Blood letters Hunt

I’ve been kinda blog hoarding.. just creating them and not posting them until i feel like it? Honestly I’ve been depressed and i guess all the changes in the last few weeks has pilled up and finally made my thoughts get carried away and and I just closed down, Unfortunately this happens a lot to me and I go through feelings of, nothing is what i want it to be. So here is my Blood Letter’s picture pileup.

mask is a prize in the blood letters hunt

mask is a prize in the blood letters hunt

Sin will find you close up

blind fold is part of a prize from the blood letters hunt as well as the Sin will find you cross

 Seat is a prize in the MadPea Blood letters hunt

Seat is a prize in the MadPea Blood letters hunt


1st picture

 Poses created by Me.. Anderian Sugarplum

Hair : Kokolores : Serendipity ( @ cirque de seraphim)

Mask Laundanun Lollipops- The Mantis ( part of a Blood Letters Hunt Prize)

Shoulders: Zibska– Silje

Decor: Pixelmode – Watcher

Grass- by yui777 glass_2Autumn Red

 Knife: + Redrum+ Murder Suitcase weapon ( Blood Letters Hunt)

2nd Picture

Pose is in the We’re closed Broken Sofa @ Blood Letters Hunt

7mad ravens Neon Cross @ Blood Letters hunt

22769 [Bauwerk] Long black Drapes

Erratic /alexis corset nude @uber

Erratic /giselle- lingerie nude @uber

Belleza Body Venus

 Belleza skin Mae pale 1 Dk

Mask + Redrum+ Murder suit case ( part of a blood letters prize)

 Necklace : zibska  Kelda  @Instruments

3rd picture

MadPea Seduction Bench ( Blood Letters Hunt)

everything worn is listed above from the 2nd picture accept for the

Shoes [CX] Implant Series; Chainted Heels  @uber


Second spaces- Flea Market Finds- Vintage Fashion Sketches

Tromp Loeil- Octopus Table Marble Black

We’re Closed Broken Sofa brown  (Blood Letters Hunt)

 We’re closed Dial m chair (Blood Letters hunt)

Floor plan magic Candelabra

 22769- [Bauwerk] Brutus Lamp

22769 – [ Bauwerk] Long Black drapes

7 mad Ravens Neon Cross

{A} Human Specimen – skull in bell jar

Bazar Tornot- Study art

 Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug -dark

Seeing Doubles

Glam Affair American & Jamaica done

These skins are By Glam Affair they are in the FLF ( Fifty Linden Friday ) the FLF is a weekly event that happens on Fridays and usually has many different stores participating in it.  The skins come in  America and Jamaica Tones and Are 50L for both Take Your Booties to Glam affair and get them Pronto. They will not Be there Tomorrow for this cheap! The Hair I’m wearing is by Olive .. This is my First Olive hair I just love how much body it seems to have in it and I love all her Textures she uses in her hair’s This hair came in a pack with all natural colors for 299L and I tell ya you can not beat all those colors for that price ! I’m really in love with this hair and cant wait to see what else Olive comes out with.



This Necklace is by 22769 and its going to be featured at the  Jewelry Fair 2014

Jewelry fair

style card

skin: Glam Affair Rose Desert Rose  America & Jamaica Tones ( Fifty Linden Friday Group)

Hair: Olive The Nara Hair Hud 1

Necklace : 22769– The Phoenix Gold The Jewelry Fair 2014

Beauty mark Tattoo- By Luthor Ferraris (marketplace)

Eyes: Ikon Denim ( group gift)

I cant help but notice lately ive take a ride on a epic Derp train that i find i cant get off of for some reason.. Miss naming things , saying something is made by someone else, wrong dates butchering someone’s name.. Seriously Ande get it together.. 😦 sorry if I’m just failing at this.. but I’m trying.. I think I get so into editing pictures, everything else is equally important to me but pictures are more fun maybe? not sure but regardless I notice my Errors not immediately but like after I’ve posted it or the next day.. yesterday I said the Jewelry fair starts today well I also thought that the fair started on the 12th which is today.. But nope it starts tomorrow.. Also I do have notes of all of this stuff cluttered my desk in a notebook or on a sticky note but sometimes my days get lost . Anyway if you see an error in my post please tell me cause sometime I miss things I am human forgive me 🙂

The limit

The limit full Edit Done

Hey Did you know that there is going to be a jewelry fair starting tomorrow September 12th, 2014? Pale Girl productions is hosting the 2014 Jewelry fair this year and there are 69 Designers participating in this event.  I happen to check out the event yesterday and some of the shops were ready to go so I seen some of the goodies being featured. The one that caught my eye though immediately is the creations by 22769 I’m a Big fan now of their stuff it’s so unique and detailed . You really have to check it out!

Also I’m wearing a Dress by Byrnedarkly.cazalet she has just started up a new shop and well of course it’s called Byrne here’s her marketplace shop this dress comes in Teal and Brown . Now i need to point out that I am wearing the  Teal color but for some reason one of my shots the dress looks more green than teal so here’s the  actually Ad from Byrn’s marketplace store to better show the color

Go Show Bryne’s New Shop some love!

I paired this outfit with makeup from MUA.. I love these lips they come in various colors and they are called  geisha they give your avi such a different look. Also I want to point out the contour face tattoo . this also give my avi a different look and it comes in different shades I’m wearing the natural colors. Last but not least I’m wearing shoes by Reign these were in the saturday sale for 75L I really suggest  if you are not in this group you join it so you can catch good deals on many different items .

 Hope you enjoyed my blog . come to visit again . Tootles

Style Card

Dress:(Byrne) Taralyn- Black Teal Scales

Shoes: Reign Allure Heels

Hair: Truth Hair – Nissa

Skin-!imabee: Stern Florentien/dark B (marketplace)

Necklace: 22769 [accessories] Fracture Necklace Black ( Jewelry fair  sept 12th 2014)


Contour : MUA – Cheeks Contouring – Natural Color stain

Lipstick: MUA– Lipstick- Geisha Black

Eyeshadow: wow skins Green Eye shadow

Lashes: Redgrave- 41- Hollywood

Slink nails for toes : Moon Dance Boutique– colorful lines