Angelic Being


  I don’t normally go out and do out of studio shots, I was taking a bit of a styling mental break yesterday and decided id go check out  The sim Done Wiv a Twist and they have a nice wintery look, There are a good many good photo spots there. I had actually had a completely different style in mind when I went to the sim and then found a little cave in a back corner with the polar bears and penguins and thought it would be a great opportunity to show this dress made By !Lyrical Bizarre Templates! the dress and wing set is called Destiny and is in the Peace on  Earth 7  Hunt. IT is # 112  here is a Taxi if you would like to go find the Little Earth object for this prize .  I’m also Wearing a choker that is being Featured in the Jewelry & Accessories Expo 2014 this necklace is by a store called West 143rd. I’ve never checked this store out before but it has a cool name. It will have to be a place I visit when I get a chance.

Angelic close up

One more thing I want to talk about before I post my style card and skip off into a sugarplum oblivion .. The make up I’m wearing  is a makeup from the skin called Myrrh Snowdrop it is a separate layer for the skin That is by Dulce Secrets I’m wearing  over my belleza skin. I  messaged Annealyce. Maethens the creator and owner for Dulce Secrets to ask what number her item was in the Peace on earth hunt she politely answered and now I kinda feel like a putz as I was double checking the names of items and hunt numbers and making sure that certain items are in the POE hunt or the J&A Expo.. I seen the number for her item,  also I made an Error Yesterday in my blog .. I called All of Jumo’s items JUMBO.. sighs I’m Sorry the Holidays have made me a double derp.. I am usually derpy now I’m just overly derpy.haha With that said I’m skipping off into the Sugarplum oblivion where my kids ask funny questions and cats and ferrets control my house.. lol


Style Card

Location Scene: Done Wiv a Twist

Pose: PosESioN– Tiny 5

Dress: ! Lyrical Bizarre Templates! Destiny Thank you (@ POE7 hunt #112)

Hair: Truth hair – Vivi (@ Uber)

Makeup- DS (Dulce Secrets)-Winter Storm Makeup part of the Myrrth Snowdrop Skin  (@POE7 hunt #38) Thank you Annealyce Maetens

Necklace: West 143rd. Queen’s Choker platinum  ( @ J&A Expo 2014)

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