spot light

In the spot light

come into the madness

Innsmouth is a place in Second life that is based on HP Lovecraft books, I love the eerie but quirky atmosphere. I spent some time last night just wondering around talking to some of the regulars there.  Very nice crowd if you can look over the random noob who may or may not be standing by to give you a good push around while your trying to take pictures. Anyway, my avi is wearing things by zibska and a hair by olive and the shoes are by poute which are going to be featured at the Vanity fair . Zibska’s outfit is in the mainshop


Dress: Zibska– Trifel Donna ( mainstore)

 Shoes: Poute – Voyage High Heels ( vanity fair)

Hair: Olive– the sour hair

 Gloves: Zibska – glaw slink gloves & nails

 Skin: Belleza – Yasmin Xmas gift

Location: Innsmouth