes me want to more of a Apocalyptic scene..  Here’s My “drowning” picture which i called in the deep.

In the Deep

In the Deep

I had some Visual Help with this actually. My friend tessa was on the sidelines asking me how i was going to do things and suggested i add the underwater decor.. which i got off Mp for pretty cheap. Yay for quick cheap props 🙂  . I would really love to work with “The fashion teller magazine one day but after looking at this and then scrolling through the magazine pasts work. I’m not really sure that my work at this time is good enough.. This is what i do .. I’m pretty sure I can talk myself out of a million dollars.

Style Cards

1st photo  ( on the plaque)

Hair : Boon URU697 Hair Pink

Makeup: Delizio – La Dia de Los Muertos 03 charcoal ( marketplace)

Mask: Noodles – Majestic Unicorn Mask Black ( collabor88)

2nd(extended picture) ( one of these things are not like the other)

Madpeas:  Sir isaac Rare , Sigmund (winter OMGatcha ) ends today!

3rd picture  (caged thoughts)

Pose: PosESion: deluxe #4

Cage: !ohmai : HF2014 Twenty Companions ( sml Cage Attach)

Dress: Baiastice – Kristine Dress Sheer Charcoal (uber)

Decor: Anc 8. cocktailbird/nest chair : yellow

4th picture ( In the deep)

 Pose: Anypose Bvh

Hair:  .:EMO-tions:. * AQUARIA*/blonde

extentions : Exile- Windsong Curly Extensions

Dress : Peqe– Elwen ( fantasy Collective)

Eyelids: boudoir Closed Eyes Glossy Eyeshadow

Belleza Body– Venus V0:02

Whats Beyond here?

I ‘am not gonna lie, Even though I’m not  sick now, I’m having a really hard time finding the energy and the brain power for that matter to actually do things I need to do. Second life is my Hobby it is what I do when everyone in my house is stuck in a game or out ,or asleep.. or when I’m not playing the ps4 or Drinking coffee, Or being completely Ocd and cleaning my house. Yea I know , My life sounds so interesting ha ha.  It’s been a few month’s now but a store called Empyrean Forge is actually  some friend’s of mine Store. Rahpture and Reya are just an awesome Creating Duo. Love the stuff they make. People who have taken the time to learn  3d soft-wares  and the things they make for virtual worlds or video games are so mind-blowing sometimes, very realistic , I had acquired the Allegiance Blade awhile back and I seriously have not had the time to just do a picture with the item the way I wanted to, Until the other night while I tried to be social but in away where it didn’t seem like I was ignoring everyone , I was lost in my imagination for the most part.

What's beyond here 1


The Headpiece and Main necklace that matches the headpiece are by Zibska and are being Featured in the Newest round of  We<3 roleply. It comes with a 20 color options hud so you can match it with anything.  I’m wearing a dress by Peqe, thats also at the We<3 roleplay .

What's beyond here 2


This is a close up, you can see the Decorated base part of the Allegiance Blade, you can see a closer look of the Headpiece by zibska, The smaller chain collar is by Noodles, I want to point out that the bracelets I’m wearing are by noodles as well but they are Positivity  bangles They say things like “Breathe” , “Never give up”, ” Live in the Moment”, “Dream Bigger”, Believe, Those are just the options I’m wearing in this shot, Each hud has 3 Metal options and Each pack of Bracelets has 3 different Quote word sets.  Hair is by the ever so loved Truth and currently at uber!

Style Card

Sword: Empyrean Forge- Allegiance Blade _ Ivory Gold ( will be on MP at the End of the month) ( Rahpture says so! ) haha

Necklace 1: Noodles – Byzantine Chain collar gold.

 Face tattoo: [ Kooqla] -Pheasant tattoo ( Black)

Bracelets : Noodles – Positivity Bangles , Breath, Never give up, Live in the moment, Dream Bigger, Believe

 Hair : Truth– Minerva ( uber)

Necklace 2: zibska – Zephyrine- Necklace ( We ❤ Roleplay)

Headpiece: zibska Zephyrine ( We ❤ Roleplay)

Dress: PeQe Indel

Ears: Mandala– Steking Ears Season 5

 Skin: Belleza Mae Xmas Gift Pale Bl

Body: Belleza Venus 0.02

Nails:  Alaska Metro- OmegaNails Tropics/gold

 Loud Mouth: Alli

Applier for mouth : Lumae – Apoc skin

Day shadows

Well 1st blog for the new year and it just so happens I’m sick which most of you already knew that. Because well if you didn’t ,the only other reason why you wouldn’t know this is because you don’t follow me on face-book. I have pneumonia my blogging capabilities will probably be so much slower I might as well change my blog  name to snail  cause that’s the only way I can move without becoming out of breath and feel like I’m gonna hack up a lung, that’s graphic, Ok, so before I got sick I happen to become a blogger for Noodles and I feel like utter crap that I haven’t gotten around to blogging some of the goodies  Natalie sent over , so here it is .

day shadows4

Day Shadows new

Earmuffs are by noodles they have different huds for different colors , The coat is by a store that I’m not really familiar with its called R& J and I happen to stumble upon them in one of the Winter fairs that was happening in December, yes I know, not helpful but luckily I have a landmark and there it is so go check this new place out! Also I’m wearing the ever so lovely Heydra boots called Synder boot I happen to scoop these up at a feebs rascals round last month also.. Hey cut me some slack in the whats New department I’m trying and failing miserably.. All in time ill be back on my game hopefully.  My hair is by little bones and its not new but I really liked the style and it looked pretty good with what I was wearing and you could see the ear muffs so it works .. My purse is a goodie from Azoury the Stockings I’m wearing is from a store called Avi Candy, Which you will be seeing more of their stuff in my blogs! Love the creations that Ashton Tryce makes.

Anyway I’ll try to get more blogs up and going but maaaaaaan I feeel BAD! So they will come when they get done I suppose.


 Pose: PosESion – Shoes 10 ( christmas offer)

 Bag: Azoury– Akela Bag

Earmuffs: Noodles – Darling Earmuffs

Coat: R& J Lavine Coat Purple

Hair: Little Bones– Hearthrob

Boots: Heydra– Synder Boot

Stockings: Avi Candy– Satin Bow Stockings  Plum Bows with Cuban Heel