Oh, the spiders!


oh the spiders finalJPG

Oh man, I really dislike spiders, Even as i was looking for brushes and stocks to finish these pictures my husband walked by and was like Why are you looking at spiders? you hate spiders.. and I do.. This was kinda painful to put together.. However. The Necklace, The bracer style bracelet and there is a hair piece that you cant see very well in these photos are Very well made and Very pretty regardless of the spider’s.. Empyrean Forge Is putting out some amazing styled items. I’m surprised when i get something new to blog. My crazy hair Is by Machoire which Btw if you didnt know! Machoire is looking for Bloggers and You can check out the link for that here My skin , Corset top and my hand tattoo’s are from Plastik, I’m wearing the Loud Mouth applier with this skin Also i paired the top with some Boot style pants by zibska .. Very cool pants in my opinion! I dont have to worry about shoes, one less step in the process of getting dressed haha.

Hair: Machoire– Loth Hair Brown tones

Skin: Plastik-Immortalia Skin- Femme // Semele ( skin fair 2015)

hand Tattoo: Plastik– Oliavra slin Tattoos://BLackblood ( skin fair 2015)

Loud mouth Alli- Plastik Applier Semele

Corset: Plastik– Vykris Corset Snarl

Pants/Boots: Zibska– Axelle ( mainstore)

Lashes: Zibska – Flashes.

Necklace, Headpiece, Bracers: Empyrean Forge- Araneae’s Embrace Necklace< Adorment, Vambraces. We<3 roleplay

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