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    Hey! its blogging Time.. So I made a few pictures for a Spotlight for the Eclipse Magazine, I do some work here and there for the magazine, and a few weeks ago I was asked if I was interested in doing the spotlight. You Can Check out my Spotlight Feature in the April 2016 Issue of  Eclipse Magazine Here .  My inspiration for this is several things, I have a really big fascination with water, I don’t know why, I mean you cant get me to go into deep water or under water but the thought of being at beach or lake is appealing to me. I use to take a lot of in-world water pictures but since I don’t really have a water front parcel I started using Photoshop water techniques and it has also made me more creative with how I  do scene’s instead of just relying on water to take pictures in.  I think I’ve become a bit of an Interesting item hoarder. Most of the time I have no idea what I am going to do with items , I collect them, hoard them , put them away for a rainy day until I get an Idea. The outfit , top and bottom are creations by Wicca Merlin, The feet wraps are something I found while tping around with the Fifty Linden Friday thing. My blind fold is an older item that I really like, it gives       movement to the picture along with the Hair.

Hair: {Letituier} Medusa Hair – Red

Blindfold:*BOOM* Last Goodnight Satin Blindfold/windblown lt black (no longer available)

outfit:Wicca’s Wardrobe – Caira  Top and Pants Black

wraps:fri. – Reverie.Wraps (Pewter) – Maitreya

cuffs:Pure Poison – Screw HandCuffs

Tattoo:.ARISE. Marlly Hand Tattoo / Black OMEGA APPLIER

earrings:RealEvil Industries-Neda Earring

branch:E.V.E {M/T} Ivy Tree [M02-No leaves] Black Chrome

Pose: titzuki : flip

A shot in the Dark

A shot in the darkHey! Long time no see , Right? Well Hopefully I’ll be on track soon. In the Mean time Make sure you guys Stop by Wicca’s wardrobe and check out all her goodies, What I am wearing is being featured at this round of The Fantasy Collective All the items Minus Hair and Laser gun Will be at the Fantasy fair Location until October 18th. So you have some time to get over there and check out the awesomeness. The outfit and shoes come in a few different colors/textures. The head piece I am wearing is also by Wicca’s Wardrobe and its called Corona its comes in Silver, Black and Gold.

Style Card

Headpiece-Wicca’s Wardrobe – Corona Headpiece [Black] (The Fantasy Collective)

Shoes-Wicca’s Wardrobe – Skylea Heels [Dark Art I] (The Fantasy Collective)

Dress- Wicca’s Wardrobe – Fhloston Outfit [Dark Art I] (The Fantasy Collective)

Hair- [sYs] LIO Hair – Red

Laser gun- *BOOM* Piyo Piyo Gun (peacock) ( closing)

Body: Maitreya Lara v3.3



For what ever reason, If You are in a place where negativity sits on your shoulders and it has you in a place in your mind that makes you just think wrongly of innocent people, You really should just take a step back and Think is this the kinda of person I really want to be? I Came to second life in the hopes of meeting people that were liked minded. I have , but I have also met some very confused people, which I think in retrospect most of us understand that people seek out second life so they can be different and hide their disabilities. So they are not judged or have to deal with people feeling sorry for you.  The thing is there’s always that one post that floats around saying everyone is dealing with their own battles to keep that in mind .. Also though we have to keep in mind that people deal with things differently they think about things differently they handle things differently and they may not come up with the same logic as fast someone else. This thing thats happening where we put people on Blast on facebook is really something that everyone should try and work out in private. Putting people on Blast does nothing but get you all upset and make the other person just as angry. I’ll tell you like my grandmother told me and I tell my kids, If you dont have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all, if your not sure its nice or not , write it down and read it out loud before you tell the person off.. if it sounds terrible  more than likely it is. I am very much so the person who tries to treat everyone with same respect and courtesy as I would like to be treated and if i realize you cant do that then . I will try my best to not have any kind of interaction with you. I know that can be hard to do sometimes but i find that it works the best in a situation where you don’t get along with someone. There’s to much hate in the world today and we really all need to start trying to work together instead of working against one another.


Dress: Rapture– Peeled Caicos

Hair: Soonsiki Aka Besom- Sharona Hair Browns

Butterflies: Boom– Metamorphis ( full flight ) teal x4

Shoes: Azoury– Wedge Sandal Gray ( @ Shiny Shabby  Opens May 20th,2015)

Eyeshadow: = +Nunna+ Aya Green

Lips: Pink Acid– Plumped Lippy green

 Necklace: BSD Designs Studio Fashion Be Necklace Green

 Ring: C’est La Vie– Manon Ring Green