CSR#4 -2-? Lets go Fishing

I think lately I’ve enjoyed Blogging Home decor items cause I honestly think its easier.. So many people blog fashion and you see a lot of the same things over and over.  Some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen that have come from second life are all about Home decor its just the simple things that you use in your daily life that can make such an impact in a picture .  Home decor items help tell a story which i often try and create in my pictures and I’m sure other do also.


I took a few angle pictures of this scene, because for the life of me I could not get some of the smaller detailss to rez. This doesn’t happen often but the new update for firestorm is being a little wacky. As most of you know I have a thing for the color blue. Most of my pictures if they don’t have a blue tone they have something blue in them. I love that the couch by Indulge comes with the Guitar.  You can find it at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room for only 70L! How Awesome is that!




Couch/sofa- Indulge House Ralph Bench – Blue Thank You Starry 🙂 (Comopolitan Sales Room)

Guitar- Indulge House – Guitar Palm  ( comes with  ^ )

Bird house- * funky Junk* Bird Cottages

Life Preserver Set – A.D.D Adel!

Deck [RW] Roughed up Dock Build Set (Rock Dock Mossy) [Fantasy Collective]

Penguin [Theosphy] Sweater Penguin Florida (gatcha in store)

Tables *OAL* Bayou Table [ Fantasy Collective]

Tackle Box + Convair+ Tackle Box Blue (gatcha)

Gas Tank- +Convair+ Out board Gas tank ( gatcha)

Sign- +Convair+ Gone Fishing Wall Sign

Boat- Rowboat with Oars by Raya Jonson

Rocks [We’re Closed] Great Mossy Rock

Trees *a* Arwen : green: C

Lights – [We’re Closed ] Party lights L

 ( shrub behind Gone fishing sign) – [Anc] dden Olive /tree/new

CSR # 1- ?

 I’m behind already.. 😦  This will be one of maybe 3 posts today because like I said I’m behind and I do not like it when I’m not on top of things and be where I should be. I don’t know how the rest of you arrange your real life schedule around your second life one.  I usually do all my pictures during the day and then get blogs ready in the afternoon/night time.  Yesterday however I hung out with the hubs and just watched tv for most of the day with a little house work.  Somethings in Life i guess distract me more than things in SL..

CSR #3

 Style card

Dress: Ashmoot- Dolls Coll_ Dolly Dress ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Bracelet- Formanails For slink Hand Design Ringles Casual ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Hair_ Mina- Femeke V2 ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Shoes- [hh] Movie Summer Pumps- pink ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room )

Tattoo- pervette Ianna. Cobolt my cute Tattoo ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room )


Table- BananaN Round table with books ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Rug- Zaara [home]: lkatedhurrie Rug *besige* (gatcha)

Chair- Laq deco- Basica mesh lounge chair grey (gatcha)

Sidetable {adorn mint] Tiled Autumn Table

pictures- Bazar- Tornot Study Art

teacup- (apple fall) Lemon tea ( gatcha)

Lamp- *iconic* Luminara lamp (gatcha)

Wall art- HiDeki- TCF Birthday gift

Keys -5 Skeleton Key, 1-skeleteon key By Entecmedia

CSR #2



Hello, In my last blog I was talking about adding Inworld links in my side bar for Entertainment places and Stores,  that I like that are interesting and are worth checking out.  So if you’re ever looking for some place new to meet new people or just hang out make sure you take a look there. Maybe, you will find a new favorite place to spend your time in or at.  Below there are a few items that are featured at this round of the Cosmopolitan Sales room which is also a place you should check out they often have really awesome finds for really great prices.
CSR 2 FinalI’m trying to prefect my art of adding images into my main pictures so you can see things up closely.

Style Card

Pose- Del May- Modernity

Necklace – Enfant Terrible . Moonchild necklace white

Earrings – Le Primitif

Eyeshadow – Topazia-Seductive Eyeshadow Black

Lips Zibska- Azali 06

Hair- Truth Sassy w Roots Carrot

Dress Ashmoot- Dolls Coll_Dolly Dress #04 @ (CSR)

Slink Nails- Flair Nails Set 109 By Sassy Scarborough

Shoes – Emporium – Alanis Heels @ (CSR)

 Light- Apple Fall Reflector Light

CSR #1 August



Since I’ve started blogging again , I’ve filled out a good many applications and hope to hear back from a few more. I decided Iwould start a column in my sidebar with logos and links of stores, clubs and entertainment events I attend  in second life. If you have a place you would like to be reviewed or even posted in my side bar send me a landmark and logo in world and i’ll check it out. In other news I decided i would try and blog for the cosmo room once again, After taking just a long break from having no sponsors but just blogging what I bought or what was in whatever event , fair I found myself in.  This rounds cosmo sales has some amazing items and they are all so well priced that you really must go check it out for yourself to see what goodies you will find.

Cosmo Scene

I really enjoy putting together scene pictures , all the colors and different textures are really nice.


i added viewing circles so you can see the items that are not so visible .

i added viewing circles so you can see the items that are not so visible.

 Go check out the Cosmopolitan Sales room (CSR)!




[anc] Eden space/new

(surge) Chimineaz

N4RS- Nouvea Art set ( CSR )

-Kelim Rug

-Nouveau Art Side table

– Dragon Egg

-Nouveau Art Set sofa

tms- Decorative dog-black gazed

The Annex- Dream of Summer – bag- Bright ( thanks lindy)

Allouette- Floor clock

[We’re Closed] Great Mossy Rock

Style Card

Nails -{ ZOZ} – Natural Pink Rose (CSR )

Eyepatch- Aisling- Tortuga Princess Eyepatch ( Thank you Lindy)

Bracelets- Baubles! By Phe- Rock Goddess (CSR)

Earrings- Siv- Earring Fawn/smoke ( thanks Lindy)

Hair [RA]- Tara Hair – Hair base Black 2 ( CSR)

Shirt- Kaithleen’s Abstract Top Red ( thanks Zlystritek  ) ( CSR)

Pants- Kathaarian – Leather Skinny pants

Shoes – Emporium- Atlanis Heels ( CSR )