Today has been a weird day, I’ve misplaced my wedding ring, I cant find my vapor smoky thingy , My husband took me out to breakfast and the food was terrible .. Dunkin dough nuts is a liar when they say their latte tastes like sugar cookies, it does not!  My husband  made me turn 50 shades of red in the mall over something that i was thinking, Oh, and  I think I have the starting of a kidney infection.. Do you know what I have to say about all that? Bah Hum bug!  I’m seeing a trend in this day and I think i just need to go to bed and start fresh tomorrow. First i have to tell you about my bloggy items then I’m out like a sugarplum playing dodge ball.  The headpiece and chest piece are items by ! Lyrical Bizarre Templates! they are being featured at the Jewelry & Accessories Expo, the taxi for this event is in the style card. The hair is by Lelutka , this hair is so cool! it has flyaway strands and comes in a good many colors its being featured at Uber!.. The base eyeshadow is called Rand in comes in many different shades and is by zibska and you can find this item at an Event called The makeover room, The last but not least thing that i think are pretty darn cool are these Glaw slink appliers by zibska, the appliers includes hud for hand tattoo and 14 nail colours. These are being featured at the  Tales of Fantasy GO check it out! With that said . I’m out.. tootles.

Style Card

Pose: Made by Anderian Sugarplum

Crows : Axix – ladycrow 2, 5 & 6 in the pose set

Hair:[Lelutka] -Vogue Hair Marylin ( @uber)

Lips: [Kooqla]- Lips (apple)

Head & Chest piece: !Lyrical Bizarre Templates! -Thorpe (@ J& A Expo)

Eyeshadow- Zibska – Rand01 ( @ The Makeover Room )

Gloves &Slink Nails: Zibska – Glaw ( @ Tales of Fantasy )

2 thoughts on “Exhale

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    So… I made my lappy sick, and need to send it into the service center. I won’t be able to blog for a couple weeks… so I will reblog my lovely favorite designer’s blogs! Enjoy!


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