The Stand

We all come from different walks of life , We have all experienced things in different ways,but as people we are the same we are just trying to make it to the next day the best way we know how.  If you feel in someway someone is mistreating you maybe you should take a look at yourself and ask is there something I can do to make things better to help be more positive. I get in these ruts where everything seems negative and not on my side and when this happens I often take a step back and look at a bigger picture , whats going on around me to make me feel this way. Has there been a big change around me to make feel so negative and what can I do in my life to make it change.. Negative people and experiences can bring you down. if you feel this way you need to get away. being around negativity will not ever make it better. Being positive is the only way to go.The stand

I had a sister picture to this meaning it came from the same batch but for the life of me could not get it edited in a way I really liked it. I’m trying to go out of my normal edited mode and do more editorial  style pictures. I actually really prefer to do this style picture more than the normal blog photo where you have to point out each object, and wave it around out in the open for everyone to see. I would say that my above picture here is more a piece of art than HEY COME BUY ME ad.  Anyway I hope to be doing more pictures like this,  Thanks Christiana for letting me use the lighting 🙂

Style card

Pose: Nantra– Schehrerazade06 ( I edited it slighly so the right arm would not go trough the dress)

Nails: Alaska Metro : Vamp/Gold

Dress: Zibska Dagrun in Mora ( Penumbra A/W fashion week 2014) Now in store

Hair: Wasabi Pills/ Freya Mesh Hair BLondes Pack

Lips: No.7 Sporty Lipstick Teal – Burgundy

Shoes- Zibska – Delilah

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