Fall in

 OK so here it goes, I’m on a break until the 27th and I started my break last week when I couldn’t honestly get sl pictures to take right for me.. and also its my lack of motivation and real life stuffs. I think I’ve gotten a case of the Rl Stress/ depression and I can’t get this crap to leave me alone and really I’m glad I still have a week left of vacation from me blogging and I know what your thinking.. what are you doing here then? Well I wanted to post my fall pictures with this outfit before the 69 rooms round comes and goes.. and it should be happening some time soon.. Forgive me I have a hard time keeping up with Real life dates and Sl dates.. The dress you will find in the 69 RoomGo check it out the 69 room always have a nice assortment of goodies ..fall_001edit Hair is by exile at the collabor88 shoes are N-core and Skin is Glam affairfall1_001edit YAY Fall

Ok enough happy happy happy.. going back to being bleh

X Andi

Hair: exile : faling for you natural fusions ( collabor 88)

dress: LG Boutique – summer 13 Dont marry her dress

cuffs: A&Ana F.j My Fluo Style ( past TDR event)

Lips: Mind bury – Blaze lipstick ( gift)

Shoes: N-core Seduction Xtreme Heel Galaxy

Earrings : Pure poison Triandre Gold ( grp gift)

eyeliner:  Pichi Pure Eyeliner (black) 5

 Poses: Kirin -handmade Fall flag 1 ( without flag) ( The Seasons Story)

location : my home

Its a Mash up

Hello My Lovelies, Today’s Blog is going to be a mix of just a lot of Stuff because I really couldn’t decide on what I wanted to blog first.. and what to blog about with each picture and you know I just can’t post pictures I have to put my two cents worth and add my zany antics along with my pictures.. First and foremost I want to Say Happy Birthday to Collabor88 and I’m not sure who is in charge of it, but whomever decided to theme this party with the era from the 20’s and Great Gatsby you’re a Genius.. I honestly can’t ever recall a time where the thought of just getting into a Second life event was extremely exciting.. ok I take that back going to the fantasy fair is exciting to me also..(oh and the arcade) BUT collabor 88 hit it with this theme.. So a few weeks back I watched the great Gatsby and instantly went into this full on frenzy scoping out the marketplace for anything flapper related and I found slim to nothing… So when I seen all the blogs being post I nearly felt sick cause I couldn’t get into the sim to get the goodies!!.. Now I haven’t actually done the picture I want to do with all the stuff I got from collabor 88 but I tell ya I’m in love with the hair from lamb called Zelda!! It’s just awesome! This is the first hair I’ve ever owned from Lamb I’ve went several time’s to their store and tried hair on for hours but never really would commit to buy a hair.. I’m really an indecisive person.. and I really hate choosing colors and it was really hard for me to choose the color’s I got with this hair also.. but I got the chocolate bars pack and even then it was a toss-up between chocolate and carrots.. 🙂 So here’s my look with the Zelda hair!!

lamb :hair, dress: Zenith, Shoes: Anatomy, jewelry: Modern Couture

lamb :hair, dress: Zenith, Shoes: Anatomy, jewelry: Modern Couture


 I’m not gonna lie this really is one of my favorite outfits I’ve put together in a while.. This dress even has the applier’s for the Lola Tango’s which I’m wearing and my friends are all like you’re wearing your tango’s omg.. they look nice on you.. which at this moment I’m not sure if they are just telling me that to make me feel ok or they are just saying that cause they don’t know what to say.. haha.. The Dress is from Zenith in ( Chapter Four) which I’m gonna have to go scope out more to see what they have.. The Shoes are from the 69 Room and they are ONLY 69L how awesome is that!!! the Jewelry is from Modern Couture  the cuffs and  ring are a past ( Pure sales room) but the Necklace which you can see better below is from this (stuff In stock ) Round.

hair: Lamb ( collabor 88) Jewelry : Modern Couture ( past Pure sales room) Dress: Zenith ( Fi*fridays)

There are really some awesome things for the birthday round at collabor88 and when you get a chance make sure you check it out but also make sure you bring the L’s because I promise you will not be disappointed!

Make sure you check out my next blog for more awesome ness!!

 x~ Andi

Style Card

Hair:!lamb. Zelda (Mesh) – Butterfinger ( collabor88 )

Shoes:.ANATOMY. – 69 MARY JANES (NUDE VINTAGE) (69 room)

Outfit: =Zenith=(Rose)Dolly Dress (fi*fridays)

EYES: Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes – Moor

Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

Nails:[ S H O C K ] Summer Breeze Nails – Almond Series ( dont remember)

 Jewelry ~[Modern.Couture]  – Acqua Necklace ( stuff in stock)

                [Modern.Couture] -Modele Bracelet , Modele Earring & Modele Ring (pure sales room)

Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 01 (June Arcade)

Poses :  1st picture E.Ink- Laying cute ( marketplace)

             2nd Picture  Juxpose – high voltage 4