Fashion Art ( Red #1)

RED #1

 March first starts an event called Fashion Art and is being produced by iNOVARE which is also a magazine in sl . I’m wearing the Warhol Vertical dress By Ana Markova I’m not very familiar with Ana’s work but I’m looking forward to seeing more of this creators designs.  If you havent noticed and i’ve said it before now  I’ve been on a Red kick lately.. however i don’t like Red in Real life but red in sl has been more appealing to me recently. I guess my blue pictures may have some competition. lol Make sure you check out the Fashion Art event on March 1st 2015 .. Landmarks to come soon.

 Hair:  SMOTD : Redrum By putrid Gloom ( i have no idea if this is still available i got this in 2011)

Eyepatch : Shi – protrude patch

Dress: Ana Markova– Warhol Vertical Dress ( Fashion Art iNOVARE Event)

Shoes: Black Arts – Vamp Boots chains/spikes L&R

Ring: Maxi Gossamer   Black Roho Ring

Location: Route 10

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