Days Dreams

Oh what a week it has been and let me tell you I REALLY have not felt like Doing anything I’ve done but Regardless of how I’ve felt I still did Sl work.. Pictures and pictures and pictures Galore , most of the people who talk to me a good bit have heard all my whine and dinning for sure. So Next Week I think I’m gonna take a time out so I don’t burn myself out, I need a good rest to just sit and get lost in a good book and do whatever it is i do when I’m not in my virtual box of picture-taking. So here’s some of the pictures I’ve taken this week .Day Dreamsx2

The Hair , the top and shorts , the wings , the cuff bracelet and ring are all featured at this round the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. So this week I’m slacking I’m not gonna lie, like I said before I’ve been kinda busy and restless. I haven’t been sleeping all that swell so I’ve been going back to bed when the kids go to school and I just wake up when I want. Which I can do this, but it also leads into not get anything done and me just turning into a really big BUM.  The makeup I’m wearing in this shot is actually an interesting combo of silken moons pearl skin and its red lips with a make-up from MUA added over the top to give it a gloss look.. it also has a very natural eye shadow which you don’t see enough in second life they are always very elaborate or dramatic which I don’t mind but it is nice to see something basic. Here’s a better look at the original product

{MUA} - MakeUp Set -Glam

You can see how the MUA Glam Makeup set lips really have an elaborate shine.

Below is a full shot showing the Chocolate Atelier Top and short set this set comes in a few different colors . Also the wings by Orisini comes in different colors too and with ears to match .

Day dreams fullx3



outfit: Chocolate Atelier  ( c. A.) Anouk Blue & Beige  ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Hair: *Damselfly* Mabel ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Jewelry: Formalnails : Accessories- Scarabe Ring and Bangle  (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Skin: Silken Moon : Pearl & wowmeh Silkenmoon Applier

wings : Orsini Waiting for the Night wing (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Shoes: Holly-hood Xaviera white heels (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Makeup : MUA Cheeks Contouring Natural Colors Normal

MUA Makeup Set Glam – Full Set

Lashes: zibska- Via No.1 full


[We’re Closed] Row Boat Dark Red drape (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Sweet Poison- Lilypad2

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