My Pain in all it’s glory

My Pain

My pain faceSometimes I prefer High fashion just Loud ,out there In your face kind of fashion and virtual photography actually it is my favorite thing to do but I am not always so inspired to do it. I’ve recently made the acquaintance with Wicca Merlin, I say Acquaintance because like her , We are a lot a like, we both keep our distance from people until we can trust them or maybe just get to know them better and then try and trust them. Second life can be a really great place to meet people , relate to others in away that you may not be able to do so in real life. I am this way, I am currently in a place in life where lots of things stress me which in return causes me pain in away that I really can not express because i don’t think others get it. When I asked Miss Wicca what inspired her for this outfit called Agony she told me about her trail and error occurrences with people in second life and the rude and disgruntle behavior that she had experienced . I think at one point or another those of us who have been in the virtual world for a time have had our issues with people.  I am very cautious to let myself get really close to people it takes me awhile to open up to them. I think most maybe can see it or they just think I’m stuck up, which is fine either way with me.  I prefer to pace myself with letting people know me. I hope that maybe as time goes on Wicca and I can get to know one another more because in my opinion she is just so lively and talented. Being around someone like that can really help someone grow mentally and soulfully.  The Head piece, Dress and Shoes can be found at the July Installment of The Instruments, The Eyeshadow and Lips can also be found at The Instruments By Slack girl, The Eyeshadow and lips come in a Variety of colors and have applier Options for Mesh heads. I am wearing this on my Default shape cause Well I like my default face on most days, ha ha.  The newest Round of Instruments starts July 18th and goes through August 6th!

Style Card

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Kandria Headpiece (w/o materials)[Silver] @ The Instruments Starting July 18th

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Agony Dress [Black] @ The Instruments Starting July 18th

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Manon Spiked Heels [Black] @ The Instruments Starting July 18th

[NikotiN] Cigarette_TIGER (v.4.0)

[sYs] LIO Hair – Hotrod

Eyeshadow: Slack Girl Leeloo 01@ The Instruments Starting July 18th

Lips: Slack Girl Odisse lips 01@ The Instruments Starting July 18th

3 thoughts on “My Pain in all it’s glory

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  2. I am sitting here being speechless 🙂 It would be a pleasure to get you known better as I feel we have a lot on common and vice verca your work inspires me a lot. Thank you for such a wonderful post and picture ❤


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