In Depth

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
Leonardo da Vinci


Hello, How are you folks doing? Me? I’m ok, kinda tired but that’s a normal event.  So I’m Excited to be able to actually put out my first blog for MadPea.

The Carousel in the background of my picture is actually part of a Creepy carnival pack it and comes with an Old ferris wheel a hanging doll Carousel which is Super Creepy!

and a Mad O meter and of course the Carousel you see in the background of my picture. By the way this carousel with the horses has such creepy music when you ride it.

 The best part is its only 150L for all.. thats pretty darn awesome!

MadPea Carnival


Also in my mix here, I recently went to a new event called the After 6 days mix match event , its kind of interesting because you buy an item from the event and in your item you get a hud that you wear and it sends you a landmark to the store of the item you bought and you can get a discount off of another item that’s marked for the event. So, my shoes are from Azoury, if you remember you all know how I love Azoury stuff they are my SL treasures. So I ended up buying 2 pairs of the shoes which come in black , white and a colorful pair. Below is the Ad for Azoury for the color of the shoes I’m wearing.

AZOURY - Paper Shoe (Dark)

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the Tag gatcha, unfortunately I was kind of bummed out by the tag gatcha and how it all works out but I’m not gonna say much more about it other than what I got from the Tag gatcha it may have not been Rares or even  Mystery prizes but all my items I got from ANC are amazing.. the items they create has such an Awesomeness about it ,that it lets your imagination wonder. The bubbles with the Chandeliers and balloons with the ladder are great additions to any second life picture. Last but not least VRSION Lode has this new quirky dress and glove set out that when I see it I had to have it .  Love all the Items in these pictures and I’m sure that this outfit will be one of my faves for awhile so don’t be surprised when you see me out in it more than once :).


Pose: PosESions: Angela 10


Lips: MUA– Makeup Set Cinthya Lips only

Eyeshadow: Zibska– Aylah-15

Lashes- Zibska– Via- No10. Full


 Hair: Boon TUM278 Hair red

Ears: Mandala- Steking

Skin: Belleza- Mae Pale 1

Shoes: Azoury– Paper Shoe Dark ( A6D mix match event)

Dress: VRSION Lode – Kovert 6.0 Female Dress with Gloves


Carousel: MadPea– Circus Carousel MadPea Halloween Carnival and Circus Decor pack

Balloons: Anc- Cirque de reverie .16.nuit balloon ladder ( Tag Gatcha)

 Bubbles: anc//Cirque de reverie .18/nuit/ball ( Tag Gatcha)

 Stand: anc// cirue de reverie .14 nuit/balloon stand ( Tag Gatcha)

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