It’s Buried by a MadPea

So I have a confession, I am a Major slacker! *shrugs*  I am a MadPea Blogger. I have not Blogged for MadPea Yet this month or last month and I actually should be Rather ashamed of myself . Honestly I didnt really know how to go about  telling readers about what I had been doing as far as the hunt goes it was intense and for me it was more than a hunt or something I just had to blog.. This is a mystery. I found myself thinking about  the story line and what happened and how even the writer Kiana Writer could even fathom such a story. In away I guess thats kinda what we all think about, even things we watch on tv or things that happen in movies. Like I said though while I wasn’t doing the “hunt” I was out in Real life thinking about What would happen next as silly as that may sound.. I really enjoyed hearing the story line.. and by the way this hunt is like no other hunt I’ve done before..  This was the first hunt I pushed myself into doing a hunt by MadPea .. I dont really like hunts.. Im kinda competitive and have this thing where if I start something it kinda bugs me until I get it done ..which can sometimes be very distracting on my part and in the end is kinda of annoying but this one is very different it just peaked my interest enough to just want to know what happened next and to me this really had nothing to do with the prizes you got at the end.. It was just the story.. have  said that enough? lol.  So when you start you start here.

The starting place , Where you buy your Buried Hunt Hud

The starting place , Where you buy your Buried Hunt Hud

So in Order to do this hunt you have to buy a Hud. You click on the tablet there and it gives you the option to buy and its 300L if you are looking for something to just kill time with and have some fun this is most definitely something you should give a try.

you use these boats to start getting some clue on the islands

you use these boats to start getting some clues on the islands

Since you are on an Island you use these little boats to travel around to get the first few clues. Also the hud you get actually speaks to you , it shows you in local chat the story line and Also has the voice over. which by the way.. the voice over can get kinda creepy. There are several nice places on this Buried sim for pictures. It really is a Nice place and whomever decorated it did a really awesome job, I have went back a few times now even though I’ve finished the hunt just to take some pictures cause it is a really calming relaxing sim even though it has a bit of a creepy/mystery story behind it.

Some of the scenery

Some of the scenery

on the Buried sim

The inside

 I have posted some of these pictures on Flickr already just figured they needed to be seen as the inside of the build is really beautiful it just has nice tones and colors.

As you are riding around in your boat you have to search for certain places to move along with your  hunt as you find clues your hud will update.

The first clue 2

A hint place

Buried Madpea hunt

I think the hardest thing about the hunt is when you actually get off the island and have to start searching the different stores that are participating in the event , but then again the MadPea hunters group is SOOOOO helpful and fun. Such a nice group of people willing to help you and are very patients with trying to help you find those VERY HIDDEN! little pods that you are searching for.. Which btw i forgot to mention you are hunting for Pods after you get off the Island.. and man some of them are a little tricky to find.. So you may be asking yourself ok where do I go for hints.. There are no hints. That is what the group is for and if your unsure how to start this hunt you can always get in the group and say Hey I’m a newbie and I have no idea what I’m suppose to be doing and People are so willing to help!  In fact that’s what I did and I even had a chance to go to a blogger preview for this hunt and yes there was one of those and yes I am a blogger and still had to do the hunt. But I really did enjoyed it ! This is really something I think you should check out if you want to kill a few hours for a few days. I took maybe 2 hours or so out of my day and did a few of the spots and then went onto my other sl works and just worked on it over a few days period so I didn’t get frustrated, which helped taking breaks are always good! it keeps things fun.  The hud that you use is a high tech method in my opinion for a hunt. It gives you kind of like a geographical view of the area in which you are suppose to be searching for the pod and where ever the X is , The pod is in the vicinity of the X … Also if you can searching with the Wire frame option on Can be Helpful.  If You hit Ctrl shift R this takes you in Wire Frame and you just hit Ctrl Shift R again and it will take you back to your regular looking screen. I hope that maybe possibly all my random Information has helped someone in deciding weather to take some time out and do this hunt.. You have Until March 31st to do this Hunt.   And here is your Landmark to start 


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