The Instruments of War

The instruments of war final  The instruments round started on the 20th of June, Today for some reason Word-press is acting weird.. at this moment as I’m  typing it looks like I’ am  typing in the description area of the picture so if this blog comes out looking totally odd.. I don’t know whats up with it.. hmm. okay anyway. So yea, The instruments theme this round is Game of thrones. I’m a Major fan of The Game of Thrones Books!  I love the story and  the fact that George R. R Martins does not give a Fudge muffin of who he kills off even if it is a  Main character is always interesting. . Anyway, The Dress and headpiece is by Slack Girl, I don’t really know of Slack Girls items to well however this persons items I’m seeing pop up every where in world . so I’m interested to see what else she comes up with . The hair is by Catwa which is being featured at the cosmopolitan sales room. The hand scales are by United colors in my opinion these are really neat they have various styles these fit slink casual and im wearing the gold Stripe set there is also silver stripe and solid and I am wearing these with my Maitreya hands instead of Casual so they will work. They are also another item that is at this round of The Instruments.  Also there is a new event called Conquest that is Themed can you guess? Game of thrones! So i kind of gave my scene a fantasy feel with what my avatar is wearing and then the table and chairs that looks like I’m breaking down and planing my war path on the evil doers 🙂  The Table and Chair set is by 7mad Ravens The table has a map top that you can set out the sigil flags to mark where all the houses may be.  The Table has a pose in which is called plan a war which makes your avi look like its scoping out the maps for the next move that needs to be made. There is an Advisor Chair and Kings Chair both the Advisor chair and king chair have a Draped version’s and have several sitting poses. Be sure to go check out these  events for these great items for your fantasy/roleplaying experience or if your like me and you just want some awesome props for pictures!

Style Card

Headpiece: Slack Girl Phoenic Head dress @ The Instruments

Hair: Catwa – Leah bounce @Cosmopolitan Sales Room

 Dress: SlackGirl – Phoenix @ The Instruments

Bracelet :  United Colors Dragon scale gold regular @ The Instruments

Pose: Vestige Modeling F1 @ The Instruments

DOH! I forgot to add My scene Credits * facepalm*


Table & chairs etc : 7 mad Ravens : The Conquest War Strategy Table @ Conquest

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