Seeing Red

 Ever notice how you get into a thing where you just like one certain color a lot ? it catches your eye and you just notice it.. Maybe that’s just me but lately i’m feeling the color red and no I’m not mad.. I just see and it grabs my attention.Seeing Red Seeing Red 2 donesign Style card

Coco _ doll body

*DC* Gift Doll Heads

 Necklace- Tentacio * pompom Necklace Red

Umbrella- Dead Dollz : Haterella : Umbrella Hat

 Hair- Emo-tions- Aqaria Blonde



Scene Items

Rocks- We’re Closed Great Rock of Dingo & Great Mossy Rock

Teapot- Pot 1 Red Gatcha Prize By Yuji777

Flower basket_1 Red Gatcha Prize by yuji777

Table- mini Table -1a gatcah prize yuji777

Cup- madhatterset teacup By Ghanima Uriza

BIrd – 8f8- Vnitage Birds II – Missy Daisy

 Chair- * Iconic* Spirit Chair

Fairy- !ohmai: Horn Bettle Fairy

Grass- Field Grass1.4 Red Daises By  Capo Freenote

 Pose Created By Anderian Sugarplum.