90’s throwback

90s-throwback I really enjoyed the 90’s rewind event that is still going on now so you still have time to check out all the things… Wasabi Pills made a hair called Sheryl it is a wavy high side ponytail. I am wearing the Iha Dress by Vinyl. Plastik made a gatcha for the event and I got the two hologram necklaces the troll and a lot of other little things that I probably do not need but I would really love to have had the pergs set. It’s really the only thing I wanted from that gatcha and then I ended up with a bunch of randomness but oh well it works with my theme. I paired this outfit with stockings by Gato the little dot stockings were at the last round of Sanarae. The little dog is by Black Bantam It is the Old doggy Gatcha at The Chapter Four.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sheryl Mesh Hair – A @ 90’s Rewind

Dress: Vinyl – Iha Dress – Maitreya @ 90’s Rewind

Stockings: GATO– LittleDot Stockings Storm (Maitreya

glasses: Pure Poison – Geometric Flowers Glasses

bracelets: 1:[P]:- Slap Bracelet:// Alien 2::[P]:- Slap Bracelet:// Zebra 3: :[P]:- Slap Bracelet:// Rainbow 4: :[P]:- Slap Bracelet:// Holo @ 90’s Rewind

Necklaces : 1: [Black Bantam] 90’s Alien Choker

Necklaces: 2 :[P]:- Holo Choker:// Rawr  , 3 :[P]:- Holo String:// Pegasus @ 90’s Rewind

Dog: [Black Bantam] My Old Doggy & Collar Black @ Chapter Four 

Troll::[P]:- Trollies:// Circle (Rez) @ 90’s Rewind

Lip phone: -tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Hot Lips Phone (Red) 2

Chair: Kalopsia – Rosie’s Cuddle Chair – PG

pictures: Glam Affair – Colors! Paintings

Salt Light: Schadenfreude SLimalayan Salt Lamp (plug 2) @ The Coven

All Hallows Eve


Bloody Horror post! Yea I know nothing is Bloody and it’s not really scary but I have ideas with some other stuff to do some creepy posts so, for now, deal with a post with myself and Ryanna Foxclaw. I know the title is All hallows eve and I had intended on posting this last night but sleep won… Anyway, I hope that all of you have a safe and fun Halloween. This year my girls and I are going to stay home eat goodies and watch movies while supplying the neighborhood with treats when they visit.

Ande Wore

Hair:little bones. Elle – The Blend @ Uber

outfit: X3– Witchie FitMesh Dress @ Bloody Horror Fair


Mesh Head:CATWA HEAD Helena V4.10

Mesh Body:Maitreya Mesh Body – HUD V3.5 Lara

weapon:Rekt Horrorz Blade Clean @ Bloody Horror Fair

[Black Bantam] Pray For Us Cross Choker Silver @N21

Ryanna Wore

Dress: :V.e. Aura Gown Cyan

Hair: little bones.: Dion

Hat: *LODE* Headwear – Black Pitch

Jewelry: Black Pearl: Crow Witch Necklace [Earth]


[ free bird ] Medium Geode – Quartz @ Geeks’n’ Nerds

[Black Bantam] The Witches Guide Book Decor in Raising Werewolves Gatcha @ Salem

Kalopsia – 9 – Tabitha’s Tarot Cards @ Salem

Kalopsia – 8 – Tabitha’s Butterflies Skull – Blue @ Salem

Kalopsia – 10 – Tabitha’s Altar @ Salem

DRD MS – Spell Supply – Display Two

DRD MS – Spell Supply – Display One

Kalopsia – 1 – Tabitha’s Candle Cage – Purple @ Salem

LiViD : Fortune Teller Screen Divider @ SCALA Freak Show

[BB] Sphynx Halloween Edition @N21

Its only magic

its-only-magicTHE SCALA FREAKSHOW IS NOW OPEN!!!! Bender made this cute littleBurlesque Style outfit that comes with a Corset and a pouf bustle, The applier stockings also come with this outfit and they are for Maitreya, Omega, and Slink.  I paired this with the Exile Prize from Epiphany called Cosmic Bride. The Face applier is also something that can be found at the Freakshow by Slackgirl its called Dolly Chan There is a closer look at this applier below.  The build that my avi is standing in is called Center Stage Scene box by Chaotic Creative.  The trapeze ring is also by Chaotic Creative. The table and chair set with the pack of cards , candles crystal ball, rug, and pillows are by Livid this is part of a set called Divination room.


 I did a separate picture to show the SlackGirl applier in a more straight forward look. With this, I used one of Zibska’s items that are being Featured at The Freakshow.  This is the Grethe collar , it comes with a hud to change the different sections of the 3 layered collar. the Balloons in the background are The Apple Fall Confetti Balloons in Pink and Gold.

Hair:Exile:: Cosmic Bride Epiphany Prize

Face applier:::SG:: DollyChanmake CATWA @ SCALA FREAKSHOW

outfit:B E N D E R Freaky Corsets GENE @SCALA FREAKSHOW

Shoes:N-core NORMA

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Necklace 1:Emo-tions Tiffany Collar ( color edited)

Necklace 2:*{Junbug}* Pearls of Wisdom [Cream]

Balloons:Apple Fall Confetti Balloon (Silver and Gold)

Table & Chairs, Cards, Candles, Rug and Pillows: The Divination Room by LiViD @ SCALA FREAKSHOW

Hand with Cards around it:Kalopsia – 9 – Tabitha’s Tarot Cards @ Salem

build: Chaotic Creative – Center Stage @SCALA FREAKSHOW

Ring:Chaotic Creative – Aerial Dolls Trapeze @SCALA FREAKSHOW 

Glitter: E.V.E Koi Glitter Puffs {Gold, M02}

2nd picture

Hair::Exile:: Cosmic Bride Epiphany Prize

face Applier::SG:: DollyChanmake CATWA@ SCALA FREAKSHOW

Balloons:Apple Fall Confetti Balloon (Pink and Gold)

Collar: Zibska ~ Grethe@ SCALA FREAKSHOW

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Helena V4.10

On a Boat to Paradise

On a Boat to Paradise signedThere are so many things happening in the world right now, Things that most of cant even comprehend , Things that we all have a fear in. There have been lives lost, things looked over. Hate has won in so many ways, instead of being seen by how it is really affecting lives in our world. My depression has been in a very active state lately, just has me set in away where I have been avoiding conversations and letting things go with out my true feelings being seen. My heart aches for so many things i have no control over. We can not change the things that are happening we can only wait and hope that some light will be shed and something will happen and change it all for the better. My Blog today has so many things to be seen by so many of the wonderful designers we have in second life. The boat is by Kalopsia being featured at Indie Teepee. The bunnies and elephant are By Anc and Black Bantam aka Pink Acid. Cat tails and trees are by Little Branch The Flowers are by Heart , The outfit I am wearing is by Purplemoon it comes with the white flower looking wings the bodice style dress and flower head piece, The necklace by the ever so loved Empyrean Forge.  I had put out the Anc Bubbles with this shot but actually went back through and re edited it and added brush bubbles in photoshop since the bubbles I had rezzed were in a smaller size and didnt really pop, get it bubbles pop, har har har. Anyway I paired the Purple Moon outfit with some Gladiator Sandals from the Epiphany Gatcha By Reign.

Style Card

Hair: enVOGUE HAIR – Renesmee @ Hair Fair

outfit : PM :: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – @ The Instruments

Necklace Empyrean Forge EF: Tesoro del Luna Necklace @ Indie Teepee

Sandals: REIGN.- Mahi Gladiator Sandals (M-FLAT)- Camel @ Epiphany Gatcha


Kalopsia – Scarlet’s Dream – Boat @ Indie Teepee

[Black Bantam] – Pink Acid My Baby Elephant RARE ❤ @ The Wayward Carnival

{anc} cotton bunny. cappuccino @ The Wayward Carnival

LB_CatTail{Cluster} @The Wayward Carnival

Heart – Hollyhocks – White

Order in Chaos

Order in Chaos

There ‘s been a lot of things going on lately, I’ve been trying to stayed focused on trying to better myself as a person and Beat depression, after my doctor telling me several times that I needed to get out more I took it upon myself to start running. So I’ve been getting up taking my children to school and running til i feel like my lungs are going to explode, which that doesn’t take long but it will be a work in progress. I use to be very active, Hiking, bicycling, dancing, canoeing, I was always out and about I guess that after having kids things just kind of stopped or i just didn’t feel like it. Anyway So on to a new me or trying to be a new me!

Style Card

Outfit: Byrne– Priestess gown ( Create Your own tarrot)

hair: VRSION Rival 5.0 Hair

Lips: PXL Sweet Lips02 V1.0

lipstick: NOX Lumi Lip Yellow

Slink Nails: AlaskaMetro Desert Silver  Blue


Hanging Stool: Anc Le Cirque De Reverie .6/nuit

Ladder: Tarte : ladder Light Periwinkle

Clock: Kalopsia– Oversized Distressed clock

Paper: Kalopsia – Flying Paper

~*SR*~ Flying Book Moth Shadows

Lights: 8f8 -Dreamer’s Box Dandelion

The Hobbit Hole Fantasy Faire 2015!

Hobbit Hole One 1

WishBringer underhill , Sweet Revolutions Sylvan Tree Gate

Hobbit Hole two2

WishBringer underhill and RFL Item Mushrooms by Polenth’s Mushporium

interior of hobbit hole with furnishings by The Muses

interior of underhill with furnishings by The Muses

Hobbit Hole inside two

The muses- Furnishings , Sweet Revolutions – Flying Book Moth’s , De Baza – Caged Dungeon Candles, Kalopsia- Astrology Painting & Ritual Candles near fire place. RFL Item Fantasy China – Mesh 3D Roses in Urn

Hobbit Hole inside three 3rd

The muses Work Table , Sweet Revolution Flying book moth evil shadow, RFL Fantasy China Mesh 3D Roses in urn, WishBringer hanging Lamps,

so may things to be said about this little hobbit hole its really cute its easy to set up its mesh  it does have a rezzer , its around 50 prims. The bigger trees by Sweet Revolutions they can be edited a little with the link edit option if you need to move the bottom of the tree roots around a little or anything else about the tree they can also be made smaller or bigger in height.  The mushrooms can also be sized to be bigger or smaller when you click them they have a sparkle affect. The interior items all have sits that work . They are all pretty low in prims accept for the Storage its 24 prims but it has lots of details. Most everything is from The fantasy faire accept for the small details i added in from kalopsia which came from the Tag gatcha. Also the Books that are listed as moths you can make those bigger or smaller and they look as if they are flapping their covers “wings” . All these items are  well made and would be great in any RP scene or just if you like an older style look .  Thanks to all the Creators who sent out Review copies!


Underhill House – WishBringer – Underhill ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

 Trees-Sweet Revolutions– Sylvan Tree Gate ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

RFL Item Purple Shrooms Polenth’s Mushporium Purple Check Glow Mushroom (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Critter- Uni- Fd unicorn Standing

 Critter-Deer -Half Deer- carved Woodland Animal White Tail Deer

The Muses Titania’s Final Chaise ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

shelf unit- The Muses Storage With Cushion ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

 RFL itemplant- Fantasy China Mesh 3D Roses in Urn ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Table with stool The Muses Titania’s Feast ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Candles near Fireplace Kalopsia Ritual Candles ( tag gatcha)

RFL item- De Baza Caged Dungeon Candles ( Colored edited they are actually Purple but i wanted them to match with the scene) (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Flying books  Sweet Revolution  Flying book Moth Brown,  Runes, shadows,Evil Shadow, ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

 The Muses Worktable Spirts ( The Fantasy Faire 2015 )

 Kalopsia Astrology Painting  ( tag  gatcha)

 The muses Work table books ( The Fantasy Faire 2015)

 Wishbringer  Underhill haning Lamp ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine1

I started Blogging for The Instruments , If you Haven’t ever heard of this event , I highly suggest you check it out. There are always unique and glamours pieces, I’m wearing the Dress and head Piece by Wicca’s Wardrobe, Also another Store you should check out when you have time.  Jumo is the creator of the Jewelry I’m wearing  they are also being featured at The Instruments and of course Go check out their main store they have good stuff!  This Round starts on the 6th of February . So in a few days I will be doing something new with my blog. I’m going to start doing interviews with Second life Creators and our topic will be whats inspires you and how Sl effects their lives. With that To kinda of add a Flair to an interview I will be working with the Designer on a color shoot where I will photograph them in a color of their choice . I’m actually really excited to fill my Flickr with Color Head shots of Designers.

Style Card

 Dress: Wicca’s Wardrobe– Bullet for my Valentine ( The Instruments Event)

Headpiece: Wicca’s Wardrobe– Bullet for my Valentine ( The Instruments Event)

Necklace : Jumo– Eternally Diamond Jewelry   ( The Instruments Event)

Hair: Clawtooth – Windswept Break of Dawn


MUA– Cheek Contoring Natural

Lips: Enchanted Ink– [Matte Lipstick] Really Red

Lashes : Zibska– Via No1 Full

Clutch: Lark– Heart in your Hand Clutch


Kalopsia: Flying paper

Seven emporium : Heart Marquee

In the sun

In the Sun1done



 Today is the Beginning of a new hunt called Blood letters The old truck in the back ground of my pictures is one of the prizes for the hunt. Let me tell you what, this truck has so many poses it is a very Frisky Truck if ya know what i mean. but it also has some very neat poses that are cute and can be used for some really nice photo shots


I really liked this pose  and I found the perfect time to snag a picture of one of my friends enjoying a drunken moment ..lol

The Blood Letter’s is a grid wide point & click adventure hunt with prizes from top designers. You play the role of a private detective and your searching for clues to help you solve murders. Here’s a Link to the MadPea Blood Letters blog to give you more information. I will be showing a lot of the items here in the next few days / weeks of the hunt prizes.

Also something else that starts today is a new round of the The instruments  their theme is happy is chic with patterns gallore I’m wearing an outfit fom zibska the top and skirt have a hud to change the colors and patterns. The headpiece im wearing is also a prize from the Blood letters hunt its by R3volt . Pose is from PosESion and its in a newer pack of poses called Colmena.


POSE: PosESion* Colmena 7

SKIN: Belleza– Mae Pale1Dk

HAIR:[LoQ’ue] Beer- ( TDR)

HEADBAND: R3volt– Female Heaband ( Blood Letters hunt )

NECKLACE & EARRING SET: Zibska– Kelda @ The instruments (starts today nov 1st,14)

SHIRT: Zibska– Momo Shirt @The Instruments ( Starts Today Nov 1st, 14)

SKIRT: Zibska– Momo Skirt @ The Instruments ( Starts Today Nov 1st, 14)


Woods: Inverse- Fall Medium Patch (marketplace)

Leaves: Kalopsia– Flying Leaves Orange

Old Truck:  Never totally Dead  SACrE FrAnCais-( Blood Letters Hunt)

Candles: Trompe Loeil- Fireplace Candles. (came with the attic skybox)

Guardian of the castle

Hey there, So if you guys haven’t heard there  is a new Round of the enchanted event going on. I always love seeing what the creators make for this . This Rounds Theme is Blue Beard and Below is Blue Beards castle By Kalopsia. I was Truely Blown away when I rezzed this Piece. Its Really pretty and Can be used for so many themes.  I went with a more “enchanted”  Scene for the castle.

 Also in the Enchanted is Pixicat..Their for sale item will be in tomorrow’s post But their gift Item for the enchanted is really cool too!

I think this dress goes along well with castle enchanted theme. 

castle dream

keeper of the castle

in my opinion you cant have a castle without a dragon 🙂 Thanks Xui Quan for letting me using your Dragon 🙂

You can find out more  about the enchanted event here

Style & Scene

pose in 2nd shot : Divastore 04 ( partnership Diva Store & Morphone

Hair Milk Aka SoonSiki- Queen Of the Court

Skin Belleza Sunkissed LT 

Dress Pixicat– Fatima Dress ( Enchanted )

Lips: topazia – Sweet Makeup Red lips

last picture Pose IOS Film Slate Poses 3

Dragon – Zooby’s Ridable Dragon 4.0 ( Thanks again XiuLan Quan)

Castle – Kalopsia- Blue Beards Castle

Tree – Trompe Loeil- Fiona Freebed Red

Bridge: 3 Arches Stone Brdige – By Minnie Tunwarm

Water Decor – * aG * Shiny Meadow ( glow)

Lilypads *aG* water Lily Pad summer circle

Rocks – We’re Closed – Great mossy Rock