Shatter in Pieces

Shattered in pieces

Hai! Good Morning How are you all doing today? Its Monday.. yaay n stuff.. uuufffs. can we just pretend its Saturday and we just all sleep in? Oh well, I’m awake already , Have some coffee put on some jams and start your day!. I’ am , coffee in tow with a pop- tart.. Breakfast of champions.. 🙂  So I’ve had this picture in mind Kinda. I knew that I wanted to style the picture in the desert, I have no idea why but I like desert scenes, Maybe its cause I’m from a pretty much a tree infested environment. The desert to me just has so much beauty in a very solitude kinda way. So one of my Sponsors in Second life is Machoire a kind of new designer but he makes really quirky unique items not like anyone else. He has been in world for a total of 4 months  this blows me away because he is already in events and things and getting his  in world store known by many. It is refreshing to see someone totally new with no concept of what you do in second life and just say Hey this is what I want and Bam makes it happen.  Anyway so Like I was saying I had this in mind for awhile I wanted to pair machoire Ryx boots with the cape by H.m.a.e.m. called Bosco and used tights from Avi candy, another sponsor of mine and yes I’m name dropping. I enjoy blogging for inworld stores that i can have conversations with the designers about their items or they feel comfortable enough with me to ask my opinion or suggestions on making new things.

Style Card

Shoes: Machoire- Ryx Boots V2 abstract

Cape: H.m.a.e.m– Bosco Cape Black

Tights: Avi candy– Knit Tights Brights

Hair: Boon– TUM278 hair Gold

Lips: NOX Lumi Lips Yellow ( sweet Lips applier) Cosmetic Fair


Mirror: Reverie– Venus Principle Harker Borken Mirror Pure

Cactus: INDO Cactus Green

rusted Car: <THAT> Mesh Rusty Car

branch:  Branch Art  by Arabellaamor

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