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Innsmouth is a place in Second life that is based on HP Lovecraft books, I love the eerie but quirky atmosphere. I spent some time last night just wondering around talking to some of the regulars there.  Very nice crowd if you can look over the random noob who may or may not be standing by to give you a good push around while your trying to take pictures. Anyway, my avi is wearing things by zibska and a hair by olive and the shoes are by poute which are going to be featured at the Vanity fair . Zibska’s outfit is in the mainshop


Dress: Zibska– Trifel Donna ( mainstore)

 Shoes: Poute – Voyage High Heels ( vanity fair)

Hair: Olive– the sour hair

 Gloves: Zibska – glaw slink gloves & nails

 Skin: Belleza – Yasmin Xmas gift

Location: Innsmouth

Whats Beyond here?

I ‘am not gonna lie, Even though I’m not  sick now, I’m having a really hard time finding the energy and the brain power for that matter to actually do things I need to do. Second life is my Hobby it is what I do when everyone in my house is stuck in a game or out ,or asleep.. or when I’m not playing the ps4 or Drinking coffee, Or being completely Ocd and cleaning my house. Yea I know , My life sounds so interesting ha ha.  It’s been a few month’s now but a store called Empyrean Forge is actually  some friend’s of mine Store. Rahpture and Reya are just an awesome Creating Duo. Love the stuff they make. People who have taken the time to learn  3d soft-wares  and the things they make for virtual worlds or video games are so mind-blowing sometimes, very realistic , I had acquired the Allegiance Blade awhile back and I seriously have not had the time to just do a picture with the item the way I wanted to, Until the other night while I tried to be social but in away where it didn’t seem like I was ignoring everyone , I was lost in my imagination for the most part.

What's beyond here 1


The Headpiece and Main necklace that matches the headpiece are by Zibska and are being Featured in the Newest round of  We<3 roleply. It comes with a 20 color options hud so you can match it with anything.  I’m wearing a dress by Peqe, thats also at the We<3 roleplay .

What's beyond here 2


This is a close up, you can see the Decorated base part of the Allegiance Blade, you can see a closer look of the Headpiece by zibska, The smaller chain collar is by Noodles, I want to point out that the bracelets I’m wearing are by noodles as well but they are Positivity  bangles They say things like “Breathe” , “Never give up”, ” Live in the Moment”, “Dream Bigger”, Believe, Those are just the options I’m wearing in this shot, Each hud has 3 Metal options and Each pack of Bracelets has 3 different Quote word sets.  Hair is by the ever so loved Truth and currently at uber!

Style Card

Sword: Empyrean Forge- Allegiance Blade _ Ivory Gold ( will be on MP at the End of the month) ( Rahpture says so! ) haha

Necklace 1: Noodles – Byzantine Chain collar gold.

 Face tattoo: [ Kooqla] -Pheasant tattoo ( Black)

Bracelets : Noodles – Positivity Bangles , Breath, Never give up, Live in the moment, Dream Bigger, Believe

 Hair : Truth– Minerva ( uber)

Necklace 2: zibska – Zephyrine- Necklace ( We ❤ Roleplay)

Headpiece: zibska Zephyrine ( We ❤ Roleplay)

Dress: PeQe Indel

Ears: Mandala– Steking Ears Season 5

 Skin: Belleza Mae Xmas Gift Pale Bl

Body: Belleza Venus 0.02

Nails:  Alaska Metro- OmegaNails Tropics/gold

 Loud Mouth: Alli

Applier for mouth : Lumae – Apoc skin

Take one

Takes a Breath, Woo I’m getting a breather, Even if you’ve seen me online, I’ve been in my studio or in some artsy skybox doing pictures for blogs, I’m trying to catch up some what. I guess I have a bit of a Goal to get through at least until the 19th of December, So far this month has been nuts.. My question is Where did November go?.. it went pretty quickly on my end.. its not like the time just went by, it literally flew before my eyes. Now its December , the lovely time of year when you get to put out all sorts of decorations and if you have them, your cats get to terrorize your christmas tree your tree skirt and unwrap the presents you’ve wrapped. I haven’t put out other’s presents yet and well presents have no hope in my house , I have kids they would get Torn by “accident” some Anyway if you didnt know.. The Jewelry & Accessories Expo 2014 Started Yesterday!  I’m not bragging but I have a Line up on my platform in the sky with thing I have paired together that id like to blog, There are Soooooo Many Pretty things! Of Course as many of you know  Zibska and Azoury have my Sl blogging Heart! they are so awesome and Love all of their creations! Now it has been brought to my attention.. some people do not know who or what Azoury is and my reply to that is .. Have you been hiding under a Sl Rock? Whats the matter with ya! I had Recently filled out an Application to blog for them. I woke the other morning with an IM from Mayhem Seetan inworld with a blogger pack! This is like one of my Favorite Sl chrismtas prezzie’s Ever! ok enough babbling, Here’s what I’m blogging.

Take One done


The Shoes are by Jumbo which this comes in a few different colors also there are matching accessories at their little place they have at the Jewelry & accessories Expo. The Purse is By Azoury and actually comes in a few different texture combinations and they are all in a Gatcha! yaaay Gatcha..This is the Akela Bag ( Exaltant ) Common . The Jacket is By Zibska and is currently at Uber. The necklace I’m wearing is from the Winter Trend Sl 2014 and is also by Azoury and is called Eyael.  I hope you all are having great days and staying warm.. Thanks for checking out the blog.

Style Card

Poses : PosESioN – Lola 3 & 10 ( new @ main store)

Skin:  Belleza –  Mae Pale 1 Dk

Body : Belleza– Venus – V0.01

Jacket: Zibska – Vangeli- Jacket  (@ Uber)

Skirt: Lark– Valerie Skirt – xs ( floral)

Hair: [sYs] Nikita Hair

Shoes: Jumbo : Cathagen Teal Zebra (@ Jewelry & Accessories expo 2014)

Necklace : Azoury– Eyael (@ Winter Trend Sl 2014)

Bag: Azoury – Akela Bag ( Exaltant) Common (@ Jewelry & Accessories Expo)

Slink Nails : Alaska Metro – Byzantine Turquoise Omega Nail applier

Lips: No.7 Sporty Lipstick teal Burgundy

Eyeliner: Pichi Pure Eyeliner [Black]1

The Messengers

This doesn’t happen often , actually I wish it would happen more often, Blogging with someone else is fun for me , it takes the work out of the blogging, It inspires me to see what someone else brings to the table. I’ve asked  a few people before, “hey you wanna do a blog together” ? but for some reason either they get to busy , wrapped up in what they are doing, scared of my crazy style? (haha) , or just don’t have the nerve to tell me no (although they avoid me like the plague) .. but over the last few month’s since I’ve gotten into working with some second life magazine’s. I found out that I’m not the only one who likes the oddities , which is great cause I can put my head together with some great minds to create some awesome pieces of digital work. My guest is Steele Sirnah, which I pretty much dragged kicking and screaming into my studio to take pictures.. lol 😉 Thank you Steele

The Messengers done


On steele

ALEGRIA Dream Mask Chrome and Milk CROWN
ALEGRIA Dream Mask Chrome and Milk FACE
Zibska – Aproxima feathers @ The Secret Affair
Maitreya Couture Leggings – Black
Miamai_Magus Chestpiece – Edited
NIVARO– Baptiste Fantasy Skin – Grey

On Anderian

Hair Zibska Helka

Skin: Lumae– Star 2- cream/apoc fullight (mid cleavage) Post Apoc Event

Makeup: Zibska Aylah12 & Fleurette Shadow Blue

Eyes: La Petite Morte Clarity Eyes. Turquoise

Jacket- Shi: Ravel Cardigan[F.M. Darker] group gift

Pants: Maitreya Couture leggings- Sblack

Belleza Body Venus v0.01

Scarf with birds-Zibska Taisto- New in main shop 🙂

Ears- [Mandala] Sterking ears Version 2

Omega applier nails – Alaska Metro Byzantine gatcha Turquoise @ The big show

alaskametro_3 _Byzantine_ nail polish gacha

In the sun

In the Sun1done



 Today is the Beginning of a new hunt called Blood letters The old truck in the back ground of my pictures is one of the prizes for the hunt. Let me tell you what, this truck has so many poses it is a very Frisky Truck if ya know what i mean. but it also has some very neat poses that are cute and can be used for some really nice photo shots


I really liked this pose  and I found the perfect time to snag a picture of one of my friends enjoying a drunken moment

The Blood Letter’s is a grid wide point & click adventure hunt with prizes from top designers. You play the role of a private detective and your searching for clues to help you solve murders. Here’s a Link to the MadPea Blood Letters blog to give you more information. I will be showing a lot of the items here in the next few days / weeks of the hunt prizes.

Also something else that starts today is a new round of the The instruments  their theme is happy is chic with patterns gallore I’m wearing an outfit fom zibska the top and skirt have a hud to change the colors and patterns. The headpiece im wearing is also a prize from the Blood letters hunt its by R3volt . Pose is from PosESion and its in a newer pack of poses called Colmena.


POSE: PosESion* Colmena 7

SKIN: Belleza– Mae Pale1Dk

HAIR:[LoQ’ue] Beer- ( TDR)

HEADBAND: R3volt– Female Heaband ( Blood Letters hunt )

NECKLACE & EARRING SET: Zibska– Kelda @ The instruments (starts today nov 1st,14)

SHIRT: Zibska– Momo Shirt @The Instruments ( Starts Today Nov 1st, 14)

SKIRT: Zibska– Momo Skirt @ The Instruments ( Starts Today Nov 1st, 14)


Woods: Inverse- Fall Medium Patch (marketplace)

Leaves: Kalopsia– Flying Leaves Orange

Old Truck:  Never totally Dead  SACrE FrAnCais-( Blood Letters Hunt)

Candles: Trompe Loeil- Fireplace Candles. (came with the attic skybox)

In Depth

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
Leonardo da Vinci


Hello, How are you folks doing? Me? I’m ok, kinda tired but that’s a normal event.  So I’m Excited to be able to actually put out my first blog for MadPea.

The Carousel in the background of my picture is actually part of a Creepy carnival pack it and comes with an Old ferris wheel a hanging doll Carousel which is Super Creepy!

and a Mad O meter and of course the Carousel you see in the background of my picture. By the way this carousel with the horses has such creepy music when you ride it.

 The best part is its only 150L for all.. thats pretty darn awesome!

MadPea Carnival


Also in my mix here, I recently went to a new event called the After 6 days mix match event , its kind of interesting because you buy an item from the event and in your item you get a hud that you wear and it sends you a landmark to the store of the item you bought and you can get a discount off of another item that’s marked for the event. So, my shoes are from Azoury, if you remember you all know how I love Azoury stuff they are my SL treasures. So I ended up buying 2 pairs of the shoes which come in black , white and a colorful pair. Below is the Ad for Azoury for the color of the shoes I’m wearing.

AZOURY - Paper Shoe (Dark)

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the Tag gatcha, unfortunately I was kind of bummed out by the tag gatcha and how it all works out but I’m not gonna say much more about it other than what I got from the Tag gatcha it may have not been Rares or even  Mystery prizes but all my items I got from ANC are amazing.. the items they create has such an Awesomeness about it ,that it lets your imagination wonder. The bubbles with the Chandeliers and balloons with the ladder are great additions to any second life picture. Last but not least VRSION Lode has this new quirky dress and glove set out that when I see it I had to have it .  Love all the Items in these pictures and I’m sure that this outfit will be one of my faves for awhile so don’t be surprised when you see me out in it more than once :).


Pose: PosESions: Angela 10


Lips: MUA– Makeup Set Cinthya Lips only

Eyeshadow: Zibska– Aylah-15

Lashes- Zibska– Via- No10. Full


 Hair: Boon TUM278 Hair red

Ears: Mandala- Steking

Skin: Belleza- Mae Pale 1

Shoes: Azoury– Paper Shoe Dark ( A6D mix match event)

Dress: VRSION Lode – Kovert 6.0 Female Dress with Gloves


Carousel: MadPea– Circus Carousel MadPea Halloween Carnival and Circus Decor pack

Balloons: Anc- Cirque de reverie .16.nuit balloon ladder ( Tag Gatcha)

 Bubbles: anc//Cirque de reverie .18/nuit/ball ( Tag Gatcha)

 Stand: anc// cirue de reverie .14 nuit/balloon stand ( Tag Gatcha)

Dark Beauty

“We don’t get to chose what is true. We only get to choose what we do about it.”
Kami Garcia, Beautiful Darkness

Dark beauty Full

The Dress I’m wearing by Topazia is actually  different pieces of the same style dress  the base dress is the Sharlene in black along with the short cape in black with the long cape from the Sharlene set in blue,

There are really endless options to mix and match with this dress style. The head piece is from zibska at an Event called the Tales of Fantasy and is open til Novemeber 3rd So go check it out!

Dark beauty five close

The make up I’m wearing  which consists of the blue eyeshadow and a bronze lips stick are by MUA ( Make-up Addiction)

This make-up can be found at the Cosmetic Fair Halloween Round that is already going on and Ends on the 31st. The nails are also by MUA and are called Pearl and come in 15 colors and can be found at the cosmetic fair as well.

{MUA} - Slink Nails HUD -Pearls

The pose and Next tattoo are by Axix and can found at the Bloody Horror fair


Dress: Topazia Sharlene Dress Black  Dress & short Cape Also in Blue Long cape

Hair: [LOQ’ue] Rosolia Subsciber Freebie

Skin: Belleza- Mae Pale 1 Dk (The Vintage & cool fair )

Headpiece: Zibska – Hjorir @ Tales of Fantasy

Eyebrow Makeup: Zibska– Lifa Contouring – Terra

Makeup: MUA– Makeup Set Verso Full set  ( Cosmetic Fair Halloween)

Slink Nails: MUA– Pearls Blue (Cosmetic Fair Halloween)

Neck Tattoo: Axix -Chakra Tattoo ( Bloody Horror Fair)

Pose: Axix- Ladycrow7 ( Bloody Horror Fair)

Guardian of the castle

Hey there, So if you guys haven’t heard there  is a new Round of the enchanted event going on. I always love seeing what the creators make for this . This Rounds Theme is Blue Beard and Below is Blue Beards castle By Kalopsia. I was Truely Blown away when I rezzed this Piece. Its Really pretty and Can be used for so many themes.  I went with a more “enchanted”  Scene for the castle.

 Also in the Enchanted is Pixicat..Their for sale item will be in tomorrow’s post But their gift Item for the enchanted is really cool too!

I think this dress goes along well with castle enchanted theme. 

castle dream

keeper of the castle

in my opinion you cant have a castle without a dragon 🙂 Thanks Xui Quan for letting me using your Dragon 🙂

You can find out more  about the enchanted event here

Style & Scene

pose in 2nd shot : Divastore 04 ( partnership Diva Store & Morphone

Hair Milk Aka SoonSiki- Queen Of the Court

Skin Belleza Sunkissed LT 

Dress Pixicat– Fatima Dress ( Enchanted )

Lips: topazia – Sweet Makeup Red lips

last picture Pose IOS Film Slate Poses 3

Dragon – Zooby’s Ridable Dragon 4.0 ( Thanks again XiuLan Quan)

Castle – Kalopsia- Blue Beards Castle

Tree – Trompe Loeil- Fiona Freebed Red

Bridge: 3 Arches Stone Brdige – By Minnie Tunwarm

Water Decor – * aG * Shiny Meadow ( glow)

Lilypads *aG* water Lily Pad summer circle

Rocks – We’re Closed – Great mossy Rock

The Far Away


The Far Away

Hello There, I haven’t really said much in my recent blogs.. Honestly i haven’t had much to say so i’ve been keeping quiet. The dress above is from the new Round of The Couturier’s Dock . Did You know some people have no idea what the Couturier’s dock is ?!?!?! I never can get over that when im telling someone about good deals or awesome items and then i mention TCD and they are like the what? whats in it? So Of course i have to break out the Landmarks and drag them on to see the awesome stuff. 🙂

Style Card

 Lips:( r )M ~ (1rB) R A W ~ PartedLips  ~ coldSKIN
Eyeshadow:*MC* Makeup – Smokey Eye
Hair:!lamb. Pocket Knife (Mesh) – Fair
Necklace:(Yummy) Satin Bow & Pearls – White
Headpiece: *LODE* Hat – Binny [black dots]
Outfit :*LpD* – *Valeria* Dress (Mesh – Size XS)
Lashes :Eyelashes -41- Hollywood *REDGRAVE*
EYES :IKON Spectral Eyes
Piercing :[ni.Ju] (right) Monroe Piercing (mouth)
Shape: New Faces – Ellona Shape
Skin-Belleza- Mya SK BBB Bl 1
Brows-Glam Affair – Mokatana – Suggest eyebrows 01