Angie & Alessandra

Alessandra By ! Lyrical B!zzare Templates!

Alessandra By ! Lyrical B!zzare Templates!

This Awesome Dress is in this Round of the Instruments It is called Alessandra by !Lyrical B!zzare Templates. Its comes in 2 layers one is the dress the other is the spots on the dress which is a neat addition to the dress in my opinion.  You really must go see it inworld!

sYs Angie L01 brown black & blonde

sYs Angie L01,02,03

This is the sYs Skin called Angie in the L tones  I have shown the Brown from L01, Black  from L02 and Blonde from L03  it also comes in Red and a No brow option. I’m also wearing the smokey eyes makeup and the lip gloss option.

Angie Skin M01,02,03

This set is a bit of a darker tone  I am showing the Red , Brown and Blonde Brow tones it also comes in Black and No Brow.  With these Im wearing the makeup options like before.

sYs Angie T01 Red_001


 These Brow Tones are Red, Black and No Brow Also in these I”m Not wearing the Makeup options. With all the Shots I did Use some Lashes by Lumae.  As you can see these Skin tones are A LOT darker than the Previous. Its interesting to see my avi in such a Dark skin it gives a very dramatic affect to my shape.

Now with all that said I have a correction to make the Skin fair Starts on the  13th not the 12th like I thought , Sorry got a little confused it happens. Anyway Go check out skins and The Instruments when you get a chance!

Style Card

 1st picture

Dress: !Lyrical Bizarre! Templates! Alessandra (The Instruments)

Hair: sYs : HANAYO Hair- Red

 Skin: sYs : Angie M01

2nd 3rd 4th picture

sYs: Angie Skin

Hair: [LoQ’ue] Rosolio

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