Rapture Group Gift

Rapture grp gift

Hey ! 2nd blog of the day, Would like to say HI to all the new followers I’ve gotten recently and Kind of explain what I do here. For those of you who do not know what you do in Second life .Lost in my imagination is kind of like a place where i post picture’s I’ve created in a Virtual World called Second life.. In second life there are creators from all over the world who have Learned 3d Digital programs like Blender, maya, and zbrush to name  few and create clothings, shoes, hair , hats, Homes .. Well pretty much Everything you can think of people create it in for this platform. A good portion of the creators Sale their items for  either a small income a hobby or just have something to do other than play dress up with your Avatar. I pretty much Blog and take pictures in this place .. It is my hobby and sometimes it feels like a full time job. It can be time consuming. What my Avi is wearing above is actually a group gift for being part of a Group called Rapture which is a store in world. As of Right now Rapture has 4 group gifts out and this dress is one of them. Also non related to Rapture but this hat im weaing is by David Heather and is being featured at the new round of the Collabor88.. Details below.

Style Card

 Dress : Rapture- March gift Cheetah & stripes

Hair: Wasabi Pills mimi hair Reds

Hat: David Heather Souris Hat/Black ( collabor88)

 Hand Tattoo’s : Plastik Oliavra Slink Tattoo’s Sterling

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