The Amazing Race

The Amazing raceHello. Blog time again,  I am on a roll with blogs, woot-woot !! * knocks on wood* I’d rather not jinx myself on my ability to pop out blogs so frequently, So a few days ago I was browsing around on Pinterest and noticed a certain style of very bold pattern clothing , and then Happen to be walking around the Newest Tres Chic event and seen some dresses by sYs and they are so awesome, I really love all the colors but lately I have been very into the color yellow so it’s the color I choose to blog. I paired this dress with some thigh high stockings from Avi Candy, and the Remarkable Oblivion Shoes from the Crystal hearts Festival, the hair flowers are by Black bantam They are in the Gatcha at Epiphany.

The pose is by Amite, Now if you are interested in these, You need to pay attention, Cause you don’t want to make the dummy mistake I made, I bought 2 poses straight from the pose stand , I got to my platform and was getting everything set up to take pictures and started looking for these poses only to realize I am a derp and didn’t read the sign at the booth, that clearly says must buy full pack to get all dogs, DOG NOT INCLUDED ANDE.. YA HEAR?!?!? NOT I just saw Dobermans and I’ve always wanted one of those types of dogs. That Full pose pack comes with several different pose options with the dogs.

The Volkswagon Balloons and Volkswagon Seat are made by Poison Diamond you can find them at Indie teepee. You can sit on the balloon beetles and control where ever you go like you would normally do while you walk around Second Life. The seat beetle has different animation sits and Both come in several different colors. The Hair I am wearing is by Redmint I love this hair! It’s one of the hair’s I bought this year from the 2016 Hair Fair, Its fun and funky and I like it a lot, a neat thing about this hair is, It has two huds, One hud changes the Base color of the hair the second hud changes random hair pieces throughout the hair.  If you have not tried the demo do so!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! ❤ Ande

Style Card

Hair: (r)M Hair No.39’16 @ HAIR FAIR 2016

Dress: [sYs] COLETTE dress (Maitreya body) – gold @ Tres Chic

stockings: AVI CANDY Knit Thigh Socks – Bright Collection

Shoes:RO – Bubblegum Princess – Yellow @ The Crystal Hearts Festival

hair accessory: Pink Acid We Are One Floral Tiara @ Epiphany

Pose: Amitie – Doberman fem- 02 @ Tres Chic

Beetles: (Poisoned Diamond) BEETLE  @ Indie Teepee

Glasses: Pure Poison – Catsa Sunglasses

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