Hi, Regardless of Me wanting to take a break it has kind of not happened.. I havent been in world as much and going to bed earlier and getting out more but as far as picture taking has gone Ive still been working on things. However I posted this picture to flickr and I posted the wrong one.. I need to clean out my edit folder so ill stop getting my pictures confused.. oops.. I really like the shadows in this picture and the Decor by Reverie thats being Featured in a Gatcha at the Fantasy Gatcha.. A little secret i didnt know .. I had no idea that the Creator for Reverie was Paolla Flux, which ive had a Friendship with on and off between facebook’s Avi deleting wars. I guess im a little in my own little world sometimes and dont notice Who is making what i just kind of buy what I like. Anyway, s this is actually the Finished Reverie

You Can see a Big Difference in my opinion i thinks its better quality.. but for whatever reason when i went to load the picture in Flickr this one didnt show up.. not exactly sure why..  The dress shouldpads and Sandal type Heels are all by a Piece of Chic they are being Featured at this round of The Instruments and it will be there until the 20th , its the 16th so you still have some time!

Style Card

 Dress: A Piece of Chic: Amriel Dress Silver’s ( The Instruments)

Shoulder Pads: A Piece of Chic: Amriel Shoulder Accessories Silver ( The Instruments)

Shoes: A Piece of Chic: Jaelle Sandals Black / Silver ( The Instruments)

 Hair: KoKoLoRes Hair Serendipity

Necklace: Swallow Friendship Necklace ( Thank you Anna  🙂 )

Pose Made by Me

Scene: Box Scene Made by me with my Textures

Reverie:  Venus Principle Lucy’s Narch Sconce – Noir ( Fantasy Gatcha)

Reverie Venus Principle Klauses Chandelier Pure Uncommon ( Fantasy Gatcha)

2 thoughts on “Reverie

  1. Very pretty edit, although I even thought the first one was edited and lovely on a glance :::P

    And it’s okay… I honestly don’t keep up with much of anybody. Just buy and walk what/where I like! ❤


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