Fashion Art Desert Pop

Fashion Art Desert pop 1

I’ am not completely sold on this picture.. Its cute.. I’m more into appealing .. not so into .. oh that’s cute.. Do i do cute? Not sure.. Anyway.. I had actually had a certain look in mind but couldn’t actually get what i had out in my head in world or maybe i couldn’t get the feel in Photoshop.  Actually I went through one of my Favorite Avi’s Flickr’s and no I wasn’t stalking i was casually browsing to see if i could get an idea of what i was looking for but I couldn’t find the picture so . I’m thinking someone else took the picture i was thinking of and could not for the life me remember who.  I liked the double exposure i added to the legs and yes i did it on purpose, to make it look like it was in motion. I like how clear it is but something is missing.. not sure what. Yes this is another post for the Fashion Art  Event. I’m enjoying doing the bright colors and the kinda of not like myself  attire.. Yesterday was very Lady gagaish and this one to me seems kinda like Dutch meets high fashion .. Gwen stefani? My eyebrows are RED.. red like my stockings Red and they are on the Skin I’m wearing which is Glam Affair a Valentines Gift from ( all add that in the style card) Dress , Headpiece, and Necklace are Items being featured at the Fashion Art Event.  Dress is By DeadDollz, Headpiece and Necklace are by Kunglers.

Style Card

Hair: Soonsooki AKA Milk -Iggy Breasts. Sand Blonde W/ Pulled Back base blonde

 Pose:  Iggy Pose – Hold Hair sassy ( with and adjustment of the leg by me )

 Skin: Glam Affair – Valentine Skin ( old Gift01 (2014)

 Headpiece: Kunglers– Friday Forever ( Fashion Art Event) Opens March 1st 2015

Necklace: Kunglers– Frida Forever- Gold Necklace ( Fashion Art Event) Opens March 1st 2015

Dress: Dead Dollz – Via La Frida Blouse and Dress ( Fashion Art Event) Opens March 1st 2015

Stockings: Avi Candy Opaque Knit Tights -Brights

Shoes: Reign – Mary Janes- Black

Location: Britannia Village


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