.shi Hair Fair 2016

.shi Juxta Hair Fair 2016 .shi vanguard hair fair 2016 .shi Gift Valiant hair Fair 2016 .shi hair pixieboy_001


.Shi is a sponsor of mine and I love Joy’s Creations so much, They make me happy in a way and they get my inspiration wheels a turning. The first picture with the red hair is called Juxta, it has a funky flair I really like the uneven layered style bangs and the little extra whispy hair  here and there. I styled this hair with an Empyrean Forge Necklace called Archetype Necklace AQUARIUS It can be found in the July 2016 round of The Season Story, Shirt by Milk Motion at The July Forest Round.

2nd hair by .Shi Vanguard is a really neat style It kind of has a blown in the wind look which makes me like it, even more Anything that looks like it has movement has my approval I paired this with another Empyrean Forge Necklace called Dechen in silver it can be found at the Indie Teepee Event Until July 24th, I paired this with an Ison lace up Tank that can be found in the July round of the Luxe box. The Toy Poodle is the same before but the options color of its bow has been changed, Those little dogs have many features to play around with Black Bantam is really on a roll with her dog collection. They can be found at Kustom 9.

3rd Hair .Shi  Created a gift for the 2016 Hair Fair, It is called Valiant and it is sort of like an Edgy asymmetric bowl cut it comes with all of the color options and of course I choose to show a blonde tone because that’s what Anderian wears most often. Make sure you go by .Shi and pick up this goodie. I am showing the Ison tank again in white and the Empyrean Forge necklace in white also. Along with the Black Bantam Toy Poodle.

4th Last but not least .Shi made an edgy version of a pixie cut and you may not be able to tell but I used the pastel colors for this hair this is in a pastel lavender. I decided to style everything purple to match the hair. The necklace is by Zibska and can be found at The Secret Affair, It is called Leta, this item comes with a hud to change all the colors and gives you more ways to have it match anything you are wearing. With it, I am wearing the Stories & co Tatiana Romper that is in the July 2016 Luxe Box.

1st Picture

Hair: .Shi Juxta @ The Hair Fair 2016

Earrings:  OXIDE Bonney Triangle Earring

necklace: Empyrean Forge Archetype Necklace AQUARIUS @ The Seasons Story

Shirt:  (Milk Motion) buttoned tank top  gray stripe @ The Forest

Critter: Black Bantam Toy Poodle @ Kustom 9

2nd Picture

Hair .Shi Vanguard @ Hair Fair 2016

Necklace Empyrean Forge  Tibetan Necklace SILVER @ Indie Teepee

shirt:  ISON – lace-up tank -Maitreya  July LUXE BOX

3rd Picture

Hair:. Shi Valiant Gift @ Hair Fair 2016

Necklace: Empyrean Forge  Tibetan Necklace SILVER @ Indie Teepee

Shirt: ISON – lace-up tank -Maitreya July LUXE BOX

4th Picture

Hair: .Shi PixieBoy @  Hair Fair 2016

Necklace: Zibska Leta @ The Secret Affair

outfit: Stories & co Tatiana Romper in the July Luxe Box


Waiting on the Moment

waiting on the moment x

Imagination is everything . It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions. ~ Albert Einstein


Hair: Argrace– haruka Cinnamon

Mouth:  PXl Sweet Lips (skin fair 2015)

Necklace, Bracers, Earrings, Empyrean Forge– Circadian ( The secret Affair)

 Dress: Moon Amore– Helena dress ( we ❤ Roleplay)

Skin: pxl  Aeryn Nat (skin fair 2015)

Body : Belleza Body with Pxl Appliers

Hand Tattoo’s Plastik Oliavra slink tattoo’s Black Octane (Skin Fair 2015)


I’m a Square.

I'm just a square 1

 It’s Thursday and if you have  been hiding under a Rock , Like I try to do , but I’m not normally under a rock, I’m usually hiding on my platform.. Oh the sl ways.. ( ha ha) . You would have missed that today January 15th , 2015 is a BIG event day, Several events have opened today if your looking to go check out new things,  The Kustom 9 ( they always have nice things), The Secret Affair event which lets your imagination wonder with all the many different creations , The project limited if your into getting things that have only so many copies made, so you could possibly be 1 in 200 or 300 people who own that awesome pair of shoes, The Liaison Collaborative always has an nice selection of Home decor and avi attire.  There is possibly one event that’s happening right now and has been going on since around the 9th of January and ends on the 19th that you may have not heard of. Its called the slGoth Time Killer Festival, Its primarily based in the Sl goth community and since I like the dark side of things it was something I had to check out. There are a few designers that I knew of before I went to the event, Biscuit, Black arts, Byrne, and Deadpool just to name a few, there are other stores that are new to me in this event Pixel box, Howling Asylum, Immateria, Tfatn, Stargazer Creations, Ghost Story Apparel, Dark Passions, and Cherish Memories Weddings . There are a few gifts around in the stores booths. I happen to talk with Mirage Plaid the owner and editor of Bright metallic magazine and she also helps put the Sl Goth  Time killer event together. I asked will there be more Events with sl goth? Her answer was yes, Just not as frequently , She loves putting them together but they are a bit hectic, which I think with all the events that are out right now we can understand why it can be a bit stressful. Regardless  I cant wait to see what theme is next.  I would like to point out this is a small event, the sim or parcel is very easy to navigate, it was not laggy at all and I cant tell you how much I appreciate that, I was able to get into all the stalls closely, look at all the items clearly and have a nice chat with Mirage without going all over the place.  Please go check out the event before Its over, there are some really great pieces that you just cant miss out on.


Butterflymouth: Azoury papillion (The Secret Affair)

Hair: Tableau Vivant– Upshaw Hair- Longbangs

Boots: Black Arts– Vamp Boots Chains/ Spikes  ( SlGoth Time Killer Festival)

Ring- Zibska – Birdy Ring

Outfit : Zibska– Plaisance Deux ( mainshop)

Skin: Glam Affair– Sia Skin ( fairy Tales)  Collabor88

Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5 ( Main Shop)

Birds: (anc) CocktailBird/Bird Blackfly


The Feeling

The feeling done



This skin I’m wearing is currently at this round of body fanatik, By a store called TnO Sami .I’m really late with blogging this , This round started on the 15th.. eesh.. Last week and most of this week I was actually going through a really bad spell of anxiety which this has affected my blogging in the past , this time however I just didnt realize that was what was wrong with me at the moment. I figured it out , finally. I feel so much better. Anyway.. Go check out the round of the bodyfantaik,   Also the necklace I’m wearing is by zibska .. woot woot, Zib has put some items in the Secret affair round which just started a day ago and there are some really nice items at this round go pick up some zibska and check out all the rest of the goodies while your there too 🙂


SKIN: TnO Sami Milk 1 no cleav nude- blonde eb  (Worn also with this skin’s loud mouth Applier @ The BodyFantaik

Lashes: Lumae : eyelashes//longer

Hair: * Damselfly* Gretchen Mesh Tuxedo ( gatcha)

Loud Mouth Alli v1.5

Lipstick Applier: Random Matter – Dark Glosses Royal

Necklace- Zibska– Anka- ( The Secret Affair)

Top& Bottom: Zibska Arisu ( part of this outfit)

Eyes: DeadApples – Sorrow Eyes- Green

Pose : PosESioN: Morticia 2






The Messengers

This doesn’t happen often , actually I wish it would happen more often, Blogging with someone else is fun for me , it takes the work out of the blogging, It inspires me to see what someone else brings to the table. I’ve asked  a few people before, “hey you wanna do a blog together” ? but for some reason either they get to busy , wrapped up in what they are doing, scared of my crazy style? (haha) , or just don’t have the nerve to tell me no (although they avoid me like the plague) .. but over the last few month’s since I’ve gotten into working with some second life magazine’s. I found out that I’m not the only one who likes the oddities , which is great cause I can put my head together with some great minds to create some awesome pieces of digital work. My guest is Steele Sirnah, which I pretty much dragged kicking and screaming into my studio to take pictures.. lol 😉 Thank you Steele

The Messengers done


On steele

ALEGRIA Dream Mask Chrome and Milk CROWN
ALEGRIA Dream Mask Chrome and Milk FACE
Zibska – Aproxima feathers @ The Secret Affair
Maitreya Couture Leggings – Black
Miamai_Magus Chestpiece – Edited
NIVARO– Baptiste Fantasy Skin – Grey

On Anderian

Hair Zibska Helka

Skin: Lumae– Star 2- cream/apoc fullight (mid cleavage) Post Apoc Event

Makeup: Zibska Aylah12 & Fleurette Shadow Blue

Eyes: La Petite Morte Clarity Eyes. Turquoise

Jacket- Shi: Ravel Cardigan[F.M. Darker] group gift

Pants: Maitreya Couture leggings- Sblack

Belleza Body Venus v0.01

Scarf with birds-Zibska Taisto- New in main shop 🙂

Ears- [Mandala] Sterking ears Version 2

Omega applier nails – Alaska Metro Byzantine gatcha Turquoise @ The big show

alaskametro_3 _Byzantine_ nail polish gacha




Just a quick blog  to mention a few pretty items! This Round of  Cosmopolitan Room has a Hair by Mina in Pastel Shades so I was a bit inspired to do a Color blog because pretty much everything you see has all the same tones and colors. The Mina hair is called Eva the Butterflies are an Oldy but a goody in my inventory from EPIC all the  butterflies move and the top is by zibska and at this round of The Secret Affair which btw I love this event they just hit it spot  on with their theme choices. Go check out both events if possible they both have really nice items this round.Violet


Pose: just an adjustment stand from the Anypose BVH hud 

Skin: wow skins– Melissa milk

Body: wowmeh v1.0 ( no longer available ) 😦

Butterflies: Epic Vip Animated Monarch Flutterfly purple

Flower Top: Zibska– Aisling (Secret Affair)

Eyeliner: Mons– Eyeliner