CSR # 1- ?

 I’m behind already.. 😦  This will be one of maybe 3 posts today because like I said I’m behind and I do not like it when I’m not on top of things and be where I should be. I don’t know how the rest of you arrange your real life schedule around your second life one.  I usually do all my pictures during the day and then get blogs ready in the afternoon/night time.  Yesterday however I hung out with the hubs and just watched tv for most of the day with a little house work.  Somethings in Life i guess distract me more than things in SL..

CSR #3

 Style card

Dress: Ashmoot- Dolls Coll_ Dolly Dress ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Bracelet- Formanails For slink Hand Design Ringles Casual ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Hair_ Mina- Femeke V2 ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Shoes- [hh] Movie Summer Pumps- pink ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room )

Tattoo- pervette Ianna. Cobolt my cute Tattoo ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room )


Table- BananaN Round table with books ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Rug- Zaara [home]: lkatedhurrie Rug *besige* (gatcha)

Chair- Laq deco- Basica mesh lounge chair grey (gatcha)

Sidetable {adorn mint] Tiled Autumn Table

pictures- Bazar- Tornot Study Art

teacup- (apple fall) Lemon tea ( gatcha)

Lamp- *iconic* Luminara lamp (gatcha)

Wall art- HiDeki- TCF Birthday gift

Keys -5 Skeleton Key, 1-skeleteon key By Entecmedia

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