Fantasy Faire 2015!

feeling green full

feeling green close up

Spires of Andoly's full Scene one

Spires of Andoly’s Fantasy Faire 2015

Spires of Andoly's snow scene two

Spires of Andoly's Bell scene three

 The Spires of Andoly’s is sponored by Dwarfins and Has a very Disney Feel about it  , I took some shots of a few “scene” type places that you may remember from some certain movies .. Also. The outfit and hair and Skin are all things that can be found at the Fantasy Faire. This skin is really great in my opinion. it has a really pretty look even if it is green.. I kinda feel like Shreks pretty green mistress XD..  haha.  Again Fantasy Faire is in support of the Relay for Life! Go check it out and Donate, Help a Life!



Dress: PoshTale Cequi Dress & Cequi Bracer’s ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Collar: Conquest Gladiators Neckplate ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Hair: Analog Dog Petula Splash ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Skin: Lure – Desire Green skin (white) (Fantasy Faire 2015)

headpiece: Lilith’s Den  – Tilaka Aquarius ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Ears: Eclectica Elf ear- Creature version (  Changed color to green to match skin) ( Fantasy Faire 2015)

Place: Fantasy Faire 2015

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