CSR#4 -2-? Lets go Fishing

I think lately I’ve enjoyed Blogging Home decor items cause I honestly think its easier.. So many people blog fashion and you see a lot of the same things over and over.  Some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen that have come from second life are all about Home decor its just the simple things that you use in your daily life that can make such an impact in a picture .  Home decor items help tell a story which i often try and create in my pictures and I’m sure other do also.


I took a few angle pictures of this scene, because for the life of me I could not get some of the smaller detailss to rez. This doesn’t happen often but the new update for firestorm is being a little wacky. As most of you know I have a thing for the color blue. Most of my pictures if they don’t have a blue tone they have something blue in them. I love that the couch by Indulge comes with the Guitar.  You can find it at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room for only 70L! How Awesome is that!




Couch/sofa- Indulge House Ralph Bench – Blue Thank You Starry 🙂 (Comopolitan Sales Room)

Guitar- Indulge House – Guitar Palm  ( comes with  ^ )

Bird house- * funky Junk* Bird Cottages

Life Preserver Set – A.D.D Adel!

Deck [RW] Roughed up Dock Build Set (Rock Dock Mossy) [Fantasy Collective]

Penguin [Theosphy] Sweater Penguin Florida (gatcha in store)

Tables *OAL* Bayou Table [ Fantasy Collective]

Tackle Box + Convair+ Tackle Box Blue (gatcha)

Gas Tank- +Convair+ Out board Gas tank ( gatcha)

Sign- +Convair+ Gone Fishing Wall Sign

Boat- Rowboat with Oars by Raya Jonson

Rocks [We’re Closed] Great Mossy Rock

Trees *a* Arwen : green: C

Lights – [We’re Closed ] Party lights L

 ( shrub behind Gone fishing sign) – [Anc] dden Olive /tree/new

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