Whats the Peel ?


Banana pose

 Hey I havent blogged this week, Been kinda busy.. got my mind on other things i suppose. Anyway. Just a quick Blurp about a Fashion Art Item by Zibska. This is a Warhol Inspired Dress called peel .  It was inspired by the Cover of The Velvet Underground Album. The Velvet Underground was an American rock band, active between 1964 and 1973. Andy Warhol first managed the Velvet Underground and it was the house band at his studio, the Factory, and his Exploding Plastic Inevitable events from 1966-1967. Just a bit of music Trivia for ya there.  The Fashion Art Event Ends on March 20th, 2015 so go check it out ASAP!

Style Card

1st pose

Ma Vie – Strategies 03

2nd pose

NanTra Look Book 2 ( The Instruments)

Hair: Burley– Noah Blondes

Outfit: Zibska – Warhol Inspired Peel ( fashion Art event)

Necklace: EF: the Heritage Collection- Silver

Mouth: Loud Mouth– Alli

 Applier: Random Matter – Dark Glosses- Royal

 Ears- Mandala– Steking ears Season 5


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