Dysfunction & Wardrobe is Currently Gone on a Long Term Vaca

If it Matters to anyone who currently views my blog whomever that maybe.. This morning I deactivated my Facebook that is My source/ connection with anything and everything sl.. This evening i went in world and collected most of my things .. Currently I’ve met a road Block in Real life and I need a break from everything.. and this isnt like the last break i took.. this break is for a long time.. One person can take only so much stress can only handle so many scenarios before they start feeling over whelmed and on the brink of combustion. I’ve notified all my  sponsors that i’m no longer blogging as of today October 24th, 2013. I’ve already deleted phoenix firestorm and the black dragon viewer to make it very clear to myself and my family im just done for awhile. Also i went and deleted any second life projects i may have been working on.. I would like to thank all the designers who gave me a chance to blog their creations and the friends i made who stood by me..



Anderian Sugarplum

Fall in

 OK so here it goes, I’m on a break until the 27th and I started my break last week when I couldn’t honestly get sl pictures to take right for me.. and also its my lack of motivation and real life stuffs. I think I’ve gotten a case of the Rl Stress/ depression and I can’t get this crap to leave me alone and really I’m glad I still have a week left of vacation from me blogging and I know what your thinking.. what are you doing here then? Well I wanted to post my fall pictures with this outfit before the 69 rooms round comes and goes.. and it should be happening some time soon.. Forgive me I have a hard time keeping up with Real life dates and Sl dates.. The dress you will find in the 69 RoomGo check it out the 69 room always have a nice assortment of goodies ..fall_001edit Hair is by exile at the collabor88 shoes are N-core and Skin is Glam affairfall1_001edit YAY Fall

Ok enough happy happy happy.. going back to being bleh

X Andi

Hair: exile : faling for you natural fusions ( collabor 88)

dress: LG Boutique – summer 13 Dont marry her dress

cuffs: A&Ana F.j My Fluo Style ( past TDR event)

Lips: Mind bury – Blaze lipstick ( gift)

Shoes: N-core Seduction Xtreme Heel Galaxy

Earrings : Pure poison Triandre Gold ( grp gift)

eyeliner:  Pichi Pure Eyeliner (black) 5

 Poses: Kirin -handmade Fall flag 1 ( without flag) ( The Seasons Story)

location : my home