The serpent

The Serpent


 Every once in awhile I need to do something artistic where I get to play with the brushes in photoshop and play around with lighting and brushes and just forget that all of you are going to see it. In all honesty I have a really hard time showing the stuff I work on sometimes . Anyway. In this shot I am wearing a hair by Mina hair it is in this round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room it comes in pastel colors and ombre pastel colors you can a buy the full pack that have the basic normal colors . I am also wearing a make up by MUA the makeup comes with the eye makeup and the lip stick/gloss.. they are both pretty an unique and I cant wait to do more artsy pictures with their items. MUA is one of many fabulous designers being featured at The 24 Squared event that started today  you really need to GO CHECK OUT ALL THE GOODS! Here’s your taxi to The 24 Event.

Style Card

Makeup : MUA – Makeup Set Parrot ( The 24 Squared Event)

Hair : Mina Hair – Mandy ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Bra & Belt : Deviousmind  (!dM) : Harpyia  Feather Bra & Ornament Belt * Turquoise*

Tail & Fins : Deviousmind (!dM) : Nagatail & Nagafins * Viper Lapis*

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