A Sugarplum

i-dont-know-how-to-name-this-pictureThis picture was taken over a week or more now and I haven’t edited it or posted it until now. I have been extremely busy lately. If you didn’t know I recently started working for E.V.E studio’s which has had me on a learning process since the 2nd week of September. Business things, Notecards, Mesh, Texturing. OH MY!

 I failed, Enchantment Ends today, and well I blogged a few things here and there that were in the event but not much that was on the full-blown basis of Fantasy level, There are many cute things in this round and if you have the time GO NOW!  The eyepiece by the ever so lovely Zibska called Luise lashes are at ENCHANTMENT.. and I am sure that when Enchantment is over Zibska will have these in her store. The lips and eyeshadow are by zibska The Eyeshadow is a gift  and they are something else that is at Enchantment and will be in the main store as soon as possible I am sure of it .

The Vest with feathers and the waist thing with feathers is by MAGMA this set comes with a hud that changes the colors of the feathers, stones and eyes in the back of the vest piece. This is an awesome item to add to your inventory.I paired these with a body suit by Have Unequal this is a new brand to me, I havent ever heard of them but I do like these body suits I am wearing the brick color it has an attached wasit belt with a silver belt buckle. The Hair I am wearing in this shot is by Boon. I had to pick this up when I seen it . It has just enough quirky for me 🙂 The hair is the Lab.038 hair and I bought it in the colorful pack tones.  My scene consists of. The E.V.E Rosina’s Undergrowth and The looking glass Trees that are in the sweetest Gazebo Gatcha.

Hair:*booN Lab.038 hair colorful pack

eyeshadow:Zibska Luise Omega Applier ( edited to orange) Enchantment Gift @ Enchantment until Nov 30th

Lips:Zibska Nereza CATWA Applier 03 @ Enchantment until Nov 30th

lashes:Zibska ~ Luise Lashes @ Enchantment until Nov 30th

Body suit: [HU] Gretel Bodysuit_brick_Maitreya @ Enchantment until Nov 30th

Vest & Bottoms:[MaGmA] – Muriel – Copper @ Enchantment until Nov 30th

Claws:Meva Claws left golden Maitreya

ears:^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD

Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Helena V4.10


E.V.E Rosina’s Undergrowth M01 @ Enchantment until Nov 30th

Gone with FashionTropic

FashionTropic  The Annex FashionTropic starts on July the 7th! This is my second round blogging With the Innovare group. I really love the designs that the creators come up with for these events.. My Avi is Wearing a Design by The Annex the Dress is called The Arborea Gown . My instant thought of this dress is Gone with the wind.. It reminds me of  Scarlet O’hara’s Barbeque Dress.  The dress when you put it on of course you choose the size that your normally wear  and then you have panels to add to the dress, so you could wear this dress with or without the panels which is almost like having 2 dresses in one.I am wearing it with my maitreya body.

Fashion tropic close up2I also paired the dress with some Empyrean Forge Jewelry.The Mohio Bracelet and Earrings set has a hud with different metal colors and stone colors. The green stone colors match the panels in the dress really well. Mark you calenders and make sure you check out the FashionTropic Event.

Style Card

Dress: The Annex Arborea Gown @ FashionTropic July 7th – 30th 2015

Hair: Boon TUM278 chestnut

Bag: Junbug Cute coin Purse Worn w/flowers Green

Bracelet & Earring : Empyrean Forge Mohio

lips: alaskametro Liquid Shin Lip gloss Claret

Shatter in Pieces

Shattered in pieces

Hai! Good Morning How are you all doing today? Its Monday.. yaay n stuff.. uuufffs. can we just pretend its Saturday and we just all sleep in? Oh well, I’m awake already , Have some coffee put on some jams and start your day!. I’ am , coffee in tow with a pop- tart.. Breakfast of champions.. 🙂  So I’ve had this picture in mind Kinda. I knew that I wanted to style the picture in the desert, I have no idea why but I like desert scenes, Maybe its cause I’m from a pretty much a tree infested environment. The desert to me just has so much beauty in a very solitude kinda way. So one of my Sponsors in Second life is Machoire a kind of new designer but he makes really quirky unique items not like anyone else. He has been in world for a total of 4 months  this blows me away because he is already in events and things and getting his  in world store known by many. It is refreshing to see someone totally new with no concept of what you do in second life and just say Hey this is what I want and Bam makes it happen.  Anyway so Like I was saying I had this in mind for awhile I wanted to pair machoire Ryx boots with the cape by H.m.a.e.m. called Bosco and used tights from Avi candy, another sponsor of mine and yes I’m name dropping. I enjoy blogging for inworld stores that i can have conversations with the designers about their items or they feel comfortable enough with me to ask my opinion or suggestions on making new things.

Style Card

Shoes: Machoire- Ryx Boots V2 abstract

Cape: H.m.a.e.m– Bosco Cape Black

Tights: Avi candy– Knit Tights Brights

Hair: Boon– TUM278 hair Gold

Lips: NOX Lumi Lips Yellow ( sweet Lips applier) Cosmetic Fair


Mirror: Reverie– Venus Principle Harker Borken Mirror Pure

Cactus: INDO Cactus Green

rusted Car: <THAT> Mesh Rusty Car

branch:  Branch Art  by Arabellaamor

Blood letters Hunt

I’ve been kinda blog hoarding.. just creating them and not posting them until i feel like it? Honestly I’ve been depressed and i guess all the changes in the last few weeks has pilled up and finally made my thoughts get carried away and and I just closed down, Unfortunately this happens a lot to me and I go through feelings of, nothing is what i want it to be. So here is my Blood Letter’s picture pileup.

mask is a prize in the blood letters hunt

mask is a prize in the blood letters hunt

Sin will find you close up

blind fold is part of a prize from the blood letters hunt as well as the Sin will find you cross

 Seat is a prize in the MadPea Blood letters hunt

Seat is a prize in the MadPea Blood letters hunt


1st picture

 Poses created by Me.. Anderian Sugarplum

Hair : Kokolores : Serendipity ( @ cirque de seraphim)

Mask Laundanun Lollipops- The Mantis ( part of a Blood Letters Hunt Prize)

Shoulders: Zibska– Silje

Decor: Pixelmode – Watcher

Grass- by yui777 glass_2Autumn Red

 Knife: + Redrum+ Murder Suitcase weapon ( Blood Letters Hunt)

2nd Picture

Pose is in the We’re closed Broken Sofa @ Blood Letters Hunt

7mad ravens Neon Cross @ Blood Letters hunt

22769 [Bauwerk] Long black Drapes

Erratic /alexis corset nude @uber

Erratic /giselle- lingerie nude @uber

Belleza Body Venus

 Belleza skin Mae pale 1 Dk

Mask + Redrum+ Murder suit case ( part of a blood letters prize)

 Necklace : zibska  Kelda  @Instruments

3rd picture

MadPea Seduction Bench ( Blood Letters Hunt)

everything worn is listed above from the 2nd picture accept for the

Shoes [CX] Implant Series; Chainted Heels  @uber


Second spaces- Flea Market Finds- Vintage Fashion Sketches

Tromp Loeil- Octopus Table Marble Black

We’re Closed Broken Sofa brown  (Blood Letters Hunt)

 We’re closed Dial m chair (Blood Letters hunt)

Floor plan magic Candelabra

 22769- [Bauwerk] Brutus Lamp

22769 – [ Bauwerk] Long Black drapes

7 mad Ravens Neon Cross

{A} Human Specimen – skull in bell jar

Bazar Tornot- Study art

 Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug -dark

In Depth

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
Leonardo da Vinci


Hello, How are you folks doing? Me? I’m ok, kinda tired but that’s a normal event.  So I’m Excited to be able to actually put out my first blog for MadPea.

The Carousel in the background of my picture is actually part of a Creepy carnival pack it and comes with an Old ferris wheel a hanging doll Carousel which is Super Creepy!

and a Mad O meter and of course the Carousel you see in the background of my picture. By the way this carousel with the horses has such creepy music when you ride it.

 The best part is its only 150L for all.. thats pretty darn awesome!

MadPea Carnival


Also in my mix here, I recently went to a new event called the After 6 days mix match event , its kind of interesting because you buy an item from the event and in your item you get a hud that you wear and it sends you a landmark to the store of the item you bought and you can get a discount off of another item that’s marked for the event. So, my shoes are from Azoury, if you remember you all know how I love Azoury stuff they are my SL treasures. So I ended up buying 2 pairs of the shoes which come in black , white and a colorful pair. Below is the Ad for Azoury for the color of the shoes I’m wearing.

AZOURY - Paper Shoe (Dark)

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the Tag gatcha, unfortunately I was kind of bummed out by the tag gatcha and how it all works out but I’m not gonna say much more about it other than what I got from the Tag gatcha it may have not been Rares or even  Mystery prizes but all my items I got from ANC are amazing.. the items they create has such an Awesomeness about it ,that it lets your imagination wonder. The bubbles with the Chandeliers and balloons with the ladder are great additions to any second life picture. Last but not least VRSION Lode has this new quirky dress and glove set out that when I see it I had to have it .  Love all the Items in these pictures and I’m sure that this outfit will be one of my faves for awhile so don’t be surprised when you see me out in it more than once :).


Pose: PosESions: Angela 10


Lips: MUA– Makeup Set Cinthya Lips only

Eyeshadow: Zibska– Aylah-15

Lashes- Zibska– Via- No10. Full


 Hair: Boon TUM278 Hair red

Ears: Mandala- Steking

Skin: Belleza- Mae Pale 1

Shoes: Azoury– Paper Shoe Dark ( A6D mix match event)

Dress: VRSION Lode – Kovert 6.0 Female Dress with Gloves


Carousel: MadPea– Circus Carousel MadPea Halloween Carnival and Circus Decor pack

Balloons: Anc- Cirque de reverie .16.nuit balloon ladder ( Tag Gatcha)

 Bubbles: anc//Cirque de reverie .18/nuit/ball ( Tag Gatcha)

 Stand: anc// cirue de reverie .14 nuit/balloon stand ( Tag Gatcha)