Angel of mine Lighter

As We all know its that time of year where we get together and try and love one another just a little bit more.  Im thinking that with all thats going on in my next of the woods, showing people how much I truely love them may need to wait until I can prove to myself that I really love myself as well.

Angel of mine  Darker

I did two Versions of my picture because I like darker pictures compared to lighter ones. I think my second picture looks more like a painting than some digital art and i always like things more when they dont look like everything else.

Angel I love the wings by Remarkable Oblivion and i think everyone else does too  cause I’ve seen them Everywhere. Also The top and bottoms I’m wearing are in this round of The Instruments that started on the 6th of February . There is Only a Few more days to this Round so you must go check it out pronto


Outfit : Zanze [ZE] -Lovely Lingerie Set (reds) ( The Instruments)

Shoes: Azoury – High Heels Ruby Luce Mia

Hair : Mina -Peggy Natural ( Fameshed)

Wings: RO– Eternity Wings lust


Trees: Aria – Delilah Decorative Birtch

Heart Shrub: Doll house – Heart Bush

Candels : Livid – Twilight Throns Roses Candelabra Large





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