Into the deep

into the deep Like my last post I have still been a little MIA, Just am really taking my time with things. I have really bad anxiety and it has really been hard the last few months, So some days are better than others for me. I am very thankful that the sponsors and events that I work with have been understanding. There have literally been days where I wished I could Just Disappear or really just wanted to not exist anymore, I am hoping that with in the next few weeks I can get a better handle on my personal struggles with life. My post today I got to work with Anika She has a blog over at Classy Trashy N Free. I haven’t known Anika very long But one day we started talking on Facebook and then in-world at the indie teepee event, Every since then I have laughed a lot with things she says, She has really lifted my spirits and for me that’s been a really big motivation. So we both decided to blog Alegria, Alergria is one of her sponsor’s and They are also have Items Featured at this round of Enchantment which I am blogging for. I love enchantment it is one of the second life events i look forward to because it always has such interesting event themes. This rounds theme is Little mermaid. So be prepared to see more mermaid type things here 🙂 All items listed Below are from the Enchantment 🙂

Go Visit the Enchantment Aug14th- Sept5th

In Gold Anderian

Hair: +Spellbound+ Sirena // Grimoire : Complete

Necklaces1:  A.D.D.Andel! Part of Your World Necklace- Gold

Necklace2:Kibitz Ariel necklace – copper

Tattoo:.ThingsRyllae Faded

Mermaid: ALEGRIA Metal Mermaid Body S Gold

Skin:Lumae Niska – Eione :: Anemone {Scales / DarkBrow}

Face Makeup: .ARISE Mermaid Mask / Yellow

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