Zibska’s Awesome creations for the Penumbra’s Autumn Winter Fashion Week  Is going on NOW! and ends September 22nd 2014! Go check it out!




Pyri2 done



Pyri2_001 done








Pyri Done


Style card

 Pose ‘s : 1st picture  *ED* ( Eternal Dreams ) Trudi 10 ( cosmopolitan sales room )

               2nd picture *ED* (Eternal Dreams) Trudi 5   (cosmopolitan sales room)

3rd picture * ED * (Eternal Dreams) Trudi  7 ( cosmopolitan sales room )

Outfit: zibska Pyri ( penumbra  landing point)

hair : zibska – Barbe Deux ( in zibska store)

Skin: Panda Punx Mollie Skin Porcelian ( cosmopolitan sales Room)

eyes: Ikon Hope Eyes – Denim

Earrings: ieQED– earring prism

Shoes: Azoury Saudade Shoe

Eyeshadow- Mons/makeup Eyeshadow Trendy- Orange

Special Thanks Christiana Xevion For Letting me use the Goth Ambiance 🙂