Her only light

Today has been a bit of an eventful day, The next two weeks in neck of the woods my children are having grandparents days, where their grandparents get to come have lunch with them . So today my mother n law and I set out to do something special,we went to go get the kiddo a happy meal and set off to Have a great lunch. Which it was , its always a treat to meet new kids that you hear so much about  on a daily basis. So many fresh new faces that don’t have a care in the world its very refreshing. Do you guys ever look at kids you have in your family or the friends of your kids and think , I wonder what they will do with their life? I do but I’m also just a curious person by nature.  The kids in my little lou lou’s class was asked to tell what their grandparents do. Their were so many amusing stories, all from the mouth of babes they say. However my little ones pictures and story was quite different  as she told of how her grandpa was dead and that one of them is not and that we only just talk to him. This made me think more into , do you ever just wonder what your kids think about? What really has affect on their lives?I really don’t think at the age of 4 you should have to know this kind of pain. I mean yes she backed it up with cute antics but still it was the first thing out of her mouth. I also had never thought that having a family member long distance would have a place in her minds either. What I’m getting at is We all must really start making more memories that are good with the people that we have in our lives. rather than remember so much of the things that didn’t go so well. Its a proven fact that we remember more bad things over good ones, because its more traumatic it affected you more emotionally.  I don’t know maybe i looked into that to much, but kids also don’t know how to effectively express themselves not when they are that small .. maybe I’m just a worrying mother.  Anyway now since I’ve spilled my guts on my blog o.o

Today is a new round starting at a place called the Body fanatik, they have 5 main designers and 2 guest designers. I’m currently wearing a skin called Vamptress no brow skin, So i just added other brows so they would match my hair , The skin is by Lagniappe. It has many different pack options for the slink physique , visage head , slink and feet appliers and the wowmeh body.  This skin also has 3 different face options and 12 skins total to pick from.

Her only Light close up



 I’m wearing another one of topazia’s dresses like the one I wore in my last blog , just in a different color. The eyelashes are by zibska and are at the Cosmetic fair! I have more to come from the cosmetic fair soon!




Her only light full

Here’s a better view of the Sompti Topazia Dress in Red . Also I’m wearing a hair by a Newer store called Entwined I really love this color. its so pretty.

her only light  worms & batty

these are the extra faces  the one on the left is called worms crawl in and the one on the right is Go batty.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Style Card

Dress: topazia Sompti DressRed

Skin : Lagniappe – Vamptress- no cleavage no brows (Body Fanatik)

Hair: Entwined – Neva 2 Lolas

shoulders: Zibska-Agro -(Mystic Realms Faire)

Necklace & earrings : Zibska– Aoife – (Mystic Realms Faire)

Eyes: La Petite Morte – Clarity eyes Blue ( The Season’s Story Gift)

Lashes: Zibska– Via No.10 Full ( Cosmetic Fair)

Brows: Pink Fuel- Drow Brows Regular sharp tinted

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