In your toxic light

Yesterday I talked about being more positive and how things get me in a rut and that I kind of think more negative about things than I should . Lately I’ve seen a lot of talk about inspiration and how people are lacking it.. I don’t know about you but a lot of times people inspire me. Who they are, where they are from, what they love.. Learning to me is inspiring so when I meet some one new or I find out something new about someone I know . It sometimes opens up ideas or different out looks about things that I have never thought about before. I wont lie, I guess I’m a bit of sheltered person I have been most of my life. Figuring out something new is just like I’ve been handed a precious item and I need to explore it and find out as much about it as I can before it disappears. Maybe I’m so what of an information hoarder. Which is a hard thing to do when so many people these days don’t let others know who they really are. Anyway earlier today I became inspired by a few things in my inventory .. one item , well Items I should say Are by Zibska an outfit called Silje this mesh outfit was featured at the A/W fashion Penumbra fashion week. I really love the textures because they seem to sparkle.






I decided to call this picture Toxic Because my lips look like the bio hazard symbol but actually these lips are by MUA and this is the Nuclear Red set they come in Various colors.


 Style card

Hair Emo-tions  Medusa ( hair fair gift 2014)

Outfit : zibska – Silje

Lipstick: MUA– Nuclear Red

Skin : Akeruke– Giorgia light

Lashes: Pichi– Helena eyelashes

Shoes: Reign  ALEXXIS Heels

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