Sugarplum, Spring Dream

sugarplum spring dream

 Spring is natures way of saying lets party~ Robin Williams

 When one flower blooms Spring Awakens Everywhere ~ John O’Donohue

So many things to talk about  in this picture, So very recently Azoury Came out with these shoes called Marquise Heels, These  can be found at the Rock attitude Fashion fair that does not start until saturday March 28th 2015. But in order to wear these shoes you need to have Eve Mesh feet which come in a pack called Eve Doll Box. I’m so new to this item and this store, and was kinda in aww and I bombarded the Creator with lots of questions , I had never head of this store or knew that there was another mesh body on the market.. I will be doing a full on Review of this in my next blog so watch out for that! Also the dress im wearing is by zibska and it can be found at the Fashion for Life event. My hair is a Freebie by Catwa that can be found in one of the stores at the biker Choice fair.

Style Card

 MeshBody- EVE *B* V8.4

Headpiece- Maysouls Japan Treasures Tullip and Accessory Birdcage

Dress, Arm, & Neck Accesssories- Zibska Edera Deux Smoke ( Fashion For Life)

Shoes: Azoury – Marquise Heels ( Rock Attitude Fashion Fair) Not open yet

Hair- Catwa Zoey Long side (Biker Choice)

Soonsiki– Shaved Base Dark

Loud Mouth: Alli v1.5

Applier: Alaska Metro– Liquid Shine

Lashes: Glam Affair– Miami LAshes Purple

Eyeshadow: Alaska Metro– SmokeShow Eyeshadow- Desert Rose

Contouring: MUA– Cheeks Contouring Natural Colors

Ears: Mandala Steking Ears

 Skin: sYs– ANgie L02 (blackbrows) skin fair 2015


Trees: Meli Imako –  Ml807 mesh bare tree set

Flower Vines: + Half Deer + Climing Rose Vines ( Emerald)

Birdhouses: * Funky Junk* Bird Cottages

Mannequin: Apt B – Manny with wings white

Mannequin Outline: Junk – Metal her silver

Fish: Anc – FrilledFish Mistwhite

Candles: SimpleMe Candles White ( no longer Available)

 Bigger Blooms: BeetleBones– Wizarding Frogs and toad Lily

Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine1

I started Blogging for The Instruments , If you Haven’t ever heard of this event , I highly suggest you check it out. There are always unique and glamours pieces, I’m wearing the Dress and head Piece by Wicca’s Wardrobe, Also another Store you should check out when you have time.  Jumo is the creator of the Jewelry I’m wearing  they are also being featured at The Instruments and of course Go check out their main store they have good stuff!  This Round starts on the 6th of February . So in a few days I will be doing something new with my blog. I’m going to start doing interviews with Second life Creators and our topic will be whats inspires you and how Sl effects their lives. With that To kinda of add a Flair to an interview I will be working with the Designer on a color shoot where I will photograph them in a color of their choice . I’m actually really excited to fill my Flickr with Color Head shots of Designers.

Style Card

 Dress: Wicca’s Wardrobe– Bullet for my Valentine ( The Instruments Event)

Headpiece: Wicca’s Wardrobe– Bullet for my Valentine ( The Instruments Event)

Necklace : Jumo– Eternally Diamond Jewelry   ( The Instruments Event)

Hair: Clawtooth – Windswept Break of Dawn


MUA– Cheek Contoring Natural

Lips: Enchanted Ink– [Matte Lipstick] Really Red

Lashes : Zibska– Via No1 Full

Clutch: Lark– Heart in your Hand Clutch


Kalopsia: Flying paper

Seven emporium : Heart Marquee






Classy final


Today is the 1st day of the Peace on Earth hunt the POE7 – runs from Dec. 1, 2014 – Jan. 6, 2015 . I’m wearing the DDM Designs Necklace ,bracelet , ring & earrings that are in the Peace on earth hunt.



Pose: Posesion– Jewel 1

Background : heathenesque Studded wall art

slink nails : Alaska Metro– Nuetral Silver

Loud Mouth– Alli

applier lips: Random Matter– Dark Glosses- Rose

Jewelry: DDM Designs Cotton Candy elegance @ POE7 Hunt

Dress: Topazia– Farah gown pink

Hair: Vanity hair – L.A. Confidential ( MAT) Light blondes

Eyeliner: pichi- Pure Eyeliner Black 1

MUA: Contouring Cheeks- Natural Colors – Normal

Do you see?

Take a  close up donejpg

PosESioN Pose Terrific 1 found in the Haunted section of the The Xiasumi Festival:


Do you ever look at your art work and then see flaws later ? I do , Sometimes this is the reason why I do not post pictures immediately or even blogs for that matter just so I can step back and look at it again when I haven’t been so focused on it. ( why I’m bringing this up I see errors in my editing in my picture atm so if you see them  .. Just know,  I seem them too !  Just wanted anyone to know who reads this that Recently I had my face-book account closed down for whatever reason .. I’ve come up with some assumptions and most of that is me being paranoid so I’ll spare any readers i have my paranoia haha.  However I made an new account and I’m being very Selective with whom I add but so far I’ve had a lot of requests from sl folks I’ve never seen before which is ok with me I like meeting new people and talking with them and learning about them. I just don’t like getting reported and my account getting deleted which I’m sure most people do not enjoy.  Again we have many events going on right now in second life which seems to be the norm. When I started second life either i was just really out of the loop or I wasn’t paying attention which could have been it.. I really do not remember back in 2009 when I started having so many things to go to.. I actually remember thinking on some days while I was spending time in sl . What can I do? where can I go? Now it’s kind of like Omg There’s 15 events going on Right now and Guess what I’m a blogger for  NONE of them .. LOL , so end the end I either fight the lag or just get annoyed cause someone has SOOOO many scripts in their event I cant walk.. So I get flustered and give up! I can say though the sponsors I have I truely adore, Today’s picture’s are Sponsored by  Topazia, Zibska PosESioN and MUA. I can not express to you what a big fan girl I am for  these people ! They  Make Amazing creations that seriously do some Major Inspiration making in this Ande girl’s Brain! PosESioN’s has some new poses out that are Very Ande Worthly in my opinion kinda creepy  , kinda quirky and I really like them !!!! The Packs are called Horror , Terrific and Aerobic!


Take a bow signed

This pose can be found in the Horror Section of the The Xiasumi Festival

 This pose is in the Horror Pack and is the 2nd pose in the pack Love how the head is turned  and the arms are stretched out .

Take a bow full2

PosESioN Aeorbic 3 pose Found in the Sports Section of the The Xiasumi Festival

{MUA} - Slink Nails HUD -Dance

In my pictures above I’m Wearing a Newer nail slink nail polish by MUA Called Dance these go on your hands and feet . Love the colors!


Pose in 1st picture

PosESioN : Terrific 1 @ The Xiasumi Festival

Pose in 2nd picutre

PosESioN: Horror 2 @ The Xiasumi Festival

Pose in 3rd picture

PosESioN: Aeorbic 3 @ The Xiasumi Festival

Dress:  TOPAZIA-Voluble black lace butterfly (limited edition)

Necklace: Zibska  ~ Guntram Donna  @We ❤ Roleplay

Boots: REIGN.- Monroe Boots- Black @ Uber

 Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Karin Mesh Hair – Reds Pack @ FameShed

 Eyeshadow: Zibska  ~ Aylah Eyeshadow

Lips: {MUA} – MakeUp Set – Cinthya Lips Only

Nails: {MUA}- Slink Nails HUD – DANCE

In Depth

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
Leonardo da Vinci


Hello, How are you folks doing? Me? I’m ok, kinda tired but that’s a normal event.  So I’m Excited to be able to actually put out my first blog for MadPea.

The Carousel in the background of my picture is actually part of a Creepy carnival pack it and comes with an Old ferris wheel a hanging doll Carousel which is Super Creepy!

and a Mad O meter and of course the Carousel you see in the background of my picture. By the way this carousel with the horses has such creepy music when you ride it.

 The best part is its only 150L for all.. thats pretty darn awesome!

MadPea Carnival


Also in my mix here, I recently went to a new event called the After 6 days mix match event , its kind of interesting because you buy an item from the event and in your item you get a hud that you wear and it sends you a landmark to the store of the item you bought and you can get a discount off of another item that’s marked for the event. So, my shoes are from Azoury, if you remember you all know how I love Azoury stuff they are my SL treasures. So I ended up buying 2 pairs of the shoes which come in black , white and a colorful pair. Below is the Ad for Azoury for the color of the shoes I’m wearing.

AZOURY - Paper Shoe (Dark)

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the Tag gatcha, unfortunately I was kind of bummed out by the tag gatcha and how it all works out but I’m not gonna say much more about it other than what I got from the Tag gatcha it may have not been Rares or even  Mystery prizes but all my items I got from ANC are amazing.. the items they create has such an Awesomeness about it ,that it lets your imagination wonder. The bubbles with the Chandeliers and balloons with the ladder are great additions to any second life picture. Last but not least VRSION Lode has this new quirky dress and glove set out that when I see it I had to have it .  Love all the Items in these pictures and I’m sure that this outfit will be one of my faves for awhile so don’t be surprised when you see me out in it more than once :).


Pose: PosESions: Angela 10


Lips: MUA– Makeup Set Cinthya Lips only

Eyeshadow: Zibska– Aylah-15

Lashes- Zibska– Via- No10. Full


 Hair: Boon TUM278 Hair red

Ears: Mandala- Steking

Skin: Belleza- Mae Pale 1

Shoes: Azoury– Paper Shoe Dark ( A6D mix match event)

Dress: VRSION Lode – Kovert 6.0 Female Dress with Gloves


Carousel: MadPea– Circus Carousel MadPea Halloween Carnival and Circus Decor pack

Balloons: Anc- Cirque de reverie .16.nuit balloon ladder ( Tag Gatcha)

 Bubbles: anc//Cirque de reverie .18/nuit/ball ( Tag Gatcha)

 Stand: anc// cirue de reverie .14 nuit/balloon stand ( Tag Gatcha)

Dark Beauty

“We don’t get to chose what is true. We only get to choose what we do about it.”
Kami Garcia, Beautiful Darkness

Dark beauty Full

The Dress I’m wearing by Topazia is actually  different pieces of the same style dress  the base dress is the Sharlene in black along with the short cape in black with the long cape from the Sharlene set in blue,

There are really endless options to mix and match with this dress style. The head piece is from zibska at an Event called the Tales of Fantasy and is open til Novemeber 3rd So go check it out!

Dark beauty five close

The make up I’m wearing  which consists of the blue eyeshadow and a bronze lips stick are by MUA ( Make-up Addiction)

This make-up can be found at the Cosmetic Fair Halloween Round that is already going on and Ends on the 31st. The nails are also by MUA and are called Pearl and come in 15 colors and can be found at the cosmetic fair as well.

{MUA} - Slink Nails HUD -Pearls

The pose and Next tattoo are by Axix and can found at the Bloody Horror fair


Dress: Topazia Sharlene Dress Black  Dress & short Cape Also in Blue Long cape

Hair: [LOQ’ue] Rosolia Subsciber Freebie

Skin: Belleza- Mae Pale 1 Dk (The Vintage & cool fair )

Headpiece: Zibska – Hjorir @ Tales of Fantasy

Eyebrow Makeup: Zibska– Lifa Contouring – Terra

Makeup: MUA– Makeup Set Verso Full set  ( Cosmetic Fair Halloween)

Slink Nails: MUA– Pearls Blue (Cosmetic Fair Halloween)

Neck Tattoo: Axix -Chakra Tattoo ( Bloody Horror Fair)

Pose: Axix- Ladycrow7 ( Bloody Horror Fair)

Silver wisp


Silver wisp  You can see better quality here 

 First off I would like to say  sorry that this blog is kinda late. Lately I have no Idea whats going on with me , I’ve felt stressed ,but for what? I’m not really sure .. Time goes so quickly while your trying to be motivated to be creative. My biggest worry about blogging has always been disappointing people. Most would say well don’t worry about it , you take care of you Second life will be here when you get back. To me my blog is something I’ve worked hard on and its a hobby I do enjoy doing, I’m  trying to stay ahead of things and keep track of whats happening but , really id rather sleep..however, I can always find some sort of fun in blogging zibska’s items they are just quirky and imaginative. This collar can be found at the Mystic Faire as well as the truth hair I’m wearing.


The Nails I’m wearing in this shot are by MUA and can be seen more clear  Below I’m wearing the grey pair{MUA} - Slink Nails HUD -Magic


Also I would like to mention there are some new Changes to the Lost in my Imagination blog, I’ll be blogging for MadPea ,Really Looking forward to blogging the hunts and new events 🙂Madpea




Style Card

Dress: Topazia – Sompti Dress

Hair: Truth – Olinda ( Mystic Realms Faire)

Collar: Zibska – Alfinar (Mystic Realms Faire)

Lashes : Zibska– Via no1 Full

Eyeshadow: Zibska : Tidbits

Skin: silkenmoon– S peach

Slink Nails: MUA– Magic ( grey)

Cheeks: MUA– Cheek Contouring- Natural Colors – Normal

Necklace: Azoury– White Rare Necklace (The Gathering)

Days Dreams

Oh what a week it has been and let me tell you I REALLY have not felt like Doing anything I’ve done but Regardless of how I’ve felt I still did Sl work.. Pictures and pictures and pictures Galore , most of the people who talk to me a good bit have heard all my whine and dinning for sure. So Next Week I think I’m gonna take a time out so I don’t burn myself out, I need a good rest to just sit and get lost in a good book and do whatever it is i do when I’m not in my virtual box of picture-taking. So here’s some of the pictures I’ve taken this week .Day Dreamsx2

The Hair , the top and shorts , the wings , the cuff bracelet and ring are all featured at this round the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. So this week I’m slacking I’m not gonna lie, like I said before I’ve been kinda busy and restless. I haven’t been sleeping all that swell so I’ve been going back to bed when the kids go to school and I just wake up when I want. Which I can do this, but it also leads into not get anything done and me just turning into a really big BUM.  The makeup I’m wearing in this shot is actually an interesting combo of silken moons pearl skin and its red lips with a make-up from MUA added over the top to give it a gloss look.. it also has a very natural eye shadow which you don’t see enough in second life they are always very elaborate or dramatic which I don’t mind but it is nice to see something basic. Here’s a better look at the original product

{MUA} - MakeUp Set -Glam

You can see how the MUA Glam Makeup set lips really have an elaborate shine.

Below is a full shot showing the Chocolate Atelier Top and short set this set comes in a few different colors . Also the wings by Orisini comes in different colors too and with ears to match .

Day dreams fullx3



outfit: Chocolate Atelier  ( c. A.) Anouk Blue & Beige  ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Hair: *Damselfly* Mabel ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Jewelry: Formalnails : Accessories- Scarabe Ring and Bangle  (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Skin: Silken Moon : Pearl & wowmeh Silkenmoon Applier

wings : Orsini Waiting for the Night wing (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Shoes: Holly-hood Xaviera white heels (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Makeup : MUA Cheeks Contouring Natural Colors Normal

MUA Makeup Set Glam – Full Set

Lashes: zibska- Via No.1 full


[We’re Closed] Row Boat Dark Red drape (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Sweet Poison- Lilypad2

In your toxic light

Yesterday I talked about being more positive and how things get me in a rut and that I kind of think more negative about things than I should . Lately I’ve seen a lot of talk about inspiration and how people are lacking it.. I don’t know about you but a lot of times people inspire me. Who they are, where they are from, what they love.. Learning to me is inspiring so when I meet some one new or I find out something new about someone I know . It sometimes opens up ideas or different out looks about things that I have never thought about before. I wont lie, I guess I’m a bit of sheltered person I have been most of my life. Figuring out something new is just like I’ve been handed a precious item and I need to explore it and find out as much about it as I can before it disappears. Maybe I’m so what of an information hoarder. Which is a hard thing to do when so many people these days don’t let others know who they really are. Anyway earlier today I became inspired by a few things in my inventory .. one item , well Items I should say Are by Zibska an outfit called Silje this mesh outfit was featured at the A/W fashion Penumbra fashion week. I really love the textures because they seem to sparkle.






I decided to call this picture Toxic Because my lips look like the bio hazard symbol but actually these lips are by MUA and this is the Nuclear Red set they come in Various colors.


 Style card

Hair Emo-tions  Medusa ( hair fair gift 2014)

Outfit : zibska – Silje

Lipstick: MUA– Nuclear Red

Skin : Akeruke– Giorgia light

Lashes: Pichi– Helena eyelashes

Shoes: Reign  ALEXXIS Heels

The limit

The limit full Edit Done

Hey Did you know that there is going to be a jewelry fair starting tomorrow September 12th, 2014? Pale Girl productions is hosting the 2014 Jewelry fair this year and there are 69 Designers participating in this event.  I happen to check out the event yesterday and some of the shops were ready to go so I seen some of the goodies being featured. The one that caught my eye though immediately is the creations by 22769 I’m a Big fan now of their stuff it’s so unique and detailed . You really have to check it out!

Also I’m wearing a Dress by Byrnedarkly.cazalet she has just started up a new shop and well of course it’s called Byrne here’s her marketplace shop this dress comes in Teal and Brown . Now i need to point out that I am wearing the  Teal color but for some reason one of my shots the dress looks more green than teal so here’s the  actually Ad from Byrn’s marketplace store to better show the color

Go Show Bryne’s New Shop some love!

I paired this outfit with makeup from MUA.. I love these lips they come in various colors and they are called  geisha they give your avi such a different look. Also I want to point out the contour face tattoo . this also give my avi a different look and it comes in different shades I’m wearing the natural colors. Last but not least I’m wearing shoes by Reign these were in the saturday sale for 75L I really suggest  if you are not in this group you join it so you can catch good deals on many different items .

 Hope you enjoyed my blog . come to visit again . Tootles

Style Card

Dress:(Byrne) Taralyn- Black Teal Scales

Shoes: Reign Allure Heels

Hair: Truth Hair – Nissa

Skin-!imabee: Stern Florentien/dark B (marketplace)

Necklace: 22769 [accessories] Fracture Necklace Black ( Jewelry fair  sept 12th 2014)


Contour : MUA – Cheeks Contouring – Natural Color stain

Lipstick: MUA– Lipstick- Geisha Black

Eyeshadow: wow skins Green Eye shadow

Lashes: Redgrave- 41- Hollywood

Slink nails for toes : Moon Dance Boutique– colorful lines