The pastels

The Pastels


Anna Banana Done


 So I got to work with 2 of my Fave gals! Gia and Anna.. Woot! We are all wearing Items from the Spring into Fashion Event These Dresses are by the Awesome and Talented Zibska! As you can see they come in the colors Blue, Pink and Yellow 🙂 The Saviad Event Spring into Fashion Ends on the  18th! You have 3 days left to go check out all the Pretties! GO GO GO!! You may Find Gia’s Blog HERE You Can Also find Anna’s Blog HERE   Go show these girls some Love on their blogs 🙂

Style Card

Dress: Zibska  Ninette In Robin, Ninette in Fragola, Ninette in Goldenrod  ( Spring into Fashion)

 Hair: Olive Steffi Hair

Shoes: Azoury: Marquise


polygon dividers made by me

flowers: sways part of the Fillis Set thats being featured at the Liaison Collaborative

4 thoughts on “The pastels

  1. Reblogged this on SECOND EYEDENTITY and commented:
    This just brightened my day so much that I had to share! You have to check out Ande’s blog, her vision/pics/style is amazing not to mention she truly is a sweetheart! Thanks for making us look so stunning Ande ❤


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